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Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
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Product Description

The Martin D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar has a solid spruce top that generates rich Martin tone, while gorgeous rosewood back and sides add crisp projection. Vintage features include forward-shifted scalloped bracing, traditional Martin Style 45 snowflake fingerboard inlays, elegant grained ivoroid bindings on the top and lush ebony fretboard, and gold tuning gears with butterbean knobs.
Includes case.

Martin Dreadnought
The very first dreadnought guitars were designed and crafted by C. F. Martin & Co. in 1916, but marketed in Boston and New York exclusively under the Oliver Ditson brand. Originally made for Hawaiian slide playing style, the very first dreadnought made was a Model 222 shipped to Ditson in August of 1916. After Ditson went out of business in the early 1930s, Martin introduced the D-1 and D-2 dreadnoughts for standard playing style that would soon become Martin’s iconic D-18 and D-28 models. Over the past 100 years, the Martin dreadnought has helped define what an acoustic guitar can and should be, and subsequently, it has become one of the most popular acoustic guitar designs in the world.

Bound solid spruce top Rosewood back and sides Bound ebony fretboard Grained ivoroid binding Ebony bridge Gold butterbean tuners Includes case

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The Martin is, as usual, fantastic in construction and trim.
Like others, I have reached the age (69) that I can afford the finer things in life. I own a Gibson Les Paul, a Guild G45, and now a Martin D42. It is a mavelous instrument. The only complaint I have is that the Martin does not make me play any better. It is, however, the pride of ownership that makes me happy.
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I lost a HD-28 and a 000-15m in a house fire. Very bummed as they were friends. I decided to combine the money and get a D-42 to replace them both. At first I will admit I missed my HD and thought I made a mistake and should have used the money to get a HD-28 and a OM-21 or 28. Then the D-42 started to open up...

My D-42 is simply the best guitar I have ever played. I have never had a guitar that you can just feel the music so closely, it really does speak. Its hard to explain, but this guitar just feels alive and I get lost in it all the time. I love it.

It is nothing like the 000-15m so there is not much to say there. Compared to the HD-28 its more resonate and has better note articulation. I guess if that is better or not depends on your style. I still think the HD-28 is the bar for what a guitar should be and if you like to Boom--Huck and the 000-15m is also a great guitar. The D-42 just clears those bars easily.

In the long run it might even save you money by curring GAS! I have thought about a few 000's since I got my D-42, but so far in every music store every acoustic I have played just does not cut it compared to the D-42. They are silly expensive, but worth it.
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I have a 1997 D-42 and play at least weekly with a group of guys all with assorted Martins. I also have a 2001 Martin HD-28, 1963 Gibson B-25, and a 1978 Guild blondie 12-string, and more. In my group the guys play a Martin D-45, D-41, (2) J-40's, D-28, M-15, and other assorted Taylor, Alvarez, and Kotch acoustic guitars. I have played every one of them, and I wouldn?t trade my beautiful D-42 for any one of them. I honestly would take it over the D-45, probably because my cheap friend wouldn?t change strings often so it was never as sweet as my -42. Everyone in the group (even the -45 owner) all seem to prefer the low-key snowflake motif. Soundwise, next to my HD-28 it has a very rich, balanced and silky tone. While it has a solid and warm bass end it is not as boomy as my HD-28. Well built, and is played all the time, it has endured and become a special axe all my guitar amigos envy. It has no pickup, but sounds outrageous mic?d. Sometime I would like to put a Fishman under-bridge and Eclipse Blender in it like my HD-28 has. In the meantime, it is humming away every chance I get my hands on it.
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.Besides being a work of art, it plays easily and the tone is fantastic.
Update. After owning this instrument for a month, it ha become my favorite guitar. It moved the SST to second, the Guild to third, and the Les Paul to last.
The workmanship is impeccable.
A little pricy for the average player, but it is an investment in quality.
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I spent a good 3 months in decieding which acoustic guitar to buy that would be my only acoustic for the rest of my life. My first decicion was I wanted that martin sound. After serious consideratin and a lot of hours in different guitar shops my desision was the D-42. It has the tone of an aged martin and keeps getting better. It has the beauty without over too much bling-bling. The action is superb. It even sells for more than I paid for it 3 years ago, so its gone up in value. I play more often now since its such a pleasure to play. For me it was a lot of money to spend. Would I do it again.....ni a heart beat. I could not have made a better chice
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.This 42 sounds way better than anything else among high end acoustics. Its both warmer and brighter than the D-45 (and 41) and actually I think, that its also looking better and more "simpel-straight"... for about half the price! Its not only the best Martin. I seriously mean, that this is THE acoustic guitar in the world - and as a pro Ive played them all. Ill buy it next month. Its got to be mine !
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I had been shopping around for a high end acoustic for about a year. I found one. I had my sights set on a Taylor 914ce until I played the Martin D-42. Unplugged this thing fills a room with sound. Warm, rich, and absolutely incredible sound. I used to play a couple of times a week, now I play everyday. The best of the best have played Martin over the years and many play this model. When I am not playing it I am looking at it. It's a real beauty. I am still in the early stages of getting to know it so I always wipe it down before I put it away each day. Some people prefer Taylor, some Guild, some Gibson but one thing is for sure. No one, not even a Taylor fanatic will be able to say anything bad about this guitar. Spend the money, get the D-42 and you won't have any regrets.
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I've owned several Martins for years, and I took the plunge and ordered a D-42, partly for the scalloped forward bracing for bigger bass, and partly for the workmanship and appearance. I have not been disappointed. This guitar is just a thing of beauty, and I have a feeling that it will just keep getting better as it aqes. There will always be arguments about whether or not other Martins are better or worse than this one, but for the price, which isn't cheap, it's well worth the money.
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
. I've had a D41 since 1979 and thought it was the most beautiful thing both to the eye and the ear. I wondered at the reviews, could a D42 sound better than perfection? Well, the answer is it's a different form of perfection. The D42 had presence to it. Like some actors/actresses have that special quality that makes the audience take attention. The D42 is like that. It has stage presence that will leave you bewildered at the incredible quality and intricacy of sound coming from it. It's bliss. Get one and you won't regret it. The reviews are true, oh so true.
It has gold hardware that feels much less substantial that the D41. Inlay is pleasing to the eye and understated. Even so I can't fault what's there.
Perfect finish, perfect wood, perfect tone. Built with Martin quality behind it. Its not as pretty as my old D41, the woods available have changed over the years. The tuners are less substantial.
How much is a piece of heaven worth to you?
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.This guitar can carry the entire rhythm section.
Martin Standard Series D-42 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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