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Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
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Product Description

The Martin SWDGT from the Sustainable Wood Series features a solid Sitka spruce top, certified solid cherry wood back and sides, mahogany neck, and a certified katalox bridge and fingerboard. The neck has a low profile shape and an adjustable truss rod. Appointments include pearl dot inlays and a natural satin finish for enhanced tone. Includes deluxe Martin hardshell case.

Model: SWDGT Construction: Solid Sustainable Cherry Blocks; Mortise/Tenon Neck Joint Body Size: D-14 Fret Top: Solid Sitka Spruce Rosette: Tortoise Color WwIvoroid, Blue And White Inlay Top Bracing Pattern: A-Frame ''X'' Top Braces: Solid Sitka Spruce 5/16'' Back Material: Solid Sustainable Cherry Back Purfling: Tortoise Color Side Material: Solid Sustainable Cherry Endpiece: Delmar Tortoise Color - Red Endpiece Inlay: None Binding: Tortoise Color - Red Top Inlay Style: Black/Grained Ivoroid Side Inlay: None Back Inlay: None Neck Material: Sustainable Cherry Neck Shape: Modified Low Oval Nut Material: White Corian Headstock: Solid/Square Taper Headplate: Tortoise Color/Raised Gold Foil Heelcap: Tortoise Color - Red Fingerboard Material: Solid Sustainable Katalox Scale Length: 25.4'' # of Frets Clear: 14 # of Frets Total: 20 Fingerboard Width at Nut: 1-11/16'' Fingerboard Width at 12Th Fret: 2-1/8'' Fingerboard Position Inlays: Style 28 - Imitation Pearl Dots Fingerboard Binding: None Finish Back & Sides: Satin Finish Top: Polished Gloss w/ Aging Toner Finish Neck: Satin Bridge Material: Solid Sustainable Katalox Bridge Style: Belly Bridge String Spacing: 2-1/8'' Saddle: 16'' Radius/Compensated/White Tusq Tuning Machines: Gold Enclosed w/ Small Buttons Recommended Strings: Martin SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge (MSP7200) Bridge & End Pins: White w/ Tortoise Colored Dots Pickguard: Tortoise Color Case: 640 Molded Interior Label: Sustainable Wood Series Includes deluxe Martin hardshell case

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It took me 15 months to order a SWDGT. I played some and bought other Martins in that time. Finally, I got a really great deal from Custom Guitar's Friend and ordered mine. This may be the best deal in a Martin guitar at any price. I play fingerstyle and the Martin setup was excellent. The light strings are really easy on my fingers. With the tight setup and light strings you can bend and snap notes easily. The fit and finish are just fine. This guitar sounds like a Martin. The tone is a little brighter than a rosewood D but, is really nice for fingerstyle with a lot of punch and tone separation. Martin's choice of gold tuners, toned top, cherry back and tortoise trim makes a beautiful guitar. The deluxe case has already earned its keep. My SWDGT is quickly becoming a favorite and is a real treat to play. What took me so long ?
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I originally was going to buy the D15 (solid mahogany) at a local dealer. However, something caught my eye about the SWDGT. I strummed this guitar once. I am not kidding you - I was blown away. I'm telling you this thing is the best thing on earth I have ever invested in. Anytime I jam w/ others (strangers or who I know) they always have a look of amazement when they hear it.
This has an amazing full sound. It allows the high's to ring - the amount of sustain allows it to hold a melody that will fill the room all on it's own. Whether it's the full sound of its strum or the punch it has for plucking each note - this thing simply cannot be replaced.
After 12 years - this thing still makes me feel like I am the one who is honored in its presence. I may choose the notes but it speaks back equally with it's own voice every time.
Thank You Martin Co. Who needs a luxury car? I have a Martin...
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.Ok, so I order this SWDGT thinking this will hold me over until I find that perfect HD28 (sorry gang, the HD28 walks past the D28 to my ears). During the last 3 weeks I probably played 15 different HD 28's from about 10 different stores from around the country (I travel for a living). While I am away on a trip I think I found my HD28. Wow, it is "the one". So I have them put guitar on hold thinking I will send back the SWGDT waitng for me unopened for me at home upon my return arrival. So I get home not too excited over the SWDGT because I think I found my HD28. Oh well, I open the case and I am somewhat impressed with the appearance. Strings are all lose (as they should be) and look a little crusty. I tighten up strings and strum a few chords and WOW!This thing sounds like a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. OK, now I am really excited. I take off the strings and put on some medium Elixir Polyweb and now I am REALLY impressed! I can't believe how good this guitar sounds. I don't know if I got a the golden nugget of SWDGT's or not, but this thing rocks. I played for awhile and got the strings stretched out then I really pushed her hard. She took everything I could give her. Now, I won't tell you she has the base of the HD28, but she is pretty darn close and her range of tone from high to low is better than the HD28 I thought was "the one". I can't speak for any other SWDGT's other than "mine", but this thing is tied with my Gibson J45 for playtime. I have 11 guitars and this thing is a standout. NOTHING in my aresenal touches the volume. The J45 (mohogany) has a wonderful range but is a little more delicate. The SWDGT shouts an amazing melody. I can't wait to compare to an HD28V. The few "V"'s I have played are amazing guitars. Bottom line, this SWDGT is an amazing value! I have a over a grand left in my pocket for my next adoption.....:-)
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I have a Martin DX1 and was interested in getting into a D28. The SWDGT is something truly unique. The instrument is very distinctive in appearance. The sound production and playability are outstanding. I put off the D28 purchase and went with the sustainable wood dreadnaught instead. This was not a matter of settling for a lower price, more a matter of being intrigued by the instrument. I have no regrets whatsoever. I'll still get the D28 some day, but I love this guitar above all others.

Great workmanship, highest quality materials available and "made in USA" all make this guitar something I will love to play forever.

Congratulations to Martin for creating an environmently responsible instrument without sacrificng quality or sound!
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.Looks great, but not gaudy. Sounds great, resonant and great low range. Feels great- the neck provides a very easy, ergonomic feel for an acoustic. In short, I have happily found a guitar that I can enjoy and be proud to play for the rest of my life.
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I searched for about a year educating myself on guitar sounds and comfort - I played everything from D 35's to Norman Blake signatures - couldn;t afford either by the way - but I finally bought a SWDGT and have fallen in love - this guitar has a depth in the bass and midrange that always astounds me - a little thin up top, but it blends nicely - I finger pick mostly - I loved this so much I wnet out and got it's brother, a SWOMGT - and it's a gem too - Martin's on to somehting with both the Cherry body, and the Sustainable Wood concept - I love the sustainable alterrnative - both of them are wonderful, satisfying plays - and I have a '93 Guild, a '90 Sigma Marquis (Ovangkol), and a Taylor DN4 - What can I say? I love guitars
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.Just purchased this slightly used SWDGT guitar and it is excellent for the value received. The action and intonation is great.I have a D-35 Martin that I purchased new in 1976 and this SWDGT comes very close to the sound although my D-35 has a lower and deeper base sound.I needed a back up guitar for our gigs and this was an excellent choice. Our group plays Folk, Blue Grass and Classic Rock and it fit's them all.I will be installing a Fishman pickup to use with my Fishman Pro EQ and Fender Accoustic Amp, great combination! Really retains the Accoustic sound.Much better than a comparable Taylor by ANY stretch!Martin is still traditionally at the top in my opinion, however they have finally wised up after 30 years and they are now making Bone Saddles that adjust for the "always out of tune" B String.Can't believe it took them so long as they wouldn't listen for some 30 years! Yes would rate this SWDGT excellent for the price!
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.A "real" Martin dreadnaught that's all solid wood, top, sides, back, that can sound better than quite a few higher-priced acoustics (like HD-28's, for example). The solid American cherry sides and back are louder than mahogany, sweeter than rosewood, and warmer than maple. This guitar *works*, and it is Martin's best-kept secret for now. It will be their worst-kept secret when more of the word gets around about how goood it sounds, and how little it costs in comparison to some of the competition.
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I have been shoping for a new acoustic for a while. It is one of the most increadible instruments I have ever picked up. The satin cherry sides/back really make the gloss top pop. The tone is unique and projects well. I have traveled three continents and played hundreds of guitars on each. This guitar made my top ten before I finished tuning it. Now I'm just waiting for a sale!
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I'm in agreement with all the previous reviews - I've been waiting 30 years for a Martin, but I instantly fell in love with the SWDGT after comparing it to numerous Taylors, Gibsons, and higher-end Martins before settling on this one. It really projects well, with crisp high end, and boomy bass; excellent overall for easu rhythmn or finger-picking styles. The guitar's aesthetic lines are beautiful (understated, but classy), and the richness of the cherry is very appealing. I love this guitar, and would recommend it to anyone, especially for the quality and cost that comes WAY under the radar compared to similar, higher-end guitars.
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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