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Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Hardshell Case of Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Product Description

Gauges 12-16-25-32-42-54.

Martin SP Acoustic strings are designed with the performer in mind. Made with high-tensile strength core wire and finished with the highest-quality wrap wire, Martin's SP line of strings stands up to rigorous practice and performance schedules to deliver consistent true tone that you can count on song after song.

Bronze alloy for brilliance and long life Great price Studio-quality performance

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OK, I play strictly fingerstyle on higher end, 00-sized, mahogany guitars (Santa Cruz, Dana Bourgeois). I've tried Elixir coated strings (lifeless, dull, restrained) and various brands of Phospher Bronze strings (too metallic and biting). I keep coming back to these Martin 80/20 SP's. They have a very natural, rounded sound--albeit, a little bright for the first hour, or so. IMHO: Go with PB's on Rosewoods, especially if you're flatpicking a dreadnought. Stay away from coated strings (at least Elixers). They simply have no life in them.
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
. I use SP's on all but one of my acoustics. That box get Silk and Bronze for a special flavor. Otherwise SP's are my only choice.
They are what they should be...Bright crisp and long lasting tone.
NEVER broke one in the at least 15 years I'd guess i've been using.
They may not out last the coated strings out there but I've tried every new brand that have gone coated... even Martin's and I come back. Price to tone life I think is much better with SP's.
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Well i have to start by saying that i like to change strings every 3 weeks on any guitar i am continuously playing. That being said, i just i had received a custom made rosewood OM by a local luthier, 100 % and everything. The guitar sounded good for a new guitar! One thing that bothered me is that the volume was a little low. The luthier had put d'addario D'Addario EJ11's in the 12 gage, and i simply found that they didn't exactly sound so good. The bass on those strings lacked volume and clarity, and i knew it couldnt be the guitar!So 6 days into the existence of the guitar i got these strings, and for the first hour they sounded to new, so i waited a few hours, and tuned, stretched and played the guitar. Right away i noticed the difference, its been a few days now and my strings still sound clear and fresh!! i'm sticking to these for this guitar thats for sure!
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I've used these on both my D-28 and my Taylor 814ce. Yes, they sound good. To my ears, though, not quite as "bright" as the "Phosphor" strings.I laugh when I read that some people get up to a "month" before needing to change these. Yeah, right. And music "ripped" at 128 kbs sounds "good." But only if you have a "tin" ear.Really. Anybody who can go more than a week without changing their strings could almost be playing a Stella Harmony. Or something. If strings are like *beer* for you, fine. But, these are *no* better than any other string as far as longevity goes; they are going to degrade in quality the longer you play them. Period. If your ears allow you to play strings --- *any* strings --- longer than a week, good for you.I am one of those who *can* hear the difference after only a few days or, even, hours. Unfortunately. But, again, not everyone has ears like mine. Good for them. These *are* good strings, btw, just don't buy into the crap that they last "forever" or even "months" or whatever. Only if you *don't* have really good ears can you say that.
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I including these strings in my search for a good string set that I could put on my acoustic guitars as well as guitars I have for sale or that have come in for repairs. They are superb in many ways and they allow me to set-up, measure and tune acoustic guitars very well. I don't like the way these strings come double packed in pairs or that there not sold individually - which would allow someone to more precisley or "mathematically" string a guitar. However... Once your through with all that and it's time to play the guitar, they sound excellent. They bring out a guitars best tonal qualities. The trade-off is difficult chord fingering. I can't play well with these strings and I seem to drop my pick a lot. I went to a thin pick and then to the thinnest pick I could find. I found myself wanting to get the lightest gauge set in the "SP" series and sacrifice everything, simply to be able to strum and make open chords. I'm not sure? I'm undecided on this "SP" set? It's as if the instruments and love them but the players don't.
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Great tone, great price!
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Great tone
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I have played guitar for 40 years and, like all of us, constantly searched for strings that would hold a good tone for more than a few days. The SP is a string that comes closest. I have found that the tone lasts longer than any string I have tried. I would recommend them to any player.
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.When you can buy these strings at a price under 5 you can't go wrong. The best value bar nun in my humble opinion.
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I've tried a lot of various strings on my Martin HD 35, and will yet probably try others. But I keep on coming back to these Martin 80/20's, as giving me the best sound.

Like most other HD's, my HD 35 has tons of low end and I've found that 80/20's tend to bring out a bit more treble than PB's. It's a sound that I like and feel is the best choice on this guitar.

I've had this same experience with my Breedlove 12 string. As soon as I switched from PB's to 80/20's it just sort of "woke up and came alive".

Martin Studio Performance strings are of a good and consistent quality. They don't really vary a lot from one set to the next, so I know what I'm getting--and MF sells them at a super price.

Although I like the air tight, moisture proof packaging that D'Addario uses with their strings, they usually run a bit more money and I can't justify the added expense, when the Martin SP's give me such good, consistent sound.
Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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