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Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Hardshell Case of Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Martin’s proprietary Nickel/Copper alloy blend wrap wire provides for a reduced pick attack and allows the guitar’s tonewoods to be heard, not overshadowed. It offers a uniquely mellow, yet crisp, sound. Martin’s wrap is a solid Nickel/Copper blend, not nickel-plated, meaning there is no chance for defects to allow for corrosion. Martin's proprietary wrap is naturally strong and corrosion-resistant, so much so that it has been used in the propeller of dreadnought battleships and various machinery and tooling applications.

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I normally use Martin E.C.'s Choice on my Martin, which I really like because of the mid to upper tonal quality. The Retro Series is something else altogether. The tone is smooth and even. I like this sound and will continue to use these strings.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Straight out of the pack they have a harsh tone that quickly subdues. The sound is warm and very open but a bit stuck in the midrange. They actually do have a soft feeling which I like a lot, great for playing with all fingers. They last quite a bit longer than uncoated phosphor bronze but still not close to the lifespan of a coated set.

I don't like the sound of these playing in the higher range of my guitar, they seem to lack some depth and the harmonics aren't nearly as vivid. I would recommend anyone to give these a try at the price I paid. Looking again I'm finding out the regular price is 4x what I paid! They don't last nearly as long as coated bronze even though they're the same price so unless you already know you love the tone and the tone is worth the price to you I would avoid these.

I prefer the more dynamic tone of phosphor bronze.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I put these strings on my J45 when a set of Martin Lifespan needed changing. I did not know what to expect.

These strings are very good sounding and have a really good feel. Even through the tension runs about the same as the Martin Lifespans, these feel easier to bend.

The strings have a really nice woody tone, almost smoky. Not dull or muffled sounding at all.

I cannot speak to longevity at this point.

I usually use the Martin Lifespan or John Pearse, and sometimes DR Sunbeams. I would put the RETRO strings up there as far as tone and playability.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I have been playing gospel and bluegrass since 1964 and I have used about every brand of strings. The retro seems to bring more out of Martin guitars than any other string that I have used
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.After trying a number of other strings, I put these on my Gibson J-35 and knew almost immediately that they were the ones. They start off bright, but just as their description says, they quickly mellow to a phenomenal-sounding string. Great note articulation, robust bass, warm sustain. I plan to try them on my other guitars, but they truly bring out the best in this sitka/mahogany dreadnaught.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I've used the Retros on two guitars, both Martin OOs, one all mahogany, the other spruce/mahogany and I'm overjoyed w/ the tone, response and volume of the Retros. I did one guitar about two months ago and the string still sound like I put them on yesterday. Excellent product.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.In the move to get more of a woody tone from high end guitars, monel alloy wraps have come back into the limelight. I have a great guitar that can be called a "cut through" axe because of its emphasis on highs. These strings balance it out and cause me to hear a warmer tone from it. They have a little bit of sparkle but not much, so you get good fundamental tones.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.These strings made my D-28 sound like one from the 30's, rich deep low end and stinging highs, made me feel like I was performing with Bill Monroe, buy them, you will never use anything else.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.This is the first set of the Retro Series strings I've tried. I like the tone and the soft feel for fingerstyle playing. I thought the strings made a
bit too much noise when playing with my fingernails.
Not as quiet as some strings.
My only real negative comment is about the customer service at Custom Guitar's Friend. When you order strings, why can't they tell you up front that the strings are on back order, instead of finding out after the fact, after the order is completed. Then you get an email saying, "Sorry, the strings you ordered are on back order." Took a month to finally arrive.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.My 2001 Martin D-18 has NEVER sounded better.
Martin MM12 Retro Series Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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