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Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Hardshell Case of Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Product Description

Gauges 12-16-25-35-45-56.

Martin 80/20 Bronze guitar strings are a high-quality solution for daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements to make the grade. Martin Strings are wound to precise specifications.

Bronze alloy for brilliance and long life Great price Studio-quality performance

Want the best sound? Martin guitar strings are the way to go!

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There are so many reviews out proclaiming a certain set of strings to be amazing or terrible. With so much subjectivity of what's good or bad, I decided to buy a bunch of different kinds of strings (all roughly the same gauge for comparison's sake), try them, and objectively describe the sound as best I can. These went first.First off, these were the least expensive of my trial group, so if you go through strings a lot that might factor in to your decision.As far as tone was concerned, these started extremely bright, and after a couple of days settled in to just bright. Pounding away at open chords is where these strings shined. Big, booming sounds that were very harmonically rich jumped out with every strum. The lower three strings have a lot of presence, so ornamentations and bass lines sound loud and clear.For how bright the tones are, the higher strings fade a bit into the background of full chords. Single note lines and arpeggios across the higher strings had a tendency to sound brittle and thin Overall, these are great for bluegrass as the name implies, they project well, and the extra bass is wonderful for driving a beat. Open tunings to belt out your delta blues licks sound incredible. Country tunes and classic rock work wonderfully on these as well. The lack of clarity on the high strings, brightness almost to excess, and less than stellar string to string balance are the reasons I wouldn't recommend these if you're looking to play American fingerstyle, jazz, or anything else that's more melodic than rhythmic.
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I love my Gibsons (my Martins too), but I prefer Martin strings. I have a 1994 J100 extra and a 2004 J160E and I was having problems with the low "A" and sometimes the "D" strings buzzing when I strummed or picked at them hard...I took it to a repair guy who took one look at the two guitars and said "Bluegrass." I said "No, I play acoustic rock like CSN and Cat Stevens." He said, "No, Bluegrass strings." I was a little skeptical but gave them a try and they worked and sound great! I use the lighter of the two "Bluegrass" sets that Martin makes. They them, I bet your Gibson acsoutic will absolutly love them!
I play too heavy for light gauge strings so I use the Martin "Bluegrass" strings
They feature medium gauge lower strings (low "E", "A", and "D", and light gauge tops "G", "B" and high "E".
Hey, strings by Martin, need I say more?
It sure is cheaper than buying a set of lights and a set of mediums and then only using half of each!
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I bought these on a whim, I'm not going to lie, just didn't want to spend double-digits on "popular" strings (Elixirs, D'Addario Bronze, ect.) These things are definitely loud, have a nice hearty tone in the low end, somewhat percussive with a fast right hand. The low (top 4) strings have distinct clarity than I've heard in other strings, as in each actual note is distinguishable. The higher (bottom) 2 strings are slightly bright but cutting and somewhat crunchy sounding in a way (reminds me of a violin).In bluegrass, traditionally the guitar is for accompaniment, not necessarily melodic passages, and these strings will do the job for sure.If you're using your acoustic guitar for rhythmic reasons or as accompaniment, I'd STRONGLY suggest these. So like Country, Bluegrass, even Worship settings and some Rock settings, GREAT. Folk... maybe not as much. Classical-esque music... not a chance.Oh and they handle alternative tunings great, I currently have mine in Db-Ab-Db-Eb-Bb-C (Db9 tuning), still holds up great! Just a little lacking in volume.
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I like these strings because of their unique sound from all the different types out there I've tried so far. Yeah, these are the sort of strings most people look at and say, "Ah, that's for rednecks" or, "I don't know if I should try it because it limits my style," but with these strings, don't judge a pack of strings by their cover!

These are really just what I call "balanced set" of 12 gauge strings, to be perfectly honest, but keep following me... that's what I prefer, since I like thicker strings give that bigger sound, balancing the strong chords as well as being able to bend and "proclaim" those lead notes. It also sounds great in other acoustic styles if you want every string you play to have it's own quote-on-quote "say" in the song and not just either get too small in the background or overpoweringly high. That's what I liked personally about these.

The only issue I found is that these don't last any longer than normal, maybe a little less really. But this recent pack I got really kept its sound for a while. Depends on how much you play, too.

It comes down to each one's own preference. Try them out! Think about it, you can't beat the price for what you're getting. Know you're going to get a pretty unique sound that once you hear, you may not want to let go of.
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Just bought these strings with little, if any, expectations after trying just about everything I could think of. These things brought my humble 000 back to life! No rattle, balanced tone and great feel! Night and day and I'm not kidding you here!Finally, I found the right strings for that particular guitar, will now stick with them every time! Sounded even better with my big D, but that was to be expected!Cheap, good quality and great tone, a bit bright, but I guess that contributes to their charm!
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Awesome strings. I bought these for my Washbrun WD20SCE and they make it really boom! Great tone and loudness.
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I won't play any other strings on my acoustic. Whether it be at home or on stage. These strings provide the sound and feel that I love for playing all types of music.
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.The strings are somewhere between medium and light. It's far better than the extra light Martin strings I've used in the past. Good if you're playing rhythm guitar, like what I do in my band. Good for flatpicking but no good for fingerstyle. Clear sound. Solid quality.
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I use these on my dread only and they sound and feel fine.Keep your guitar in a case and they should last long enough.I tried them on a 7/8 scale folk and I didn't care for them as much.On a dread you can't beat them for the money.They are are suited for bluegrass and country due to the med.and light gauges.
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.The last time I changed my Martin 240 strings was 05/20/10. The Bluegrass Band I am in plays out at least once a month but practices once a week, and I play every day. I love the Martins. I am a finger picker and a flat picker and the strings sound GREAT either way for me and the band. I will buy them from MF whenever I need them along with fast fret. Even when they begin to loose there tone, the sound man can sharpen up the tone if that's what you want. That's how I feel. Bluegrass Band, Western Ma.Thanks Custom Guitar's Friend
Martin M240 80/20 Bronze Bluegrass Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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