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Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
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Product Description

Superior Martin quality. Set of one dozen in your choice of Thin, Heavy, or Medium.

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I have been using the Martin Medium 73mm Picks for about a year and I find them to just feel good in my hand. When I loan one of these picks to someone in session, they do not want to give it back. I play every day and three to four times a week with groups of musicians on stage and at Community gatherings. I have done a lot of playing over the past 49 years and I have found that a good pick is as important as knowing the correct way to hold it. I play country, bluegrass, rock, gospel and a little jazz on an assortment of acoustic and acoustic electric guitars and mandolins. This pick is stiff enough to flat pick bluegrass on an acoustic guitar and mandolin, play lead on a Stratocaster and soft enough to strum most anything else. I have used Dunlop Gel Medium Picks for years and still like them. But so far the Martin Mediums have worked the best for me on my guitars and mandolin. I highly recommend them to the young and old from beginners to pros. For the person that was disappointed in Martin for changing the material used in making their picks, try the Dunlop Medium Gel picks. The Dunlop Gel Picks last a little longer than the Martins and the materials are sturdy.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.I have always liked the Martin picks but they appear to have stopped making the medium picks in .71mm as the picture shows. I saw the .71mm picture and ordered a dozen. When they arrived I was disappointed to see they were the .73's

Please update the pic of these picks to reflect the current product.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.Have used these picks for over 25 years. I've tried others but still come back to these.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.I've been using the thin Martin picks for a long time and am well satisfied with them. I've found that these picks have a good "feel" to them and give me the sound I want. It seems to me that the thin picks give a more brilliant sound, but at the same time, they allow the guitar to be played with very good volume. Some of the playing I do is bluegrass. The picks seem to hold up very well too. I haven't had to buy any new ones for years and I still have several new ones left from the last time I bought them. I use medium gauge Martin phosphor bronze strings on my Martin HD-28 guitar. These picks also seem to work well with Martin light guage strings. I never put anything heavier than medium gauge strings on my guitar. The "Herringbone" guitars like mine have lighter scalloped bracing in the top, so heavy strings shouldn't be used on them. Overall, I'm very well satisfied with these Martin picks. So far, I've found that all the Martin products I've bought were very good.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.Great product, Great price, Great service!
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.These picks work great for anything. I would strongly suggest you buy them if you want cheap, but nice picks.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.i've been searching out martin picks ever since fender changed the material/feel of their picks some 20 years ago. now with the last few dozen martin picks i purchased, i'm disappointed to discover they've done the same thing . . . gone to a different material (cheaper to manufacture i'm sure . . . the american way). now i'm on another search to find a pick with the old feel. sad.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.I've tried these Martin Picks like many others over the years and I will say that for casual acoustic strumming or picking, the mediums and heavys are not bad. I don't personally use them but they are a good quality picks that deserve to bear such a legendary guitar brand name. However, the Mediums don't last as long as the Heavys but that usually goes without saying. If I had to use these or if they were all of a sudden, the only picks out there available to use, then I would go with the Medium 346 shaped tri-tips for acoustic playing, and the Heavy 346 shaped tri-tips for electric six string and bass. I would also stock these in plentiful amounts because lets face it, celluloid picks normally wear out faster than picks made of nylon, delrin, Ultex, and Acetal.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.I have been using these picks for several years with great results. I use the thin for my Martin SPD 16 12-string and the mediums for my SPD 16 6 string, and the heavy for my Les Paul Classic. They do not break and really hold up. My only complaint is that they look too similar and you really have to examine the pick (or bend it back and forth) to select the right one. This is a hassle during a gig when you are changing guitars a lot.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen
.I got the thin ones and they brake way too easily. They are "good" at best. Nothing special.
Martin #1 Guitar Pick Pack Heavy 1 Dozen

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