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Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings

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Hardshell Case of Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
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Product Description

Gauges 10-14-24-34.

Martin M400 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings are made from 80/20 composition alloy to give brilliance, clarity, and longevity of sound. The bronze winding is ideally suited for making strings that have deep, rich basses and clear, bright trebles.

Martin strings are high-quality strings designed for daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements to make the grade. Martin mandolin strings are wound to precise specifications.

Your strings are the origin of your sound. Commit to quality. Order now.

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I can't say enough about these strings. I don't understand the other reviewer's issues with these strings. I repair a lot of a-style or campfire mandolins, and every single mandolin that leaves my shop sports a set of these strings. I have yet to have any issues or any negative feedback about them. I also use them on my own A-style mandolin, and have never had an issue with them myself. They last as long as any other mandolin string that I know of. Are there better strings out there? Probably, but for the price, and as many as I purchase, I am not complaining, nor do I feel the need to have to try out other strings. Do I have any comparison, yes, as I do tend to try other strings out to look for the best possible sound for my own instrument, but these work great, and I feel no need to look any further for anything better.
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.Don't waste your money on these strings.I put on a set and strummed 2 chords and the e string came unwound at the loop on tail piece.El cheap O!
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.I use these on my wifes mandolins (TWO)all the time. She likes them better than all the others we tried. You gotta keep Mama happy! Right
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.Great strings. I always buy light strings for my mandolin. They are easy to play so I can play for a long time without any discomfort.
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.ok these strings have the martin name on the box,and they say they go thru strict standards,believe me when i say that is not true,,these are the worst strings i have ever seen,,the end loop on the e strings was very large when i got them as a strung the instrument i found out why,,you tune them up and the sound just keeps going lower,this is because the loop is getting looser and looser and then it comes right out,i went thru 4 sets and everyone had the same thing happen,,i went thru 4 sets because i took pics of the problem and a video to show how careful i was stringing the mando,,and sent them to martin customer service,,i have 4 more sets that i will be doing a youtube video with,i have been playing for almost 30 yr's and have 6 guitars 2 mando's a banjo and bass,,,i know how to set up and play many instruments and worked as an intrument tech for yr's in oklahoma,my wife play's mando and my 4 children play guitars mando's and fiddle's,and i have taught many people to play,,so i hope you get the fact i know what im doing here,,martin please we respect and love the name martin in america to drop the ball on something like this is just terrible,,fix the problem please,the end loop is not far enough into the windings on these strings,dont waste your money,,"martin company" whats going on here will you soon become "wal-martin"with these cheap vendors making your strings and guitars
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.I bought a cheapie mandolin just to stimulate my interests. I used these strings on the first re-string and they made the mandolin sonud 150% better. Great value too!
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.Both of the E strings broke at the same time. They really didn't last that long.
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.These strings are fine for my purposes. I am a beginning Mandolin player and have a beginner's level mandolin (it's a Savannah SF 100.) Compared to the strings that came with it, these strings are much brighter, hold a tune better, and resonate longer. The stock strings were probably dying or close to it, so anything would be an improvement. These strings are fine for the money though, not coated like Elixirs. The price is right and they get the job done. If you are a beginning mandolin player, I would recommend these strings to replace the stock strings that came with your instrument if you don't want to spend more money on the Elixirs.
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
.I bought these to replace the stock ones on my Michael Kelly Legacy mando, and they made it sound horrendous. There is no bass what soever, and it sounds mildly distorted through the pickups. Acoustic it sounds extremely dry. It basically sounds like a cheap electric guitar now. I would much more suggest the Elixirs.
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings
. Over all, the strings are serviceable, but the quality is not great.
I bought this set due to the Martin brand name. One string broke on installation but I was able to use it on a nearer peg. If I had realized that these strings are made in Mexico, I would not have purchased them.. and will not purchase Martin strings again.
I realize that these are light strings, but I did not over tension them, having an electronic tuner at hand.
The strings are easy to fret.
Martin M400 80/20 Bronze Light Mandolin Strings

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