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Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany

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Hardshell Case of Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
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Product Description

The 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar improves on a previous model known as the 000-15S. The 15 Series 000-15SM shares the same all-mahogany body with slotted headstock as its predecessor but now comes with a morado fingerboard and bridge, real rosette, improved fretboard inlays, and nickel tuners with butterbean nobs. This small-bodied guitar harkens back to an earlier time before the invasion of the dreadnought. It features a 12-fret body design that offers up plenty of woody tone and volume, in spite of its compact size. This is a great guitar for fingerpickers or anyone looking to acquire an instant classic.

Includes case.

Body Body type: 000 12-Fret Cutaway: Non-cutaway Top wood: Solid Genuine Mahogany Back & sides: Solid Genuine Mahogany Bracing pattern: A-Frame ''X'' Body finish: Satin Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Modified Low Oval Nut width: 1.75" (44.5mm) Fingerboard: Morado Neck wood: Solid Genuine Mahogany Scale length: 25.4" Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Satin Electronics Pickup/preamp: No Brand: Not applicable Configuration: Not applicable Preamp EQ: Not applicable Feedback filter: Not applicable Tuner: Not applicable Other Headstock overlay: Solid East Indian Rosewood Tuning machines: Nickel Open-Geared with Ivoroid Buttons Bridge: Morado Saddle & nut: Compensated Bone/Bone Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Tonewoods Case: Hardshell Accessories: Info not available Country of origin: United States

For a lifetime of musical enjoyment order this special Martin today.

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I decided to do my assessment one night being an insomniac at times. Decided that a D28 and the 00015 SM were the only two guitars I needed. So I called Martin and asked them when Colorado was going to get a 00015SM would be arriving. (This was last fall 2011) I had checked all my local stores and they had confirmed they would get them in January at the earliest. Geez. So I walk into a small shop in Colorado Springs a week later and there sits a 00015 SM. The guy said he had just gotten it in the day before. I went home and gathered my finacial troops and bought it. No regrets. What a great sound out of the box. This is the one I will grab when the house is on fire. Great sound, great action. I am planning on doing some street work and this is the one. A buskers dream.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.I've been trying to play guitar for years. I am a 52 year-old professional bassist and have the idea down, but the strings are farther apart on a bass and I have very large hands.

So for me, this Martin has been a godsend - like I've been set free. I'm playing the daylights out of this guitar. I have 8 electrics laying around the house and a couple jazz boxes, but the nut width on this Martin is just what I needed. I've found myself actually fretting accurate chords and changing in tempo, which up till now had been very difficult. It plays like butter. I had been intimidated to buy a Martin as I'd heard it's like driving a truck. Not so.

I like my collection of axes, but I think this is all the guitar I'll ever need.

The full mahogany box makes it sonorous and rich in sound, and yet the 80/20 bronze strings I've been playing ring really well. I still get the highs I want but without the sometimes overly bright punch of a spruce top. It can be very loud when played prominently and the voice is what I'd describe as a luscious baritone. Relaxed somehow - mellow but not muddy. I don't know how it would do un-miced on stage, but my neighbors commented that I'm getting better. : )

The sustain surprised me, It is really very good and I find myself muffing strings during some changes more often because an open string keeps going. Something I hadn't been used to. The neck shape is perfect for me, and I assume was well-chosen by the designers.

It's very light and easy to move around on my lap but stays put with little effort. It's a comfortable, well-balanced guitar. If you've been reaching across a dreadnought and losing feeling in your right forearm to achieve a deep, booming, full-bodied sound, have a look at one of these.

Looks cool, too. It looks antique with dark wood and old-fashioned headstock and tuning gears like a throwback to early times. I think the lack of embellishment makes a big difference. Simple, tasteful neck inlays, a pick guard. That's it. Beautiful. Understated. Solid. Nothing on it that isn't functional. I keep all of my instruments out on stands and it's between a PRS SC-J in AAAAA honey tiger maple and a korina Gibson Flying V. It's the focal point between the three. Like Jessica Biel sitting between Dita Von Teeze and next month's Playmate.

As a beginner with a history in the business, I'd just have to say - buy this guitar. You will not be disappointed.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.Have had this guitar for a few days.

First impressions:

It is very well set up out of the box. Intonation and action require no adjustment (stock strings, standard tuning).

Very, very good sustain and harmonics.

It is a very basic-looking instrument, but upon closer inspection you realize why it's a Martin and why it's not cheap. Minor details: bone bridge and nut; tuning stability; real materials (even the strap peg is ebony).

The guitar has good volume, but is much quieter than a dreadnought. If you play by yourself, this is fine. If you play with a group, you may need to consider a pickup.

The neck has a similar feel to a Traditional Les Paul (1950's-style C).

Smells wonderful.

Nice case.

I've always played electrics and am lucky enough to have four very nice American-made instruments. I feel embarassed to admit that this is my first acoustic guitar. It is so simple, it makes me see my electrics differently and I suspect this will help me become a better player. The bonus of an American-made instrument is that it supports American workers, and will hold its value (if not appreciate with time). It's a good investment. I am confident this little Martin will get better with age.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.I had researched this guitar and found that new models feature a morado fingerboard and bridge. However, the description at Custom Guitars Friend shows and states that the bridge is rosewood. My sales rep. assured me that MF does offer the guitar with a rosewood bridge, and that if I received one with morado, I could return it. With this assurance, I purchased my 000-15SM from Custom Guitars Friend and received it promptly in three days. But it did have the morado bridge. So, tonally, the guitar does not disappoint--its tone is rich and punchy, yet articulate. But, cosmeticly, it is nothing like the photo at Custom Guitars Friend. The body is dark brown and the bridge and fingerboard are very light. I have decided to keep it and try darkening the bridge. Also, the guitar is set up with medium high action and medium gage strings. If you are buying this guitar for fingerstyle, you'll need a setup, too.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.amazing playability on an instrument that can be handed down to future generations...that's the beauty of owning a martin guitar!
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.Great Martin sound . This is my second Martin mahogony guitar, my other one is a DC 15M. Lightweight 000-15SM sounds fantastic and is great for flat picking or fingerpicking. Great setup out of the box, although I did adjust the neck a hair and sand the bone bridge just a bit and action is perfect. This is my go to acoustic now !
Custom Guitars Freind has excellent service and I will buy again from them.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.Dreads are mighty big and mighty loud and can be mighty uncomfortable/awkward to play if you want to throw down some blues runs. This size is perfect in my opinion, and the sound is ethereal. It plays by itself. I don't like plugging in my electric to practice (you know...neighbors), and I don't like the tinny, buzzy sound when I practice unplugged. That's why I bought this acoustic. I'll get an idea for a blues riff or a chord-filled turn around and I'll run for this guitar and work it out. Yes, this is an investment...not a simple purchase of picks or strings...but I went for quality and am thrilled with this guitar. Took it in for a set up; it was perfect, but I put in some John Pearse Pure Nickel Wound Lights. Very nice. One of the teachers at the shop played some J.S. Bach and Luis de Milan that was off the meter amazing.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.Well to start off, when you open the case you a get a blast of rich smelling mahogony. Minimal appointments, slotted headstock, 12 fret neck, and fretboard inlays add to the vintage vibe. No set up needed for my playing style(Country bluegrass, blues). For a smaller body guitar this still has all the volume i need and this baby sings. The entire body of the guitar resonates with every strum. All around beautiful instrument
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.If you are not sure what warm means in regard to acoustic guitar tone, try this guitar. It will give you a taste of what Christmas day feels like as a child transformed into a the form of plush open chords and resonating harmonics. I also have owned the Martin OM28V. (side by side)The V was much more percussive and resonant but the 00015SM was way more pleasing to the ears and senses. The V sounds pluckey and harsh in comparison, but the addition of the Rosewood and sitka and traditional dovetail joint gave it the musical advatage as far as averal robust complex tone. Still, I prefered the 15 because of the simply better overall sensory experience. Hard to pindown exactly, but listen to all the other reviews here. It's not just in experienced ears. The 000-15SM is a magical instrument.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany
.I just stared playing publicly over the last couple of years. If you follow me you'll see I have bought lots and lots of guitars. Usually pretty high end Martins and Taylor's. Of all the guitars I have bought this is the one that has stayed with my. It stays by the door so when I leave I can grab it. This is the one that gets the most comments. This is the one that when played by friends they start making offers.
I put an L.R Baggs pick up in it and so it sounds awesome. It stays in tune better than any other insterment I have owned. I love this concept and design.
I had bought it as a second guitar but it really has worked its way to the top over instruments twice its price.
Martin 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Mahogany

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