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Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Hardshell Case of Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Product Description

Gauges 13-17-26-35-45-56.

Martin MSP4200 Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings use a winding alloy that is ideally suited for making strings that deliver deep, rich basses and clear, bright trebles.

Martin strings are high-quality strings designed for daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements to make the grade. Martin acoustic guitar strings are wound to precise specifications.

Bronze alloy for brilliance and long life Great price Studio-quality performance

The world's nicest guitar will sound dull if it's strung with dead strings. Keep plenty of these long-lived strings around to keep your sound bright and true. Order now.

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I have been purchasing Martin MSP 4200 Acoustic Guitar Strings for 15 years now. I have found these strings to be very resilient, and long lasting (which is what they are designed for). My playing style is very agressive, therefore, I must use strings that are high quality and resist breakage. Honestly, I have tried other brands (of all price ranges and quality standards) and find that most are a waste of money, for my particular needs. The longevity charactoristics of the Martin SP line of strings allows for agressive playing, and prolonged string life. Not only do these strings resist breakage, but their superior alloy composition assures their ability to hold their tone longer than any other brand I've used over the years. I hope that this comment does not sound like a "commercial for Martin SP Strings". I am a real musician, have used these strings for many years now, and do not buy any other brand for my guitars. To keep the cost low (these are high-end strings), I purchase these strings by the case (packages of 12 sets) which allows a savings of 40% as compared to retail prices. On average, I purchase at least one case per month, for my own needs. For the musician that plays with an agressive style, or is simply looking for extended life and performance from a set of strings, this product is the best value I have found. -Marshall
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.These are excellent strings. I usually buy them by the dozens as I am a luthier, building and repairing guitars. Every new build leaves the shop with a set of Martin SP strings, whether it be medium or light guage strings, And many repair jobs leave the shop with Martin SP's as well unless the customer request a different string. I have used Martin strings for over 35 years. I've tried everything on the market but always go back to Martin strings, now being the Martin SP, whether Bronze which has a warmer, less boomy sound or the Phosphor Bronze which is a Brighter, punchier, wanta be heard string. Also very few string breaks!! And 2 sets are cheaper than 1 set of Eli**ers and sound and last as long . Pickin' a lot of Bluegrass,Country and Southern Gospel,,, you'll soon find out what works.
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.A friend of mine introduced these to me and I have not had another string that sounds good and is dependable as these SP's. Those who have heard my guitar (a higher end Guild accoustical 6) thought I was playing an expensive Taylor or Martin. I get great high and lows and when playing in a solo, a great fill. I am definitely a SP fan !
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I've tried out a few different brands, but I've finally found the perfect strings. I love how bright, warm, and powerful they are! I plan on using these from now on! The strings are the perfect thickness to balance playability and sound.
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.After nearly 47 years of playing, I have found Martin to be consitently sweet to the ear and long lasting. I find fewer breaks, better sound and less finger strain with Martin medium guage phosphor bronze strings. It seems to take less finger pressure to fret these mediums than with the light guage. As for those who have mentioned that their fingers hurt, practice using less downward pressure when you fret. Less pressure produces less pain, faster finger movement and less hand fatigue. Get a setup on your guitar if it is hard to fret. Ninety-nine percent of the time it is not the string but bad fingering practices or an out of adjustment instrument that causes pain and playing problems. As for Martin MSP 4200 Phosphor Bronze Mediums, I have never found a bad sting in the package. They have always been sweet to my ear and longer lasting than the many other brands that I have used over the past four and a half decades of guitar pickin'. As gitar manufacturers will tell you, a poor quality string on a good guitar produces expensive noise. Get a set of Martin MSP 4200 PBMs and listen to your guitar sing.
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Durable, long lasting strings. Good quality and tone for my D-28 Martin.
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.These are good strings that I have tried just for something different. I have used Elixirs and GHS Lonstars and D'addarios, But I will use Martin 80/20 which are my standard and Marquis(which wear out quickly) and my alternative cheap strings. I did buy some Earnie Ball Titanium Acoustic which were great, but also triple the price. I have also tried Cleartone and they were expensive in price and average in quality. I will stick with Martin's
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.When I first got these strings I was a bit "iffy" about them because I am more of a gibson acoustic kind of guy. When I first put them in I was amazed, I put them on my old squire just to try them out first. I wasn't sure what guitar I was playing, my gibson or squire. Needless to say I was amazed.
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I've been playing for 14 years, and though strings most definately are NOT the most important part of a rig, they do matter! The Martin SP's are great strings. I think the bronze coating on the plain strings is not just a marketing gimmick; I think I can notice an evenness of tone that I do not hear on steel plain strings. The SP's also don't break as easily, and sound great for extended periods of time. Mind you, I change my strings, break or no break every two weeks, as I perform at least twice a week for up to 2 hours per gig.My favorite-sounding string is GHS Phosphor Bronze, but they break much too easily. The SP's are the best compromise I've found of tone/reliability.
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Beautiful, well made strings. Bought a set for each of my acoustics.
Martin MSP4200 SP Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings

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