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Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Hardshell Case of Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Product Description

Martin SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings are treated with Cleartone proprietary technology to bring you the longest possible string life without sacrificing tone or natural feel.

Martin SP Lifespan strings are designed to repel the oils and dirt that can deaden strings. All six strings are treated to preserve the natural Martin SP sound and feel that players prefer.

Phosphor Bronze strings are bright, but slightly warmer sound than 80/20 bronze when first put on the guitar. They offer consistent tone over time. Phosphor bronze has a copper/tin alloy, making them sound brighter than regular bronze strings.

MSP7100 strings are recommended for lead rock, blues, and folk styles.

Martin SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings are used by Martin on the majority of its production guitars. Martin SP Lifespan with Cleartone proprietary technology provides a rich full tone with the added benefit of longer life. The Martin SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings start with ultra-pure steel SP core wire, which delivers a perfect combination of tensile strength and response. Bronze electroplating is added to protect and enhance the core wire, which is complemented by the wraps that bring the full, rich tone players demand. Finally, Martin' custom wrapping technique ensures tight tolerances to gauge and tension. Martin SP sets are sent to Everly Music for treatment with Cleartone proprietary technology. This treatment provides the thinnest protection in the industry and does not flake or peel. The treatment protects both the wrap and core wire by repelling dirt and grime that can deaden a string. Wrap windings remain open and uncovered to permit natural vibration patterns. The Cleartone proprietary technology preserves and protects the natural rich full tone of the Martin SP strings.

SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings Light Treated with Cleartone proprietary technology

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MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

Item #: MSP7100
Material: phospher bronze
Tension: 164.8
Gauge: 121625324254

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The best coated strings, and possibly the best strings out there.
As anyone who tried Elixir strings when they first came out will remember, the astonishing longevity of clear and lively tone, and the elimination of string squeak as you fretted or shifted finger positions was a revelation. But so was the weird greasy feel to the strings, and their tendency to flake the coating off the string when you used fingerpicks. Cleartone purported to have resolved these problems, but their strings had a correspondingly shorter life and a return of string squeak, even if both were lessened. Now Martin has teamed with Cleartone, and the results are stellar. The strings are far more finger-sensitive, and the tone is full, well-balanced, and very long-lasting. Even after weeks of sweaty on-stage performance, the strings maintain their tone and, even more importantly, their intonation-- the days when you had to restring after each performance are long gone. Of all the coated strings on the market, these are by far the best.
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
. Good price great quality
I have normally used Elixer 11-52 strings on my acoustic guitars. I have found that going to the Martin SP7100 Phospher Bronze gives me much deeper richer sound last a long time. I am glad to find strings that I like so well.
a fair price because they last over 3 months with alot of playing time each day
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Sorry to completely oppose the previous review, but for my style, these are literally the best acoustic strings I've ever tried. I used Elixirs for a long time, and then I tried several different traditional strings, including D'Addarios and Martins. These Martin lifespans just sound so bright and balanced. I have a light touch, as I do more fingerpicking than anything else, and I love the clarity and dynamic control these strings give my dreadnought guitar. I have had a set on for about 2 months now, and playing everyday, I see absolutely no signs of degradation whatsoever. I would recommend this particular gauge and blend if you like bright and clear fingerpicking, especially for recording. I know they're expensive, but it is worth it just to try them out, since they're new on the market. I plan to also try the D'Addario EXP Phosphor Bronze Lights just to compare and see which is a better value, but I doubt that any strings could please my ears and my guitar tracks in Logic as much as these do. But don't take my word for it, just try them for yourself.
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I put these strings (light gauge) on two guitars . One is 1930's ladder braced acoustic and the other an 000 sized acoustic I built with redwood top and walnut back and sides. Both guitars have a tendency for a bright tone. The first 2 days on the guitars the treble range seemed harsh, almost brittle (hope you get the idea) and the bass frequencies were totally lacking. After a few days the treble harshness moderated some but overall these strings lacked the warm tone of the Elixir lights I had on before. I'm not saying these are bad strings, just that on these particular guitars they were not what I want to hear. If you have an acoustic whose tone is inherently dark or muddy I would recommend you give these strings a try. If your guitar has inherent bright tone these may be a set to avoid. The overall feel of the string surface and playing tension was comfortable but I noticed more finger squeak than when playing the Elixir lights.
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I try to match the strings to the guitar. I now use these on all my acoustic guitars. The amazing durability of these strings make them perfect for practice and concert. The tone is better than any other strings I have used. With uncoated strings, I get one to two weeks until the tone begins to fade. My last set of these lasted over 4 months. I only replaced them because I broke a G string. I play my guitar hard and I have a reputation for breaking strings. These hold up better than what I've used in the past. They tune evenly with bright highs great base and warm mid tones. I no longer have to change to new strings for concerts. I would not use any others strings if they gave them to me for free. I play Hard Rock To Mellow Ballads, with intricate rythms and have played for over 30 yrs. This is what I have been looking for my whole career. OGO
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.this is a great product holds tone for months
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.I am a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh Pa. I purchased a Martin 00-15m and was trying to awhile to find the right strings to make it come across at its full potential. After all the searching THESE are hands down the best. Beautiful highs and solid clear lows. They are everything i could want in a string.
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings


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They sound great and have a long life!
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Ironically, when these first came out, I tried them and they were so bad that I removed them right after trying them. I wrote a review indicating that these should't be purchased. I tried them again a month ago, and they were great. I can't figure it out. I now do recommend these strings. They went on a special sale, and I bought 10 sets!
I am impressed with the Martin SP Lifetime light gauge strings. I will keep comparing them with my D'Addario EXP strings, but for now they are at the top of the list for what I want to use. (I have five accoustic guitars.)
Sound quality: Very good. My D'Addario EXP strings sounded good for the first few weeks, and then failed to give satisfaction. On my Tacoma JR55 jumbo (big Guild jumbo size; rosewood back and sides), I have switched over to these... I get good, clear tone.
Longevity: I waited a month to write this review, so I could see how they age. After a month they still sound good.
When on a special sale, these were a steal. At the current price, they are more than I would like to pay, but if they last longer than my EXP's, they would be worth it.
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.Bottom E string broke within two weeks of stringing them on an accoustic guitar. Can't return or get refunds on open packs of strings. How to replace E string without ordering whole new set?
Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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