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Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case

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Hardshell Case of Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
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Product Description

The dreadnought guitar case has a rugged, impact-resistant molded exterior with an embossed C.F. Martin & Co. logo. Nickel-plated hardware and key lock. Interior is form-fitted with padded plush lining. Fits 14-fret dreadnoughts, 6 or 12 string.

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I have owned several Martins throughout my lifetime, and always thought that I should upgrade to a better case to protect my investment. Well today, I decided to do just that, after this case closed on my D-28 and put a large scratch in it. The metal edge that runs around the lip of the case is just waiting to hurt your guitar! I have heard horror stories from friends about this, but figured that I was too careful to have it happen to me. This case is like a bear trap. The lid can't be relied on to stay open while you are removing or replacing your prized possession. The outside of the case is very slick, and wants to slide and fall. The inner storage compartment is too small. For a little more, you could have a Geib-style case. Bottom line, this case serves a purpose, but your beloved Martin deserves better treatment.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.I have a model 640 Martin hardshell case that my 2003 Martin D-28 came in and shortly after I owned it the hot glued nylon webbed strap did come loose. I must say that I was leery about ordering another model 640 case. I just received my new 640 case for my Martin HD-28 and I'm glad to see that SKB, the manufacture, changed the position of the nylon webbed strap, and the strap is now secured with rivets and not just glued in. I would recommend the model 640 case for any Martin or similar dreadnought guitar. Keep in mind that is not as plush as the 545E Geib style case but it is about as good as it gets for a plastic hardshell case.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.I just bought this case for my Martin DC-15E. I was concerned by peoples' complaints about the "hot-glued strap", but Martin has since updated the design. As of 4/9/11, the pictures here aren't accurate. They've changed the position of the strap, and it's now secured with rivets. The case fits my Martin dreadnought perfectly--no wiggle room, and notches in the padding to make room for electronics (on a LH or RH guitar) and cable jacks. Only two downsides: not much storage space for strings, tuners, etc.; and the price is a little steep. Overall, however, I would recommend this for a Martin dread.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.There are much better (and lower cost) cases available. This case has an extremely shallow storage compartment. It is otherwise a very average case that is way overpriced. The only reason I can see people getting this case is because it is branded "Martin Guitar".
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.A really sturdy case at a decent price. This case is a beauty to loom at the martin name is very nice!! The locks all work and look very nice, protection is great! Also, this case is made in USA, always nice to be patriotic and by you own countrymen's products!!
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.Very little protection for your guitar. There is no padding at all on the bottom of the case. One good size bump and you'll have a hole in your guitar. I was really excited about this case,and seeing TKL when I opened it. I thought it would be a great case. WRONG!. I can't see how Martin would put a high end guitar in this case. A wooden TKL that came with my lower end Martin Is a world better than this case. Push on this case,and watch the inside. You can see it push into where the guitar would be, with very little effort. There is also little storage room in the case.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case --
I got one of these new with my HD-28 two years ago. It has already fallen apart. I bumped it once and the aluminum warped. Nobody fixes these cases. Really very expensive compared to other good hardshell cases. It lasted two years. Shows off the Martin logo but I prefer my TKL cases.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.This is an excellent case for the money. it's extremely light, which for me is a significant factor. It will not protect a guitar the way a Reunion Blues gig bag does or the way a traditional plywood or heavy plastic case does -- but it's like any other piece of equipment: good for some purposes (like normal travel to local gigs) but not for others.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.If you are looking for an upgrade to the Martin cases that come with their guitars, this is it! The only drawback is that the accessory compartment is not very deep so you can only put about half of what you can fit in a standard guitar accessory case. The case looks great, feels sturdy, and is noticably easier to carry around due to the size and light weight. Worth the few extra dollars.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.The case protects the guitar very well, but the strap that holds the case open comes off easily since it is only glued on with a glue gun and very difficult to reglue.
Martin 640 Dreadnought Hardshell Case

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