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Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
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Product Description

Martin's reputation is not built on hype. It's built on generations of guitarists who recognize the vibrant, brilliant tone produced by peerless craftsmanship and quality woods. This gorgeous D-41 Dreadnought Guitar will show you exactly what we're talking about. A solid spruce top with Martin's unique bracing pattern is hand-joined to lustrous rosewood sides and the 2-piece back. Polychrome abalone inlays in the rosette and ebony fretboard, combined with full binding and gold hardware, make the D-41 as sumptuous to gaze upon as it is to play. Includes case.

Rosewood back and sides Solid spruce top Ebony fingerboard Abalone rosette Full body, fretboard, and head binding Includes heavy-duty hardshell case

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I like all aspects of this fine instrument!
For the record I must say the first guitar I bought for my collection was my Gibson J-45 Custom(Very sharp guitar with warm tones). Then I decided I wated a Martin.In August 2005 I went out and bought a Martin D-45.This guitar is the prettiest I have ever laid my eyes on.....and playability and tone,truly amazing!.....I wanted to keep collecting,so in July 2008,I bought a 175th Anniversary Edition
D-41.Just so you all know,it isnt nearly as flashy as the D-45,and didnt quiet sound as good out of the gate.4 years have gone by and I play all these guitars in rotation.The Martin D-41 blows the other 2 right out of the water.When I first purchased it a few of my friends who play professionally asked me why I bought it.One friend stated I should return it as he didnt like the tone very much,now when he come over,this guitar better be waiting for him...lol.....This guitar only gets better with age,and now when I open the D-45 case,It looks a little too flashy.This is just my opinion.Thanks!
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.there really isn`t anything I don`t like about the D41 it is awesome,the tone has already improved in just the few short weeks I have owned it.I play a lot probably 3 hours a day the one thing I love about playing the D41 is you can feel the bass it is awesome.
I bought a D41 Martin about 4 - 6 weeks ago.The action was a bit stiff, but I took it for a set up and it plays easily now.I always wanted a D45 Martin,but really couldn`t justify that much more money for all the extra Abalone.I can`t imagine the D45 would sound any better than the D41.The D41 I bought was the only D41 I`ve ever played so I can`t comment on other D41`s but this one is really loud,has plenty of bass,the highs are great,not real midrangy like my J45 Gibson,but that`s most likely because the D41 has Rosewood back and sides my J45 has Koa back and sides which to my ear leans more towds Mahogany ,but with a bit more of everything Bass treble,and mids.
The D41 is a really beautiful guitar,without being over the top.Every time I play it I am so glad I bought it.It`s pricey,but if you buy one,you won`t regret it.I took insurance out on my D41 and my J45 both guitars are amazing.I`m getting a pickup for my D41 soon ,I plan on using it when I play out.
The quality of the spruce top is amazing,it looks almost perfect.The rosewood back and aides are beautiful.The fingerboard and bridge are ebony and flawless.The abalone inlays are done rally well no sign of excess glue etc.
like I said before this guitar is pricey ,but it is worth every penny.
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.The only mod I've had done is the addition of a Fishman Rare Earth blender pickup system, since I use my D-41 in band situations occasionally. Usually, I just play right into a good condenser mic... the tone of this guitar is so rich, no effects are necessary.
My D-41 was built in 2003, and has had 8 years of constant playing to help open up the tone, which is glorious. I've used this guitar on hundreds of gigs professionally, and it never fails to amaze me with its articulate, rich, complex tone, ease of action, and definition while being finger-picked or strummed gently.... it also punches through a mix with power when played hard, without losing any of the clarity or warmth of tone.

I paid a lot of $$$ for this guitar, but it is worth every penny... it's in my lap right now as I type this review... .think I'll stop reviewing now, and pick a tune or three!!!
Top-drawer everything... Martin has the highest quality control, period!!!
10 out of 10...
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.Words: warm, punchy, articulate, clear, overtones all the way up the neck on every string, very dynamic with hard or soft playing, etc. I've been playing mostly electric guitars/occasional acoustics for nearly 35 years now, and it's rare that an instrument inspires me the way this one does. The build quality, tone and playability are all flawless. When I play it I feel like I'm holding a piece of American history, though I know very little about Martin heritage. It has the sound that I recognize on so many songs I?ve heard in the past. An hour goes by before I realize I?ve been playing that long. I like Martin Phosphor Bronze strings 4100?s at the moment. It came with 13?s (4200?s), which sound awesome but I want to reduce tension for the first couple of years to see how well the top holds up. Home humidity is constant 45%. I'm simply in love with this guitar and can't say enough good things about it.
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I have owned my D41 for 7 years, it is the most special material thing I own. I bring it camping and parting and play it at the beach, I travel with it, play on stage and record with it and this guitar has never let me down.
I worked for 6 months straight 12 hours a day 7 days a week outdoors in an Arctic winter. My reward was to buy the best sounding guitar I had ever heard, no expense limit, no compromise, just the best sounding guitar, period. I played hundreds (probably a thousand) of top shelve guitars. Just the same 3 chords, over and over, I was not shy to have stores open every locked cabinet they had and to pull out the tall ladders. But it was worth it. I played vintage and new, I would just walk in to every store (100 plus stores in western Canada) I asked to play their best sounding guitars.

I played cheap pawn shop tone freaks, to 50 grand works of art. The mission was simple, and cost or looks were not the issue, the sound and the playability were the only things that mattered. Personally the guitar is a bit to blingy for my taste, and much to pretty to play while sitting in a snowbank next to a campfire. The guitar is a player and it is pretty but it is so stable and tough.

I let anybody play this guitar, but always before I say anything about it. And every time, I watch their eyes light up when they stroke their first note. It is just insanely inspiring and exciting to play. I did play at least 20 D41-45 and they were all insane but this one was really different. The guitar is irreplaceable.
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Did I say I heard about it? hahaha. I OWN one. I love my D-41. Since the first day it arrived, it has slowly opened up to reveal the most exciting and wonderful tone. Built in 2009. Let me just say, as expensive as this guitar is, it is built with the utmost care and I can't tell you how important it is for me to have a really fine guitar. I have played less worthy guitars and I've always wanted a MARTIN. Thank you, Martin for a wonderfully musical and beautiful guitar. Everett.
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I recently purchased the D-41 Special. The "special" has the forward shifted bracing. What a difference it makes. I have NEVER heard a better sounding guitar, and am sure I never will. I own several guitars, Yairi, Taylo, Gibson. They are all fine guitars, but are clearly second rate compared to the D-41 "Special". This just may be my last guitar. Compare the D-41 to the D-45 and there is NO difference in sound. Just a wonderful guitar.
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.While the Martin D-41 guitar is clearly, a very beautiful guitar, it is the sound which is important to me. I am not disappointed in that respect. What an amazingly well-built work of art. It sounds fantastic, plays like a dream and everyone else wants to hold it, play it and dream of owning their own Martin. How do they do it? I do not know. It is an amazingly perfect instrument, for which I am grateful. I have played 40+ years. Thank you Martin Guitar. Everett.
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I got a 2004 model second hand, and this is by far the best guitar I have ever played, never mind owned! Action is great, never adjusted, very loud, just a fantastic sound. I've played/owned many less expensive guitars and none of them come close to this, well worth the money.
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.My vocabulary is too limited to do this instrument justice. Yes, it is expensive but unlike my BMW the Martin is worth it! A combination of form and function certainly qualifies this guitar as art. Too few things in this world (particularly in America) are perfection. This guitar is just that!
Martin Standard Series D-41 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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