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Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings

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Hardshell Case of Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
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Product Description

Gauges: 12-16-25-32-42-54

Martin SP Acoustic strings are designed with the performer in mind. Made with high-tensile strength core wire and finished with the highest-quality wrap wire, Martin's SP line of strings stands up to rigorous practice and performance schedules to deliver consistent true tone that you can count on song after song.

Bronze alloy for brilliance and long life Great price

Your strings are the origin of your sound. Commit to quality. Order now.

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I spent a lot of time hunting for the best strings. My criteria was based on tone first, then price, as I change my strings quite regularly. I have tried D'Addario EJs and EXPs, Earnie Ball, Dean Markley(good strings),GHS, DR, Fender, Elixer, coated, non-coated, bronze and PHBs in most all brands,and I keep coming back to the Martin SP PhBs. These strings provide the best tone at an affordable price, and the strings have good longevity.

Some notes: -As noted in another review, if you do not play regularly, the high E and B strings may be a bit stiff at first. If this is the case, pick up your guitar and play more to build up your finger tips. -Holding tune; manually stretch strings, play, re-stretch, re-tune. If this does not work try changing cheap tuning machines or your guitar altogether, LOL. -Coated Strings; over-rated, and expensive. Coating a guitar string, really? The coating may help maintain the stings tone longer, but the tone you are getting is not the best to start with. Try change your strings regularity for best tone. -I have broken one of the wound strings (low A) up-tuning, and had trouble holding tune on the low E on one occasion, these are isolated incidence, quality control issues I assume. -Last thing; guitar strings are a bit personal. What strings you chose highly depends on your guitar and the sound YOU like.

Summary- I've tried all types of strings and have chosen the Martin SP phosphorus bronze for my acoustic guitars to give me the best tone at an affordable price. I have had 2 separate issues with the wound strings but not enough to change my mind when considering the great tone and longevity of these stings.
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.Elixirs do not hold a candle to these strings. I played elixirs for a while like 2 years and paid way too much. These strings are cheaper by over 50% and are a MUCH better value. They hold their tone way better if you use a string lube (GHS Fast Fret!!!). I have heard that they are the strongest strings made in the whole guitar industry. I have NEVER broken one and when i was using elixirs, i would break a G every two weeks or three most. The Martins have never broken even with the custom lights and extra lights. I have detuned and re tuned over tuned and they always sound great, dont break and play better. They are better for beginners too because they are cheaper and will toughen up your fingers faster. Peace
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.I have been using these SP phosphor Bronze 12's for probably 10 years at this point. For the longest time I have been using them on my Martin DM (part of the Road Series they offered in the late 90's thru early 2000's) and they really have worked well for that guitar. I tried them on my Breedlove and hated them for that application, but for my Martin, they were perfect. So last summer I got a Rainsong Shorty which comes with Elixir Nano's which are fine strings and I'd been using them on other guitars and was used to the Elixir tone and feel but on the Rainsong, a carbon fiber guitar, the Elixirs didn't seem a great fit. So I started a quest for a good string match for the Shorty. After 9 different sets of various strings, these SP's were the clear winners by a long shot! The strings I compared were Elixir Nano 80/20, Elixir Nano PB's, Elixir Poly 80/20, D'Addario EXP PB's, Martin Retro Monel's, DR Black Beauties, Wyres and finally RotoSound Nexus.
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.I've made a living playing and singing most of my life. I tried just about every string made until these first came out. When I started playing the MSP4100 strings, I pretty much quit playing (or even trying) any other strings. They're bright, they have a lot of "presence" and, with my dry hands, they last longer than most. The only "negative" comment I've ever heard about them was from a guy who said he didn't like them because "You hear EVERYTHING and I'm not that good." Well, I don't think that's the string's problem. Why don't you just practice more? Isn't that the whole idea? Anyway, I highly recommend these strings - especially when you can always find them for under $6.00 a set.
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.Don't get me wrong--these are definitely the best sounding strings I've used. However, they are not practical given my playing style and the climate I live in. I live in Kahuku, HI, which is close to the ocean. The salt and moisture in the air causes these to rust so much in one week that I need to rub the 1st and 2nd strings with steel wool to keep them playable. Also, since I play slack key and I change tunings a lot, they consistently break within 7 days of putting them on. If these aren't a problem because you don't live by the ocean or change tunings several times per sitting, these are the best strings you can buy. As for me, I prefer Adamas and Martin Clapton's Choice. They don't rust as quickly, they keep their tone as well, and while they don't sound as good, they still sound great (certainly much better than Elixirs).That being said, I would recommend these to anyone, as they are the best sounding strings I've used.
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.Been using Martin strings for years. Always wipe them down after playing and they will treat you right.
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
. These strings are not only a value but sound great for months. The start off almost too bright, but really nice sounding. When the sound changes, like all strings do, they become perfect. They stay nice sounding for a long time. Sold!
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.I've been playing professionally for over 30 years, using many guitars and strings over the years. I can't make any claims that I've tried ALL flavors of strings within each manufacturer's line or "every sting out there", but trust me....I've tried a ton of them and have wasted too much money in the process. I'd always used D'Addario Phosphor Bronze on my 1970 Guild F-30R Paul Simon, but have switched guitars to a Martin OM16 in DADGAD tuning and went through the usual testing of different strings. BY FAR, the best sounding strings are the Martin MSP4100s. Great balance, consistency, tone, and longevity. They handle everything from light finger picking to hard strumming. The price is right and I buy at least 12 sets at a time and save even more money. It's amazing how long these things last. Out of 100s of sets, I've only gotten one "bad" set and Martin immediately replaced it, and sent me two extra sets. Can't beat that.
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.If you are looking to brighten up the sound of your acoustic this is it!!! No matter what guitar you put these strings on even a poor cheap one they do the trick!!! It truly does make it sound like a Martin!!!
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings
.I recently put these strings on my High-end Tacoma Acoustic/Electric DM-9. WOW!!! A friend of mine recommended them to me years ago, but until today, when I re-strung my guitar, I never put them on. I have been using my other strings for years (DeAdario) and I could not believe my ears. Even for light guage strings, they are totally the best strings i have ever used!!! I believe i have been converted. I shall use these ones from now on. Awesome strings. Beautiful warm acoustic tone for any type of music.
Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings

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