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Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
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Product Description

The Martin D-35 Dreadnought Guitar gives you unsurpassed tone. Massive, solid Sitka spruce top produces a strong bass tone, ideal for rhythm playing. To accentuate the treble, Martin uses lighter 1/4" top braces. Binding on the East Indian rosewood back and sides and a bound ebony fretboard add to this acoustic model's distinctive appeal. Limited lifetime warranty. Includes deluxe Martin hardshell case.

Bound solid spruce top Black and white rosette 3-piece rosewood back Rosewood sides Bound ebony fretboard Includes deluxe case

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I have owned Martins for the last forty years, but this is my first D-35. It's just too bad that I waited so long to try one. The tone on this one is so rich and vibrant, I can't put it down. I have a D-18 and a D-28, which are both magical in their own ways, but this D-35 has the sound that I have been searching for. I've played HD-35s and D-41s, and as nice as they were, did not have the tonal qualities of this one. And the best part is, the sound will only improve over time! You can't go wrong with a Martin, just choose the model with your ears, and not with any preconceived ideas of what they should sound like because of the bracing.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
. Looks good. Feels good for a dreadnought. Sounds great. Smooth action.
I bought this guitar about 6 years ago from Custom Guitar Friend after playing a Guild D25M for over 25 years. I was concerned about what I was going to get having never ordered a guitar sight unseen nor had I owned a Martin D35 but had played several. When it arrived I knew I had a keeper. The sound is just what you have always wanted to hear from a guitar but could not find. It seems all acoustic guitars come with a high string action but a quick setup by a Luthier and playing just gets better. With a custom setup or just out of the box, you are going to love this guitar. I have played guitar on stage and off for over 48 years and two things I can say about a D35 Martin: 1 - Those who own them do not want to get rid of them. 2 - I have never heard a bad sounding Martin D35. Everywhere I go people compliment me on the sound of my guitar. Whatever your style of music, the D35 is ready to make you proud. If you want to plug it into an amp, Martin has already bored a hole under the saddle for their Gold Plus Pick-up made for them by Fishman. I had one installed in my D35 and it did not affect the sound when played without the amp. Much has been said about strings for this guitar but for me the Martin M550 Medium Phosphor Bronze works great. They are easier on the fingers than the Light Guage Strings and they sound great too. This guitar retails in many music store for around $3500 with taxes. With the money saved by buying from MF, you can afford that acoustic amp you've been looking at. If you have never purchased from MF before, they have the best customer service in the World. I have bought from them for years and it was there customer service standing with me, the customer, when I decided to drop a $1700 order that I had placed with them that has kept me coming back to them. I NEVER worry about my orders with Custom Guitar Friend.
The Rosewood back and sides with the spruce top and large body create a lot of quality sound. Martin uses excellent sound woods and hard woods for the neck and body creating a solid professional instrument for stage or studio. This is not a toy but a professional tool that will make even a bad player sound good.
You will be hard pressed to find a guitar of this quality for the same or less money.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I have always thought that when you put a guitar in your hands it will tell you what (and how) to play. I was given a Guild D 35 as my high school graduation present in 1975, and through the years that guitar has been my truest friend, always faithful, always willing to take me somewhere that I needed to be. I have owned so many other guitars between then and now (all top brands, and all quality instruments), but until I picked up my new Martin D35 a month or so ago, none of the other guitars have held my hand and guided me through a musical journey like the Guild has done for all of these years. Since my 15 year old Son has been in awe of the Guild for as long as he could walk, I made a gift of it to him, knowing what a grreat teacher a good instrument can be. As far as the Martin goes, we are headed hand in hand to a distant musical paradise, and will never look back.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I have played a Guild D-35 for 40 years and thought it was about time to buy another guitar. I have read a lot of reviews from people who were reviewing their old Martins rather than a new one. I purchased this D-35 new in September 2013. Right out of the box I examined it closely. The workmanship is what I hoped for -- flawless finish, perfect construction, tuned it up and played it. Great neck and feel, intonation perfect, strong sound from every string. Other reviewers have commented that the bass is boomy. It must be their pickup, I don't find that at all. I wanted this model because I do a lot of fingerpicking and I want to hear that bass. Playing it next to my Guild, you can tell the age difference. The Guild is sweetened from 40 years; the Martin is little louder but you can hear some harshness in the tone from the new wood (which makes my home studio smell awesome by the way). I am sure that will change as it ages. The only complaint I have is that the action is fine at the nut but creeps way up as it gets toward the bridge. I would expect this from a cheaper instrument but a little surprised on this one. It's not a big deal at all because it's an easy fix and is a matter of preference I guess, but anyone who buys this would expect the action to be awesome, not average. I am hoping the rosewood they are getting these days is even close to what was available 40 years ago so that it ages and mellows well. I expect to have it for a long time and pass it on to my kids. Hope this review helps those of you who are looking for a review of a new D-35.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I've owned several high end acoustics over the years, Taylor, Gibson, several different Martins (HD-28, D-28, D-18 ect). This is the sound that I've been looking for. Don't believe the "too bass heavy" talk, this guitar has perfect balance. The tone blends perfectly with the human voice. I don't know how it sounds in a band setting, I play and sing solo, but in that regards it is astounding. This one is a keeper.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.Where do I start...I guess with Custom Guitars Friend..The service was Awesome...(and no-I don't work there)...Was delivered 5 days after my order was placed...The shipping box didn't even have a dent or scratch on it..and its Thick..like a double box..I think the people at the Post Office see Martin on the box and get out the pillows....OK..the D-35....Man oh Man..this guitar is Beautiful...Opening the case was a thrill..couldn't wait to see the back...Gorgeous!Every aspect of this guitar is flat amazing...The workmanship is flawless! I love the binding on the neck...The set up on this one is perfect..No need to worry about string adjustment...Play it hard or play it soft...don't matter..Strings are low as they can go...No Buzz! Barr chords are a breeze...And the Tone...O.M.G. It will blow your hair back!!Crisp-Clean..A pure Pleasure...Get one! You won't be Sorry!!
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.The sound is full, especially the bass. Stepping on it doesn't faze it. Great for bluegrass. Stays in tune after the strings get beaten in, but what guitar doesn't? Not for the faint-of-heart. If your right hand is weak, go for something lighter- you'll get the tones your technique is more suited for. My '71 D-35 woke up after a couple of years banging on it. I think that's true with most Martins. This guitar is like a pick-up truck compared to some sedans. You'll need both hands on the wheel to get the most out of it. Don't be afraid to floor-it.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.When I bought my Martin D-35 the action was too high and it affected the intonation. So I had it professionally set up, problem solved. Well worth it.

This is my favourite acoustic guitar and one I will not be parting with. It has a great booming bass sound which I love (some may disagree), balanced out with some shimmering trebles without being overly bright. It is a brilliant strummer and flatpicker in equal measures, easy to play and it resonates beautifully around the notes E and F, 2nd and 3rd frets on the D string. Play the notes on the bottom E string with the flesh of your thumb and whoa! Pick-wise, I would recommend using a fairly light pick of around 50mm to reap all of the benefits of the Martin sound.

I have found with experimenting that sonically it responds best to gauge 12 strings which give you just a bit more flexibility and vibrate more freely than 13s and are also easier on the fingertips.

It is visually stunning to look at with white binding, attractive soundhole rings and the trademark three piece rosewood back so you have the perfect combination of an awesome sound and just the right amount of visual appeal before you get to the "bling" stage, which is not my thing, superficially speaking.

I have to say that I have owned Gibsons, Guilds, Taylors and other Martin guitars (D-18 & HD-28) and never really bonded with them. Whilst this one did need some initial tweaking of the saddle, it is personally the most satisfying acoustic guitar and best all-rounder that I have owned.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I've been obsessing about getting a better acoustic guitar for some time now. I have owned many nice electrics and just an OK lower level acoustic. I would walk in to GC or wherever, pick up a nice Taylor, Gibson, Martin, strum away for a few minutes, sigh and walk away. Ultimately I would hate my guitar, (which really wasn't that bad) and not play it for a few days, then when the memory faded go back to it.
Curiously, many years ago, I had a D-28. I sold it in my divorce, when my "guitar collection", became an issue. I figured I'd get another one, but bigger priorities always came up and I never did.
I finally knuckled down and saved enough cash for a nice acoustic. It took me years to save up the cash, but when I finally had enough, I encountered a new issue.
The issue was being paralyzed by the choices before me. With so many good guitars, which one was the "right one"? I started with the D-28, threw in a Taylor, Gibson, then on to a D-41, D-35, HD version, Vintage top, scalloped braces, no-scalloped.
They all sounded a bit different, but all good. Can you really compare a Ferrari to a Lambo, to a Porsche? Is one really better than another? It comes down to taste.
For myself, playing guitar is a personal thing, I need to feel connected to it. After hours of playing and demo-ing, I finally landed on a D-35.
It was a good price, but that wasn't the selling point. It felt comfortable, had a nice low end, volume and sustain. Truthfully, given my mid-talent level, any decent guitar would serve me, but I wanted that feeling.
You know the one you get when you wonder where the last 2 hours went. You start resurrecting old Dead, Poco, Neil Young songs you haven't played in years. That's what happens. Now you are into playing again, like when you were young and raced home to strum away.
The factory set up on my D-35 was incredible. A lot of people complain about the action being high and needing to have it set up. Mine is like butter. Low and smooth. Plays like a dream.
And the sustain? Unbelievable.
This one's a keeper. The decision took some time, but I'm glad a found a guitar that "spoke to me".
I'm so glad I had the time to compare some high acoustic end guitars. It gave me the opportunity to find the right guitar for me.
Which as it turned out, was a standard Martin D-35? Go figure.
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.When I was a child my grandmother always encouraged me to play music. When she passed in 1985 she left me some money, which I later used to buy the guitar of my dreams, a Martin D35. I searched far and wide for over 3 years to find the right one. Then, that magical single chord strummed on a D35 in a Long and McQuade store in 1989, and I was hooked. I have gigged all over with this instrument, played it enough to be on my second set of frets after 25 years, and it plays better than ever. It will be a family heirloom, and my children's children will hopefully enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you Martin for making a family legacy come true for us!
Martin Standard Series D-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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