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Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
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Product Description

These matte-finish Jackson guitar picks are truly made to withstand night after night of brutal picking attack. Featuring a grinning bomb image, these picks are wickedly cool and ready to serve for years to come.

Choose your pick thickness and get the right feeling to achieve your guitar's best sound.

Order today—It's the bomb!

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I bought these because they were made from Jackson. What a great idea. These were the best picks I've ever held. they have better tone than the Hetfield picks, better grip than weggies, and better smoothness over strings than the Fender picks. Great sound, great deal, great pick. buy it.
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.Other than the stiffness, (my fault) I have no complaints about these pics. They look great, feel good, don't cost a fortune, and unless you lose them, a dozen will last a long time. Who could ask for more.
I have been using 1.0mm Acrylic pics but I have been noticing that they wear at a fairly rapid rate. I thought I would try these as I used to use the .88 Tortex and these seemed similar but better looking. I bought the 1.0mm since that is what I had been using and they are a little stiffer than expected for the thickness. I will be trying .88 in the near future because they will probably give me the feel I am after. I have had problems in the past with picks spinning in my hand but these don't do it as bad with the matte finish.
The printing was straight and there were no ugly edges in the pack. I played with one for about an hour straight when I opened the pack and it hardly had a mark on it when I was done. These things wear like iron!!!! Definitely no complaints in the quality department.
Price is right on with the competition.
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.I bought these picks because they are Jackson, and because the black bomb style appeals to me. After using them, I'll keep them in rotation because they produce a great tone and stand up to multiple heavy use jam sessions.
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.A fast pick.Tone wise it's not too bad.Better than I thought it would be.I only gave it four stars cuz the grip could be better.Not bad but I prefer a little more gripage.Never the less,a good pick to have in the arsenal.
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.Great pic plays well easy to hang onto
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.When I first used these picks (0.60), they felt clumsy and didn't play like anything with the Jackson name. Well, time moved on and the clumsiness is actually 'heaviness'! And if you play too smoothly, the pick wants none of that. While you can strum and play with tenderness - the notes sound heavier. That's why I deducted a few points lower than a because this pick brand doesn't like whimpy music exactly. :PIt'll also make your Jackson import sound closer to a USA made one with it's crisp top-end and balanced mids and lows.I thought this pick might just be a Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black pick with a different graphic, but they're two different picks! The Jackson's even last longer, however.Play those heavy and dynamic rhythm parts, or shred those balanced and articulate lead lines - ALL DAY LONG with these. Accept that these are fast as a shark! ;)
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.These picks are awesome! I used to use fender picks and then I saw these and I thought they looked really cool! The description said that it had a matte finish which made it more interesting. When I got these in .60mm, I was surprised at how much grip they had for just having a matte finish.After like about 2 months i had to use another one because it wasn't gripping as much anymore. But thats the least of it.I REALLY SUGGEST YOU BUY THESE
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.these picks are great i got a pack along with some clayton i got the 1mm ones and just for me there were to flimsy but the grip is great they have great control i wish i bought the 1.14mm though BUY THESE PICKS THEY ARE AWESOME
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm
.i got these picks at a local shop in .88 mm. i used to us dunlop .88 but i didnt realy like how the green looked with my red jackson kelly ke3. so i picked these up and was amazed!! great grip and not alot of pick noise. get some!
Jackson 351 Black Bomb Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen .73 mm

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