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Internet Radio Music Submission

How to get your music played on Internet Radio


Internet Radio Music Submission

Page updated 3/1/2016


How to get your band's music played on Internet radio?  What are the steps bands need to take to get music played on internet radio? Many bands look for several avenues to market their music and songs as they grow in the career.  Learn some easy ways to submit your songs to through the proper channels to hopefully some day get played on internet radio stations.  One somewhat newer avenue to explore is Internet Radio.  Your band may be able to make money from having your music picked to stream online on popular internet music stations.  Some popular internet radio stations include Pandora, Spotify, and Jango.

The trick to getting your songs on internet radio is how the particular company wants to receive your music.  Many of the companies have several submission guidelines and then your songs must be approved by the company for future use.  Internet radio typically uses alot of bandwidth and has become more popular as smart phones become faster and include more memory.  So the question still remains is how a band can get their music submitted properly to popular internet radio stations.  Listed below we give you some tips on how to submit you music properly to these popular internet stations. 

Many bands use a third party distributor to get their music sold online and or submitted to internet radio stations.  For example,  if your music is already on CDBaby or Tunecore etc., your songs may have already been submitted to some internet radio stations.  Go into your distributor account and allow digital distribution from your aggregator or distributor.  Each distributor is a little different, so do some research within your account dashboard or contact them for details. 

Music submission to internet radio may include a CD of your material, high quality MP3's, UPC codes, and make sure you music is copyrighted.  Here are a list of artist aggregators and distributors that may submit your music to internet radio for you.  Please keep in mind many of these services charge a fee to upload your music and submit it to internet radio and other services.


Internet Radio Station Music Submission Guidelines for Bands and Musicians

Listed below are popular internet music stations and links to their submission pages. As a reminder, if your band uses a distributor or aggregator, please visit their website to see what internet radio stations they may submit your music too by joining their service.  You may not have to submit your music if your distributor has already done the submission process. 

Lists of Internet Music Stations

Listed below are websites that list many of the internet radio stations for you to research on your journey to get your band music played.