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Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

The #1 Echo is part of the Electro-Harmonix line of Micro (xo) guitar effect pedals, with a small die-cast housing. But don't let the size deceive you - it produces some of the finest digital echo available, with a full two seconds(!) of maximum delay time. Echo/delay effect is controlled by feedback and delay time knobs. A blend control lets you adjust the amount of delay in your signal to make sure the Micro #1 sits exactly where you want it in any track or performance.

A rugged footswitch selects whether the #1 Echo pedal is engaged or bypassed, indicated by an LED. When in Bypass mode, the output jack is connected to the input jack through a buffer. It's equipped with standard 1/4" instrument I/O jacks. The barrel connector is for a 9-volt battery eliminator capable of delivering 100 mA of current. The inner ring of the 9-volt battery eliminator must be negative, the outer ring positive. The unit's battery may be left in or taken out when the eliminator is in use.

Up to two seconds of delay Blend control Delay Time control Feedback control On/off footswitch LED indicator 1/4" input and output jacks Buffer bypass

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This delay features no tempo-tap, no 'modulation' settings, no 'boost', and (depending where you set the 'blend' knob) some overall signal loss. You might not mind what it won't do in your living-room, but this probably isn't what you want on your p-board for your serious 'stage-tone'. I bought mine used for 1/2 the 'New' price, and mine had velcro on the bottom (so someone had already taken this off their pedal-board...). If you have a stage-worthy delay with your presets all lined up, this unit won't replace ANY of that, but if you're upgrading from an analog 'slap-back only' type delay, maybe the longer time (2sec) of this digital pedal will help you. My Lovepedal Gen5 Echo is 1/2 the size of this, and has a 'modulation' control as well as a boost. I use bigger, more elaborate delays on my p-boards (one has a Vox DelayLab, the other an Eventide TimeFactor) with various patches lined up. This simple EH #1 Echo is more of a set-and-forget, leave it on the whole time kind of pedal (like amp-reverb). One of these and, say, an EH DoubleMuff in front of a living-room amp makes an adequate tone for jamming. This just isn't the delay for a pro stage-rig, however. I hope this helps you decide if this unit's what you're looking for.
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.I intend to replace this pedal with one that maintains the line level volume without change.
Very basic controls, easy to dial in a good delay. But," those player's that prefer to ""time"" their delays to BPMs will just have to adjust by ear", since this pedal lacks divisions that you can dial in. The biggest drawback to this pedal is that there is a significant sound level drop when the pedal is on. The tone is clean, but it makes for unneccesary work to have to adjust volume levels when you want some delay. Not something that is easily done on a pedal board. An ideal pedal should not have any change in output
It looks sturdier on a webpage, and is surprisingly lightweight. Doesn't have the weight of a Boss or TC pedal. Oh, and it's Made in China," not NYC as the graphic would imply. Just take the back cover off and there's a prominent ""Made in China"" stamp. So this is a touch misleading for those musicians who are partial to true American-made products.
Decent pedal and easy to use", but the volume drop is a real downer.
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.First, let me state that I am normally not into delay pedals. I utilize the preamp in my VHT for my distortion, hence, the delay functions best in the effects loop. I use rack-based TC Electronic processor for all my delay sounds, so when I tried this at the suggestion of a friend, I did so reluctantly. This pedal never ceased to amaze me! It did EVERYTHING I need a delay effect to do, whether it was a warm, slap back echo, to crazy digital endless repeat stuff. It was so simple to operate, and it seemed like there should be more dial in the wide range of sounds it produced. But with only three knobs I could find any delay sound I could think of.There are two reasons I didn't give it a full 5.0 rating. First, while I tried the pedal in a clean setting (American Deluxe Strat, Super Reverb reissue) I simply do not know how it would have performed running into a saturated amp. Second, while its built like a tank, and it is a fantastic value, I doubt it would be that much more expensive to have a tap tempo function, or at least expression pedal jacks to do so later. It is a digital pedal, after all. Overall this pedal is such a good value, priced under all the boss delay pedals, and built WAY better than anything by Danelectro or Guyatone, that its very difficult to beat, tap tempo or not :)
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal is most definately the best delay pedal out there for the buck. I have used Boss delay pedals, as well as Digitech's delay and they couldn't touch the Echo 1's user friendly and top of the line performance. I play out at bars and small venues at least once a week. This pedal has yet to fail me. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.You can't go wrong with this pedal! It has the Genuine EH magic built into it! The wi-fi of the echo is unbelievable (with a full 2 sec. of delay.) I have had no problems with this what-so-ever. The controls have an almost modified touch especially with the 'delay time' knob (you can get the time so close together that repeats form their own freaquency out of the effect)and the feedback 'controlling how many repeats' when turned all the way up will repeat itself indeffinitely (almost like a 2 sec. loop pedal), and when turned all the way down will repeat itself once perfectley (just like an echo!) The only thing I wish this pedal had was a echo reverse switch. I would recommend this pedal to anyone looking for and excellent delay/echo stomp box!
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.You turn the knob and nothing much seems to happen then it starts getting a little better and when you start getting close it's WAY TOO SENSITIVE! In other words the pots are the wrong value and/or taper. Otherwise a super killer pedal and could be easily modified.
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.I got this little guy as a secondary delay, as I use different settings in certain tunes that my band plays. Having a Boss DD-6 in my arsenal already, I originally wanted to simply duplicate that with another DD-6 or a DD- however, I got a great deal on the EHX Echo, and let me tell you that I'll be damned if it isn't utterly and completely comparable to my Boss DD-6. Sure, it doesn't have the fun Warp or Reverse modes, but if all you need is a clean, organic sounding delay, this is the pedal for you.Simple knobs make this unit user friendly, superb tones should appease the majority of musicians, and all in a tight and compact, extremely lightweight, durable housing... as always, this EHX offering is a winner!
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.I picked this up looking for a delay pedal and this one fit the budget. I tried it out and it sounded crystal clear. It's simple to use: the blend is a balance between the original note and the echo. All the way left, you only hear the original note. All the way right, and you only hear the echo. The delay time is well, just that. How much time before you hear the delay. Feedback is how many echos you want. All the way left, just one. All the way right, and you get so many repetitions that you can really create some cool soundscapes. I mean sure, it could have a tap button to make the delay time more precise, but then you'd pay a lot more for that too. It comes with its own power supply, which, while cool, is a 9.6v supply, so like, if you use a 1-Spot like me to power pedals, it won't work. Overall, awesome pedal though.
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.Having tried so many delays, I have to say this is an amazing find. If anyone has searched for delay pedals, the balance between quality and price is hard to locate. I've had a Boss DD-3 for a while, and after losing it, I craved more of that repeated goodness. The #1 Echo does not disappoint.The controls are standard (blend, delay time, and repeats), but the way they interact adds hours of fun. combining with other pedals (preferably EHX) in different parts of the signal chain brings out some very interesting sounds. Though it is not as extreme as other delays, the #1 Echo is number one in my pedal board.
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.....it would probably be this onethe only bias part of this is that my wonderful amp does lack a reverb channel.HOWEVER...that is also what makes this pedal so fantastic. i can achieve a plethora of different reverbs with this because i have spent more than two seconds with the pdeal. ive owned it for idk how many years, probably since a few months after it came out and after all the pedals ive ever played it surprises me still. if it had a reverse switch then id pay an extra hundred dollars for it and worship it
Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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