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Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

Listen &ndash do you hear that? That sound coming from your amp vaguely like a swarm of African killer bees coming to chase away your audience? The Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Pedal completely and totally eliminates hum from any audio source. It is not a suppressor. It is not a noise gate. It is absolute silence. Small and compact so it won't take up valuable space on your pedal board. Green LED indicates when it's engaged.

Get rid of that hum once and for all! Order today.

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I play jazz guitar. One of my favorie guitars is a Gibson ES175 with one P90 single coil pickup. Love the tone but hate the 60HZ hum. I do not use any pedals and go for a really clean tone. I tried the ISP Decimator and the Boss NS-2 to rid the hum but being that they are noise gates they don't work well on pedal free guitar tone. They are more for getting rid of noisy pedal hum. The EH Hum Debugger works perfect. My P90 is now quiet as a church mouse with no effect on natural tone or sustain. I love it. My only complaint is it is made out of cheap looking steel and for the price you pay for it they could have put a nice coat of paint on it. It is a bit of a eye sore but it works fantastic. If you want clean and quiet single coil tone buy one !!!
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
.Well it works. I tried it on a Rhodes piano, Clavinet, and guitar. It was remarkable on the Clavinet. It got rid of the nasty hum. Only one problem, I noticed one note in the higher range of the keyboard was very faint. Did the same thing with the Rhodes and it was the same note. Upon closely comparing the effect to bypass signal, there is a nasal quality to the sound over all. At certain higher notes there is almost a canceling effect. It does work, but for me I can't take the side effects. The tone is almost missing something when this pedal is on. When its bypassed, the signal becomes so much fuller and true. Some people may not notice, or care. For me, its not worth the trade off. Still Electro Harmonix did produce a very unique pedal. For certain situations it would be welcomed to get rid of the bloody hum. There is nothing out there that does what this pedal does.
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
.I bought this product as a last ditch effort to tame the noise on my carvin v3m's distortion set with a high drive. With one kick of the pedal... Perfect silence. I was amazed. I read other people's reviews talking about color added to the sound... But I was please that there was no noticeable difference. This is a must have for every guitarist. The only negative with this pedal is that it must be powered by its own power supply. So instead of plugging it into my voodoo labs pedal power supply, it has to be run separately. I'd rate this as a 9.5 out of 10... And if they could get this to work off a 9v... A perfect 10!
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
. It does what it claims, LOWERS the hum/buzz/hiss level, but with way too much colouration.

I play all single coils (2 G&L's with standard Strat/Tele style pu's and a Hamer Vanguard with P90's) thru an early US made Fender Pro Jr and a gorgeous Reeves Custom 10HG with Weber loaded 1x12 cab. The buzz and 60cycle hum I endure on a daily basis would make most modern guitarists cringe.
While the Hum Debugger lifted the noise considerably it also ruined the sound of these Class A tube amps. The Fender became unbearably shrill and the Reeves sounded like it was inside of a damp aluminum can. Very odd and hard to describe the tinny-ness of the resulting tone.
Perhaps if you use massive chains of stomp-boxes and you're noise issue is of a different nature than mine this may be the solution for you. Not for me. I'm not much of an FX fan. Tone is in your fingers and your gear.
not many. on off, normal-strong lift...
seems good
a bit pricey
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
.Works fine. On the strong setting it seems to affect the tone somewhat. I only use on normal
because it's all thats needed in my case. Does
seem to add a weird fuzzy noise to the signal
but it's very faint and can't be heard while
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
.This product completelly eliminated the hum with the P90 pickup on my Gibson ES-125. Excellent product.
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
Got rid of virtually all of the buzz/hum from my strat. Now I can use any pickup configuration. Heavy duty metal construction.
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
I've tried for years to remove single coil hum. Attenuators, shielding, new pickups, you name it. Sometimes it's been so bad that even humbuckers hummed!

This device fixed it first time. Easy to use, easy to hear.

Penalties? A slight nasal effect to the tone, but hey...that's a lot better than hum and can be generally fixed by tweaking a tone control.

If you have hum from your guitar....get this box.
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
.First, what this is not- this will not remove the noise from an effects pedal or clean up tube humm in the EH Wiggler or other tube driven effect. Conisder using an effects loop for that. It will however perfectly remove the 60 cycle hum from single coil pickups in strat positions 1,3 and 5 or perhaps P-90's on an old Les Paul. So if you value hot Tex Mex single coils or a vintage P-90 this will allow you to keep that specific tone intact without moving to noiseless pickups.
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal
.The pedal does eliminate the hum but it also does change the tone of the guitar. I do not like the tone change. I will not use this pedal.
Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Guitar Effects Pedal

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