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Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

Taking its inspiration from legendary British guitar amplifiers, the Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n Overdrive Pedal re-creates their majesty and classic tone with spot-on accuracy. Rather than approximating these amps as do emulator products, the English Muff'n employs real vacuum tubes, including a 12AY7 cascading into a 12AX7, to produce true Brit-valve sounds that are full of richness and natural saturation.

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This is a Great Tube OD pedal, if you want a Tube OD pedal. Its really just a 'standalone" Guitar amplifier -Preamp section. Its the first two gain stagtes you would have in any guitar amplifer and tweaked to be useable and universal as distortion pedal. It obvious best use would be between your guitar and a computer with recording software or "amp emulator". In front of a Solid State amp it would also be well suited, or in any setup where you aren't using an actual tube guitar amplifier. It would also be a good preamp if you are using a rack mounted type of tube power amp with no preamp, or with a solid state preamp.In front of a very clean tube amp, like some of the "silver face" Fenders it would also work. Where its NOT well suited would be where its not needed. To put a tube overdrive pedal(ANY high gain tube preamp in fact) in front of a Marshall JVM or a Soldano Hot Rot for instance, would be just silly.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.First of all, I've owned this pedal for about 4-5 years now without a tube change, so I can vouch for its reliablity. It has NEVER "failed" "acted up" or "not worked" on me.

I tend to use Fender amps for their pristine clean tones, and use pedals to colour it. I'm running it through a Concert 2 (like a suped up Deluxe Reverb), before that, a Hotrod Deluxe.

There really is no other way to mimic a Marshall with a couple of cookin' EL34's, but I think this pedal nails that attitude pretty darn close.

The muffin just hits that creamy plexi territory with authority (Cream, Hendrix), and can open up to the harder styles of 70's rock (Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, etc).

Only complaints I had are the size of the adapter, and the placement of where it plugs into the pedal (on the side, little fragile thing). It should've been put up between the in/output jacks where it is less likely to get bent if the pedal is tipped over.

I have fine tuned my amp and pedal to get a very close sound to Duane Allman's on the Fillmore East album. The only thing holding this pedal back is that you just can't replicate tube sag without actual overdriving power tubes (where the marshall sound comes from).

If you don't want to shell out, or be limited to a marshall amp, try this pedal out. Be patient, I found I had to dial the treble to 0 before I could REALLY dig into it. Also swapped the left 12AX7 for a 12AY7 to warm it up a bit. Kind of limiting, but it works for that 60's marshall tone.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.This is the best sounding pedal I have ever played. I am using an old Peavey Bandit 112, and this pedal makes it sound like a high dollar vintage amp. If you are in the market for distortion or overdrive, and you are thinking about it, do it. A high dollar Marshall or Vox will get you most, if not all, of these sounds, but if you can't afford one of those, this will suffice.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.I bought this pedal second hand and was amazed by its raw power ! well it was almost too much raw sound for me and very strong gain. I bought it with replaced tubes /JJ 12AX7(ECC83 S) instead of original 12AY7 BY EH. I played it very long with replaced tubes but always was not really pleased, too much colored sound of my bugera V5 WHICH I LOVE BTW! So I didnt use it much...Just recently changed tubes back to original 12AY7 BY EH and huuuge diference ---sound is now warm, bluesy, smooth it doesnt colour amp any more, it is not too bright it is now very pick sensitive, very alive, sound follow your playing not other way around --it is like you make sound, sweet spot the way you play. It is totally natural warm and very beautiful sounding now...so for me original tubes deliver what Im looking for--totally natural sound which follow the way you play. It was made for original tubes, but there are those who will still like much more raw, bright and distorted sound of 12AX7 more ! But I go with the original sound for sure !
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.actually this thing sound so great and professional that I am still learning how to use it right. sound is just awesome but to use it in a way to get out most of it seems to be quite a task if u know what I mean.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.So I got this pedal for Christmas, having wanted one for sometime. I hadn't ever played one, but I'd watched a lot of demos, etc. When I first started playing it, I plugged it into my Vox and thought "hmmm, I think I just had my family waste their money on me for this one." All I got was a screeching, bright tone which matched a few of the demos I'd watched. But then I sat down patiently for a few hours and tweeked the knobs on both this and my amp, trying to stay as close to my clean tone as possible. And now, this is probably one of my favorite pedals on my pedal board! It's warm and rich tube overdrive that also boosts the signal sent to my amp, yielding a loud, raunchy tone that must be a god-send. Paired with my MXR MicroAmp boost it just makes my leads sing and my rhythms full and powerful. I play in an up-and-coming band in Athens as the only guitarist and this just makes me stand out with authority.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.People always love their new toy immediately after buying it (that's WHY they bought the thing to begin with), so I've waited 11 months after purchasing the Muffn' before writing this review. Let me start by saying that this is a truly unique pedal in terms of the sound quality. Prior to buying it, I did a lot of searching and playing of different overdrive pedals and you can't buy another one that will produce that same classic 60s overdriven sound popularized across the pond. For that reason alone, the Muffn deserves a "5" for quality. However, you also end up paying a lot to get that high quality sound, and there is simply no way spending that much money on a non-boutique pedal should ever receive an above average rating for "value". Is it a great pedal? If you're a fan of that sound, absolutely it is. Is it a great value? No - there is no way it's a "steal" at that asking price. The bottomline is that you have to ask yourself whether or not the cost is worth the sound it produces. For me it was and I'm very pleased with the purchase.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.I bought this box based on a EHX demo, thinking at the time that the overall tone and dirt coming out of it would be a nice addition to my petal board. As a distortion box, the Muff'n is pretty weak. All you'll get out it is a stock 60's sound, something akin to very early Cream. Where the box really shines is as a pre-amp/overdrive. It makes anything you put behind it sound better, cleaning it your signal and boosting it before it hits your amp. If you have a tube amp, it's like adding more tubes to your preamp section (2 more, to be exact) and thereby beefing things up a bit. For this purpose it's great, but as a stand alone dirt box, I'd probably look elsewhere.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.I play this in front of a fender 85 solid state on a les paul and it's immediately transformed into a vox ac30. it stays on nearly the entire time. I've also played it with a '75 twin which was just unnecessary. This pedal supplies all the warmth and character you need (the 85 may even sound better than the twin). I took it with me to the UK, played it thru a Laney solid state without perceivably altering my sound. With this you get a vox/orange/marshall stack at a fraction of the cost, weight, and space. The pedal itself is quite solid. The only drag is the power supply. No daisy chaining here - got to use the supplied wall wort in a dedicated outlet. A prong broke on mine somehow - when I inquired about warranty replacement the EH guys just sent me a link to buy a new one.
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
.Running this unit through a Fender silverface champ (70's), Maxon od9 , Gibson sg and a telecaster. You can get a good overdriven sound. Be careful with the low and high controls. HIGH- anything past 9 o clock sounds horible. LOW- very interactive with the MID control. Turning up the low almost forces you to turn up the mid. I like to keep it around 8 o clock. Gain sounds good anywhere in the 7 to 2 o clock range. Pedal works best with one 12ax7 in it. also sounds good using the maxon od9 to push it a little harder.I gave it a high value rating because if you are looking for the 'BRITISH' sound it does it very well
Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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