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Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal
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Product Description

Use the Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal to robotize, harmonize, and rule the vocoder world. The EH V256 is a vocal processor that welds your voice to your axe delivering creative twists that make one heckuva difference in your sound.

The effect pedal bends your gender, drones your tone and invites alien noises into your next song. You want flexibility? The V256 vocal pedal adjusts the vocoder from 8 to 256 bands-taking you back to the '80s and propelling you into the future at the same time. Bring your vocals up to snuff with the Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal's advanced processing "Reflex Tune"-today's most popular pitch-correction effect.

Blend control 9 programmable memory locations Vocoder band adjustment from 8-256 bands Gender bender for male or female emphasis adjust Reflex Tune for articulate vocal pitch-correction 3 robotic voices and single, major, and minor drones ” all with pitch control XLR microphone connector with phantom power Transposition for pitch-shifting Instrument control for monophonic pitch replacement

Twist your sound into something more memorable and fun with the V256 vocal processor. Order today!


V256 Vocoder Pedal

Dimensions: 8" x 7" x 3.5"
Weight: 2lb.

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I will compare it in three aspects,in relation to the Reflex-tune feature, in comparison to the Voice Box and in comparison to the Iron Lung.First though, I rated it as I did because the features are good, but they have three Vocoder settings so you can have more presets, I wish they would have dropped on of the vocoder paths and had something else there, so I gave it a 4.5 due to the repetitiveness of the vocoder and drone features.Quality gets a 5 because it is Electro Harmonix and I have NEVER had a problem with one of their pedals, you aren't just paying for tone you're also paying for quality and you're getting it here.5 for value because I bought it solely for the Reflex-tune function. It is the cheapest means of getting that autotune sound live, it is MUCH cheaper than the Antares Vocal Producer and cheaper than the TC Helicon Voicetone Synth as well as the new Boss Vocal processor (can't recall the name). So it beats out all the competitors in terms of price. The reflex-tune takes a little time to get used to because the names applied to each knob only really do so in the vocoder mode and they have different functions in the other modes. Refer to the manual, it explains it and you soon get used to it. Personally I think that Reflex tune sounds better than Autotune (not sure if it does or if it is just me). It's awesome.If you are considering this or the Voice Box I compare it as such. If you are a better musician get this, as it has more instrument input dependant features were as the Voice box is more for creating harmonies which won't help you if you can't sing. So if you are a decent singer I think the Voice Box better accentuates that.The vocoder is just like the Iron Lung by EHX but with more "tweakability" so if you are looking at the Iron Lung, buy this, it's worth the little extra money for a more versatile vocoder and other effects.I hope that helped, it really is a great pedal, the reflex-tune is awesome. On a side note it isn't as big and chunky as you are lead to believe from the pictures either.
Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal
.I have owned the V256 for 2+ years now. After 30+ live shows in varying sound setups, I have never once had feedback or problems with this pedal. If you think of it more as an instrument and less as an effect pedal, you will have a much easier time taming this thing. I'm going to skip the features since those are easy enough to find. I'm just going to talk about how I use it and make it work in a live situation.

First off, yes it is a hot pedal. It will feedback if you don't do something about it. So what can you do?

-Use a mixer
-Use a decent mic

Set mic level on pedal to low. I plug the out from the V256 into the XLR in on my mixer. Hit the 'mic bypass' button on the V256 so the pedal is off and you are getting your normal voice. Adjust your gain and get a good level. Turn the pedal on and send it your carrier signal. Now adjust your level (I always start at 12 o'clock). I've done this for 30+ live shows and not once have had feedback. I've played dive bars, theater venues, basements, and a festival, all with drastically different sound setups (live videos on youtube for proof). No feedback. I have played on the floor IN FRONT of the PA and still no feedback. At worst, the bleed into the mic will ever so quietly activate some of the notes. So then I would just bring my gain down a bit.

I use an SM57 with a foam windscreen on it. I use the windscreen just because I have a tendency to eat the mic. Don't use a cheap mic. I'm considering experimenting with an SM58 just to see the differences.

Compression. I have just started down this road. Going to start throwing a hardware compressor somewhere in the line. The current problem I have is that, based on what I'm using as a carrier signal, some notes will pop more than others. So I may start compressing my carrier signal before it hits the V256. I would recommend the same.

I mentioned earlier treating the vocoder like an instrument and that is because it takes a while to learn how to use it. I mean, where would we all be if we gave up on guitar after 30 days of trying it?
Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal
.I hate this pedal. I bought the Electro Harmonix Voice Box and the V256 together. It took quite a while to save up enough on minimum wage to be able to afford these two junk pedals, and now I'm stuck with them.

It will do special effects to your voice, true, but your voice itself is still heard in the room. Of course, I already knew that would happen when I bought it (as I'm sure most people do), but I expected to be able to just turn the volume up loud enough to drown out the dry signal of my voice. The problem is that you can't get it that loud without major feedback. I can get around four times the volume before the mic feeds back if I'm not using the pedal. So if you play loud, you're screwed by the screeching or by it completely cutting out (depending on which setting you use), but if you play quietly enough for the pedal to handle it, your voice will be heard along with the pitch corrected signal, creating this ugly, clashing dissonance between the notes of your real voice and the effect-signal-laden voice.

Imagining for a moment that neither of the aforementioned problems existed, it would still be useless. I've yet to find a single song with a vocal melody that is supported by the notes it corrects my voice to. I've tried every setting--even the one which allows the pedal to track the chord changes on your guitar--but still no full songs can be played. I got lucky once and found a single song which could ALMOST be played in its entirety, as long as I didn't mind that my voice would be "corrected" to a whole string of bad notes at the end of every chorus. I mean, seriously, it won't allow correct notes to go through, no matter how close you get to them with your real voice.

Also, even if THAT wasn't a problem either, you'll still need an amp, a guitar (or keyboard), a p.a. head, monitor speakers, two mic cables, a mic stand, two instrument cables, and then some speaker cables before you're able to get the full (intended) effect. I'm glad I already had them available and didn't buy them specifically hoping that this would work.

It SEEMS like this pedal could work, though. That's how you really get taken. The ways in which it screws up will have you wondering constantly if you're just doing it wrong. By the time you figure out the controls--which you can only do if you don't lose the manual, because every knob completely changes meaning from what's listed, depending on the mode of effect--it will already be too late to send it back.

I don't even want to sell it to anyone to make some of my money back. Even if I made 1/32 back on what I initially paid, I couldn't feel good about the transaction while knowing what they're getting in return for their money. It's just a bad deal altogether, and I hope nobody else is lured in by it.
Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal
.I have always wanted to get that singing synth sound that I heard on the first album by"Klaatu". Of course it was done with a larynx vibration unit. This unit is noisy. I found that I couldn't get rid of the origin of sound (synth) no matter how hard I tried. It also bleeds through the vocal mic, which is annoying. No matter what synth sound I put into the line it always sounds the same. I think this thing was built primarily for a guitar player cause my guitar sounds good through it but, everything else sucks.
Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal
.I use the EHX V256 with my guitars (yes, plural)! I am a novice with vocoders, having used talk boxes most of my career. I chose the V256 over the Boss VO-1 because I could simultaneously (75 cent word) send the vocal signal to the PA, but send an mixable signal (from all guitar to all effect) to my amp without complicated wiring instructions. Once I learned what wasn't in the provided manual (i.e., you can set the threshold for the instrument to take control over the internal synth, but the instrument volume control must be set at least 6 or 7), I'm doing songs by Roger Troutman and Teddy Riley. I really like not having to position a tube in my mouth to get the effect. The mic and instrument plug in on oneside, and the out to PA and amp are on the opposite side. You can set 9 presets. The sound can be more female or male with a turn of the knob. Stomp the box and you can have pure vocal. I've even put a new twist to Mustang Sally and Fly Like an Eagle (copy write protected). Coupled with the Boss GT-100 and or Boss SY 300, this box is a MONSTER! I don't regret this gift from family at all!

I recommend to friends, but hope they wait! I love the notoriety!
Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal
.There is absolutely no way I could use this in a live show. I am extremely disappointed in the purchase. Using a guitar as a carrier, single notes do not carry the voice whatsoever. It must be used with chords to make out any type of words. Steep learning curve to get even a decent sound. Guess I will have to pre-program my Ableton Vocoder for live shows, because this thing surely is not going to get it done!
Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal

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