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Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

What does that mean? The Electro-Harmonix Black Finger Compressor Pedal uses the same professional-grade techniques that the most revered, vintage and mega-thousand dollar, high-end studio compressors use, except that it's in the form of an affordable, compact foot pedal! 2 different light sources (LED and lamp) provide distinctly different readings and offer uniquely varied compressions. One tube handles the compression stage while the other manages the gain stage. And unlike other "tube" hyped products on the market, which use 9 to 50 volts, the Black Finger's design allows a full 300 volts of swing to be utilized. This makes it a true tube compressor in every sense.

Whether used as part of an effects loop or with direct guitar, bass or voice, the Black Finger will give music the type of treatment that simply cannot be achieved via plug-in emulation or with any other analog or digital product that doesn't cost thousands of dollars.

The Black Finger effects pedal breathes life and warmth into any musical instrument or recording and makes it sound magical.

2 different light sources (LED and lamp) for uniquely varied compressions Dual-tube compression circuits

Get studio rack gear quality compressions at the touch of a toe! Get your hands on the Black Finger today!

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The Blackfinger remains the only truly Vaccuum tube driven compressor Pedal in existence.NO other tube compressor pedal made (now or ever) is acutally running anything that could honestly be called a vacuum tube circuit - the tubes in the Blackfinger are actually functioning as Triode amplifiers operating with a 12v DC filament supply and about 280 volts of B+, not as clipping diodes,or a tiny negative voltage supply, or a night - lite. The Blackfinger is also an optical compressor circuit which is also rather rare and wonderful in a pedal. It has a very "wet" sound for a compressor(it actually colors the sound) that some, more experienced listeners will not like. After all it IS a guitar effect, not a "transparent" studio rack compressor. It has simple controls. Two ratios of compression, two kinds of light sources for the optical cells, (incandescent lamp and LED) which create different attack and decay speeds, and separate knobs for input gain and output gain. It is somewhat noisy. I think this is to be expected. If you don't like noisy tube circuits you wont like this one. Personally I think it could actually be a LOT noisier give that its basically a transformer coupled tube amplifier in a footswitchable pedal box.If it really bothers you, put an Ebtech unbalanced to balanced line converter box between your instrument or mic and the Blackfinger. Also tube changes are very noticeable, try using a 5751 or a 12AY7 instead of the stock 12AX7's. It has a really wonderful, warm, vintage, analogue sound and if your looking for a way to get some of that into your mix this is one way to do it cheap. Its the best compression sound Ive heard for steel string acoustic guitars. Good for vocals too. The last thing is, this thing is built Like a Fender amplifier or something. Very nice,durable construction. Made in the USA with serviceable, mod-able, uprade-able parts, not spray-on surface mount junk.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.I'm using this with a VOX AC30 and PRS SE One. Took awhile to dial this in but once I did I can't imagine playing without it. I use it on Sqsh with the Pre and Post gain at around 2 O'clock. This has really helped me dial in a great sound on the VOX. The VOX AC30 is a beast of an Amp and this box is like traction control on an F1 car to help tame that horsepower and make it a lot more useable. The oddball plug and it's placement keeps this thing from being perfect. I understand you don't want to confuse this plug with a 9V adaptor but something a bit more stout seems in order for a box of this size.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.I've had mine for a few months now, it's really added some nice flavors to my sound. It's more subtle than most guitar compressors because it's not going for that ross/dynacomp sound. By that I mean it doesn't color your tone, it allows you to play with dynamics, and the lower compression levels keep the noise level down low. You can get some healthy squash out of it, but I mostly use it just to add that mild compressor magic to my clean parts.The pre-gain knob is the most important knob on the pedal, no matter what settings you have it on, the amount of gain you throw into the preamp tube shifts the end result from really clean and subtle to a smoothly overdriven squash. Another favorite sound is running my treble booster into this pedal and getting some smooth and slightly overdrive, sounds the best with my P-90 guitar. The plate running at a full 300volts, none of that extreme tone coloration that you get from other compressors, tubes breathing that extra 'something' into your signal, little to no noise (I don't hear a difference when it's on with my AC30 or my JCM2000), it all adds up to one of my favorite pedals.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal is awesome. Sounds weird but I use this on my bass when I play live, it smooths out the tone so much and make everything sound amazing. I've never played a show where someone hasn't come up to me and commented on how amazing the tone was. I once had a guy who had the exact same set up without this pedal ask me what he was doing wrong and why couldn't he get the same sound. Worth every stinky penny. I gave the quality a 4 because the screws that hold the power adapter into the pedal fell out and the power adapter falls inside the pedal now. Otherwise freaking awesome!
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.This thing is really great. I've had mine for about 3 years. And it's held up really well. When I first bought I only bought it because it was on sale, and I knew that was a good deal. Anyways, love it now. I used it for a while with my Ibanez artcore hallowbody, it sounded good, but didn't really care all that much cause my amp was sucky. Then I started more recently with my Acoustic guitars, which is what I do mostly, and have been so impressed. It really warms up the harshness often associated with piezo pickups. Plus you get alot of gain boost of this thing too. Plus, no sweeten the deal a little more. It's true bypass. I just don't really know what could make it better. I use it on normal, cause I don't want all that squash, but it's still a nice feature. Get this thing, it's worth every penny. P.S. I dropped it once and broke one of the tubes. It was like $10 to replace it with another one. This thing is a beast.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.If you play bass and use a cabinet with a HF horn you are gonna hate this thing. There is so much noise coming through this when you are not playing it will only take 10 minutes for a band member to tell you to turn this thing off.At first I thought the tubes were old. I brought the BF back and got a replacement. - no improvement. It's just plain and simply noisy. Even without HF horn you still have to turn down the highs because the waterfall / rice crispy crackl 'n' pops will get on your nervs during rehearsal.The box is also unnecessarily large and bulky, and the large external required wall wart with flimsy wire is a pain in neck. For the price you can get better more practical compressors.......
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.After buying and selling two crappy compressors (Boss and MXR), I decided to spend the money on a REAL compressor. It's all about the tubes...they preserve your guitar's tone while bringing out bright, gleaming sustain. Those other two units altered/degraded my tone to a crappy clicking sound. I leave my Black finger on at all times and it makes every other effect sound better as well and can help regulate other "noisy" pedals and make them sound proper. I just plugged in my new Jazz Bass and I think that it sounds just as incredible as it does with my guitars!! I'll probably buy another one for my bass rig I'm putting together (or at least some other tube driven compressor....don't waste your time with anything else!). p.s. Squash mode is the way to go, normal is extremely loud and unnecessary.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.This compressor is very sweat sounding with warm 12AX7 tube tone!!...get it, not disappointing at all!!
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.I like to play a mostly clean, tube toned bluesy sound... E-H has changed my life with this pedal I cannot recommend it enough. I never knew what a compressor could do to my tone until I got this pedal. A bit pricey but it is rock solid, American made and sometimes things just cost more b/c they are better.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.I own a lot of pedals and this really is a magic box, especially for musicians who like tubey harmonic distortion and tube compression. This may be the single best pedal that EHX makes, and I own a bunch of them. Some people complain about the noise, but the secret to avoiding noise with the Black Finger is getting your settings dialed in correctly. If you push the box too hard or add too much input gain, it gets noisy. This is common with most compressors. However, if you have a nice preamp before the Black Finger and dial your gain staging just right, you can gingerly adjust the settings and it sounds amazing. I have $4000 compressors and I will still use this compressor on many tasks. Believe it.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal

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