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Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

Picture your guitar signal being massaged by a complex set of filters moving through a vacuum tube maze. Energized by 2 - 12AX7EH tubes, the Tube Zipper's patented moving filter tastefully adds controlled analog harmonics to your signal. In typical EH fashion, each control can be set over the edge, generating a host of novel tones.

Truly novel. Order today and add a unique weapon to your arsenal.

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This product is good for anyone that wants a tube distortion with an added filter. Very tweakable. Kinda bulky space-wise yet rugged construction-wise), but it's justifiably so b/c of the tubes. When I turn it off it is dead quiet. Make sure you don't trip on the adaptor cord b/c I find it'd very easy to slip out years later after heavy usage, and also it's a unique adaptor type. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for out-there effects or anyone in need of tube distortion. You can turn the resonance knob all the way down and the filter is bypassed. The frequency light continues to work when the pedal is turned off, allowing you to see how it will modulate your signal. I also find that you need the master level a bit lower than you think and raise your amp's level instead b/c you get used to the fat sound. Turning off the effect: your clean signal is super loud so turn the master level on the pedal down. This product is fun to use with a drum machine and delay. Overall, it's a good effect but is pricy b/c of the construction and two tubes.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.This thing is off-the-wall insane!! This is the first pedal I bought about two years ago and I'm still figuring out new sounds to this day!! If you want something crazy and cool get this pedal...also makes a pretty good overdrive if you can stop making crazy noises.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.Okay, It is easy to mistake this Pedal for a distortion, or a TUBE-SOUND processor. Yeah, it's got tube sound, to spare. More tube than you need, gotta love it. But, what this pedal IS: is a filter pedal, and a very sophisticated one. Place this sucker before a solid state recording amp, mic to taste, and you've got the hugest tube sound you've ever heard. Worth the price, but not as durable as pedals by some other manufacturers.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.I recieved the Tube Zipper for Christmas expecting an English Muff'n. I was pleasantly suprised! First of all, it came in a cool box. We're off to a good start. When I opened this wonderful box I found a piece of paper with some sample settings. Great! I watched the demo on this site and the thing looked complicated, but after fooling around with it you'll get the hang of it. One of my favorite aspects of this effect is the size. Its' BIG! (Compared to my only other effect pedal) It's an impressive sight. It also has a cool grill covering up the tubes.I put a 7 for value because that's average and...I did't buy it.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal has so much to offer. This is for anybody into experimental style playing. I have found myself tweaking, looked up and 3 hours had gone by. Quality is excellent, value is a little pricy, but the features of this pedal are greater than any other analog pedal out there. The passthrough is excellent, no noise at all. Get this pedal if you are looking to create your own unique sound.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.In terms of stompboxes, this is the most original box I've ever heard. the range of sounds that are usable is immense, plus it's tube analog!. Well worth the cash.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.Damn this thing is cool. I couldn't believe the sounds that come out of this thing. It give you this crazy gripping space aged sharp distortion that bends around and is so mean and cool and I can't even describe it. It's three hundred dollars and worth it. Damn these guys make cool ****.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.Well what can I say, if you're after an alternative to your usual distortion pedal, get one of these. the range of sounds is unlike any other pedal I've ever seen.The only issue I have is the dodgy power pack connector: most obscure and potentially fragile connector I've ever seen.go get one!
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.this thing zips right along....
Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube Zipper Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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