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Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
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Product Description

The powerful Epitome digital multi-effect begins with the flawless polyphonic tracking of the Micro POG. Next is the Stereo Electric Mistress. Creamy stereo flanging and chorus weave and undulate for the richest modulations. Finally, the Holy Grail Plus wraps you in a silken shroud of luxurious reverb.

Switch on Shimmer to re-route the effects. Now the Grail reverberates the POG's wet signal and the Mistress completes the chain to add lush flanging to the reverb tails. Shimmer also transforms the Grail into a digital delay with the POG in its feedback path for inspiring ascending and descending octave effects.

The polyphonic Micro POG provides glitch-free octaves above and below your actual pitch Stereo Electric Mistress adds EHX's signature stereo flanging and chorus Holy Grail Plus lets you choose from Spring, Hall and Room reverbs, plus Flerb Shimmer Mode re-routes the effects' chain and opens the door to a world of amazing sonic discovery Individual footswitches plus dedicated controls for all three effects

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Picked this up recently, it really seemed like a no-brainer: EHX makes great stuff, and this unit has 3 of their best pedals in it, at a lower cost than buying all 3 units separately. Also a very nice space-saver on your pedalboard!

Rather than reviewing the individual sections of this pedal, I'll just stick to the aspects that are unique to it (there are plenty of reviews for the Micro POG, Stereo Electric Mistress, and Holy Grail Plus already). First of all, the good:

The way they incorporated the "Filter Matrix" mode into the Electric Mistress section is pretty genius: The Rate knob for the normal flanger effect actually "starts" between 10 and 11 o'clock on this unit. If you turn the knob down below that point, it enters Filter Matrix mode, which allows you to "freeze" the flange sound and manually adjust it with the Rate knob in the remaining range that it rotates. This makes dialing in your "regular" flanger sound a bit tricky at times with the smaller sweep on the Rate knob, but it's a great alternative to having an extra switch on the unit.

The BIG special feature on the Epitome is the new "Shimmer" switch found on the Holy Grail Plus though. This basically re-routes the order of the effects, swapping the Holy Grail Plus with the Electric Mistress (so the Electric Mistress is now last in the chain), and changes the way it interacts with the Micro POG: In normal mode, the entire Micro POG signal goes through the Holy Grail, but in Shimmer mode, the dry signal bypasses it, so the reverb is only applied to the octave notes. The "Flerb" setting on the Holy Grail also changes to a delay in Shimmer mode. It functions as a one-repeat delay if the Micro POG isn't engaged, but you can get all kinds of cool "cascading octave" effects with it engaged in this mode (or you can just used it as a surprisingly good "regular" delay if you turn both octaves on the Micro POG down and just use the dry signal).

Now for the drawbacks: First of all, this pedal is very tricky to use with other pedals, particularly distortions. In a normal situation, you'd want to stick your distortion/OD between your pitch-shifting effects and your modulation effects, but you don't have that option here. The solution I came up with was to run two overdrives, one before the Epitome and one after. It works just fine, but I was a little bummed that I had to slap another pedal on my board that wouldn't be necessary otherwise. Also, there's no way to store presets on this unit...not necessarily a bad thing (you wouldn't have that option with the 3 individual units either), but given that they're marketing this as a "multi-effects unit," it'd be a nice feature to have (it'd make the unit a LOT more suitable for stage use too). The same can be said for a tap tempo function...it would save a LOT of time when it comes to dialing in settings on the Electric Mistress, or with the delay on the Holy Grail in Shimmer mode. Lastly, be careful when setting your levels on the individual channels on this unit, as it's pretty easy to create some nasty static buildup. Not an issue if you use one channel at a time, just be careful when you start combining them.

Overall, this is a VERY good pedal to invest in, I'll probably never stop finding new sounds with it! I just wish it was more accomodating when it comes to combining it with other pedals, and there are a couple features that could be added to it to REALLY make it a top-notch unit.
Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
.After hearing the EH demo for this product, I knew I had to have one, regardless of the prohibitive price. After all, you are getting three popular and useful effects in a one pedal footprint. I've always been a quick read with effects so it didn't take much effort to come up with some great uses, pertaining to the music I play. This pedal is especially effective on psychedelic or atmospheric "washes" and this helps when playing in a progressive trio like I do.
Caveats include, as mentioned in another review, that it doesn't offer a preset option which I gladly would have payed extra for. It is possible to set up a favorite combination of effects each time you need to, and it will be close enough but never exactly the same each time. Also the micro POD can produce unwanted dischordance and artifacts when playing complex chords and arpeggios. It also seems impossible to achieve unity gain with the micro POD, meaning if you suddenly want to go from a dry to a 12 (or 18) string sound, the volume drops somewhat. These shortcomings can be managed, however, given the great opportunities afforded by this pedal.
Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
.This pedal is just awesome! Every effect or sound it makes sounds crystal clear and perfect. Just buy the thing. You won't be disappointing!
Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
.OK, there are "multi-effects" pedals out there....but they sometimes can get overly complicated, and get in the way of your performance. Or sometimes great in one function, but not another. There is a "trade-off" between getting the ability to program a multi-effects pedal, and getting the exact effects to work the way you want them to.

The Epitome is partway in between the two schools of thought. Doesn't cover everything in the effects department, but having quality flange/chorus, as well as the Micro POG, still covers a lot of bases. And the Holy Grail Plus is an unexpected bonus.

It may be pricey, but you have to consider how much each of these pedals cost individually, and add them up. Not to mention the amount of space all these boxes they take up on your pedal board.

Micro Pog/Electric Mistress/Holy Grail Plus.....a combination that's hard to beat, and all in one pedal called Epitome!

Incidentally, sounds great on keyboards, as well as guitars.
Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
.I think the unit is good but its not what I am looking for.It just didn't do what I wanted. The effects were interesting but not very usable for my application. I found only one setting that I really liked but that setting would only apply to one song.
Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal

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