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Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

The Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer pedal delivers infinite sustain of any note or chord at the press of a momentary footswitch. Release the footswitch and again you are sample-ready. The Freeze Sound Retainer pedals' 3 selectable decay rates-including a latch mode-guarantee liquid smooth tonal transitions. Hook the E-H Freeze Sound Retainer to your favorite pedals for a sonic collage unlike anything you've ever heard. The Freeze Sound Retainer is almost like Electro-Harmonix adding an extra musician to your band.

Real-time sample capture with perfect looping Latch mode for infinite sustain at the touch of a momentary switch Fast decay mode Slow decay mode Latch mode for infinite sustain of sample capture Smooth tonal transitions between captures Optional 9.6DC 200 power supply

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How cool is this!? I, like many others, was curious about this pedal for months...... Had to buy it the second I tried it.

It will freeze a chord while you hold the button down - and you can make it decay 3 seconds later after you let off. Or you can freeze it and sustain with one click. This is an excellent tool for experiments as well as practicing even. Practice your scales over the frozen chord. One of the coolest pedals I ever bought. The drone begins to sound slightly organy or pog ish. I dig it.

One thing I like about it as well - if you roll your volume back, play a chord, then freeze it - the sound wont be affected by the volume knob after its frozen - its set! So you can essentially play melodies at a louder volume on top of the chord - it helps distinguish them apart easier.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal claims to do one thing with slight variation. It does that one thing with slight variation.

If you would like a pedal that does this one thing, you should buy it, because it does that one thing.

I would definately recommnend the Freeze pedal to a freind who wants to do that one thing. Because it does that thing, and it is pretty much the best deal for doing that one thing.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal was awesome for about four months until it broke. The pedal would work for the first few clicks and then after that it would produce a white static noise and turn off. I never threw it around or abused it. It sat on my pedal board and I would just tap it on and off and one day it just stopped working. It was really cool and had a lot of applications in my opinion but they really need to come out with an improved more dependable version or something. I have read several people's reviews on forums who have experienced the same problem. I tried contacting EHX for three weeks for a repair or refund but they never replied to my messages or any of my emails. Does their customer service just not exist? Now it just sits to the side and collects dust. Great pedal when it works but lacking in build quality. Buy at your own risk!
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.I have a tendancy to buy unconventional pedals. I have a Devi Ever Bit which makes my guitar sound like an 8-bit video game (kind of) and a flanger, but hardly anyone uses a flanger anymore, except for maybe one song. Both of those pedals got old for me, but I have a feeling this will last a while. It's just so unique it's fun. I like to turn down the volume and use it as a very subtle effect when soloing, it thickens it out a bit and makes the song sound less empty. And just a tip, this thing sounds amazing with an Ebow
Has all the features anyone would ever need on a pedal like this, except a battery pack. I think my favorite part about it is that you can activate the pedal and then unplug your guitar, and the effect will continue. I might scare somebody with that sometime (haunted amplifier). The tone is the same that comes from the guitar. Took me a minute to figure out how to change slow down the slow setting. But over all extrememly simple, easier to use than I expected, and super fun.
Great quality. Built like a tiny bomb shelter. Their are little rubber stoppers on the bottom which I don't have on any of my other pedals, so I thought that was cool and conveniant.
It might be a tad overpriced. Sure there is nothing else like it that I have seen anywhere, but I mean, how often can one use this thing? I don't know of any major artist that uses this thing, for me to play a song featuring this pedal. That being said though, the pedal can be used to, say, practice scales, fill in for a missing bandmate, add to a solo, or just experiment with it.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.Play a chord and step on the foot switch immediately after, and the chord will be sustained until you let up. As you can imagine, this has somewhat limited applications -- if you want to sample and repeat more complex phrases instead of just one chord/note, you should invest in a loop sampler instead. That said, the Freeze does exactly what it claims, and there's no other pedal that provides this functionality.

As an aside, the timbre of this pedal is glassy and ghost-like. I find it pleasing.

Think of the Freeze as an improvement on the "drone string" paradigm. No more, no less.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.Well i have to say, the guys at ehx are good at coming up with effect pedals that set you apart. Its not something thats going to blow everyones minds but you'll most likely get questions and compliments after you gig with it, if you use it right. i found it to be a great tool for bridging the gap of piano and guitar, it is also very helpful for people writing music or just wanting to add another dimension to their play. That being said, using it right is the key; if you can find the right moments with it, you'll probably be satisfied. There seems to be this misconception that since you paid money for it, you have to use it in every song, please disregard that notion with this effect, maybe all effects for that matter. My only quam with this gem of a pedal is that its not built for working musicians, the switch is both momentary and latching which means they are a pain to replace and ultimately fragile. mine lasted around 20 gigs. it now collects dust
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.The pedal sounds great with electric or accoustic, an is perfect for a 'sound on sound' effect. The fact that the pedal 'died' after a few months makes me a little nervous. Do some reasearch, but definately worth trying out.
It does exactly what it says it does--hold a note or chord as long as you want. Very good for creating a 'sound on sound' effect similar to DG's Shine On in the Meltdown concert.
I've had this pedal for 8 months. All of a sudden three weeks ago, the pedal just stopped working...light on, nobody home. Contacted EHX, and arranged for a replacment w/no fuss or bother. The pedal was used only in home, and light use, and there are a couple of reports on this out on the www.
Great sound, and good concept. It opens up a lot of possibilities.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.The pedal works as advertised. However, pedal placement will dictate the quality of the sound and the effect you get.I found the pedal to be thin sounding at the end of the chain probably due to the analog-to-digial-to-analog process. However, If you place it at the beginning of the chain with distortion or overdrive following that, you will sound like your holding a power chord forever. Quite cool. And, with the latch mode on, you could set your guitar down, go get a bite to eat, and it would still be playing! Not sure how useful that would be!!Great pedal. Endless possibilities.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.For all you shoe gaze fans, this is what you need. Get this and a looper and you are done.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal
.You can get this thing to sound like an organ, or you can use it to capture some pretty crazy sounding ambiance out of your amp. I have a bunch of different effect pedals, but it captures my reverb and my superego pedal the best. I can capture amazing ambient sounds... and just let them ring out throughout the song lol.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer Compression Guitar Effects Pedal

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