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Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black

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Hardshell Case of Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black
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Product Description

A breakthrough in live sound mixing technology, the StageScape M20d from Line 6 combines touchscreen-based visual mixing with highly-intelligent software and powerful DSP processing to create a mixing system with the ˜smarts' to make you sound your best. All without having to think like a sound engineer or wrangle with a surfeit of knobs.

Start by setting up the virtual stage to match your physical gear and the M20d's powerful software presets dial in settings optimized for whatever you're plugging in to the premium mic pres. Then, fine tune the sound by touch, using the terms musicians think in - light, dark, dry, wet, etc. - to get precisely what you need. Or dive deep in advanced tweak mode. Finally save it, so the next time you're back in that venue, you just recall those settings and you're ready to go. However you choose to use it, the M20d is designed to keep you in the creative zone.

The M20d also features integral multi-channel recording to SD Card, USB drive, or straight to your computer. You can even do a quick capture recording of the band so they can grab a bite while you do the sound check. No more endless rounds of "hit the snare again, please."

Designed to integrate with Line 6's StageSource powered speakers via the proprietary L6 LINK interface, the M20d is the center of your intelligent sound system.

12 High-performance, digitally controlled, auto-sensing mic/line inputs 4 Additional auto-sensing line inputs 2 Digital streaming inputs direct from computer, USB drive or SD card Stereo line inputs for integrating MP3 players or other sound sources 4 Auto-sensing monitor outputs on balanced XLR connectors 2 Auto-sensing main outputs on balanced XLR connectors L6 LINK multi-channel digital networking for integrating L6 LINK-enabled speaker systems Touchscreen visual mixing environment Remote control capability via one or more iPad or iPad 2 devices* Multi-channel recording to computer, USB drive or SD card Quick-capture recording to internal memory for sound check Internal 32-bit floating point audio processing Massive DSP power provides parametric EQs, dynamic EQs, compressors, multi-band compressors, gates, delays, limiters and more Multi-band feedback suppression on every mic input 4 Stereo master effects engines including reverbs, delays and vocal doubler Virtually unlimited I/O Setups, Scenes and Channel Processing Presets

Smarten Up Your Sound System Today, with the M20d Intelligent Mixer.

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

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This mixer combined with the line 6 soundstage speakers, a wifi dongle and and ipad is ALL you need for a small to medium sized gig! Our band used this system with an l3t and l3m as mains and an l2m for monitor at a Rally this past weekend and it performed fantastic! There were several acts at this event and it was very quick and easy to adjust sound via the ipad on the fly for the different acts. Here is a link to our performance at that event which I recorded using the m20d....
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black

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This is it. Everything at a glance the way you like it, no more spacial relations or masking tape, everything has changed to picture perfect. No more snake for foh mixer. Just use an ipad. No more stage monitor mixer, Ipad again.
Everything has changed for the good.
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black
.I have replaced so much stuff with this mixer it's amazing. I used to have a huge board, 2 DBX Driveracks with feedback control, 2 compressors, vocal effects, BBE sonic maximizer... I am selling them all. I only have two problems. 1)The owner's manual is digital and over 150 pages to print. I would like both but I don't want to waste that much ink.(minor) 2)There is an audible loop in the chorus effect, although I talked to Line 6 tech support last night and they are going to look into it. The beauty of this mixer (and the matching speakers) is that it is all firmware updatable. I fully expect an update to fix the chorus problem. That said, I like the other effects so much that I may not use the chorus even if they do fix it. I haven't had a chance to try this mixer out at a ColonBlow gig yet, but it has worked great at practice so far and I for see no problems. It used to be a minimum hour set-up and tear-down each and is now less than a half hour when I DJ'd a dance last weekend. Time is money, especially at 1 A.M. Love this mixer.
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black
.This mixer can make you a better musician. Use the quick tweak to make some reasonable setting, use the videos on YouTube to dig deep into understanding modern digital mixing tools. Easily record yourself with 16 channels plus main bus for up to 4 hours on a cheap 32G sd card. Then critique your studio or live performances, remix to hearts content and hit the sweet spots and save for your next performance, or drop the wav files into your DAW . I have owned this unit for two years, and am happier with it today then the day I bought it. A revolution.
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black
.I watched the evolution of the consumer digital boards for quite a while. I also know pro sound men who've been using digital boards for years. So I was hoping for a happy medium between their world and we in the trenches who don't have all day to load in and have to do everything ourselves. What sets this board apart seems at first to be kinda unprofessional but being able to build a stage plot ahead of time visually with the numbered inputs means I can tell each person in the band to find where they are,on the screen and the voice and instrument inputs by numbers and plug themselves in. It also means I can see With a touch where each input for each instrument or voice is easily as it highlights on the screen and the corresponding knob. And what mixer anywhere has dual complication levels. You got teak for the noob, and deep tweek for the pro, all with push on the touch screen. The amount of gear this replaces is staggering and it all works. We play Bluegrass, 4 instruments w/condenser mic's and 4 vox w/dynamic mic's. No feedback and we use monitors. I've had local pro's come to our gigs and keep looking around for the "rest of the gear". The best sound any of us have ever gotten with any of our other bands and equipment. And by far the easiest setup once I got it dialed in.
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black
.Can't say enough good stuff about this board. We used to have to carry and set up so much equipment to play a show.... and this one board eliminated the need of much of it. After using this board, we were able to sell most of our other gear and buy other things we could use. This board is easy to use, can do nearly anything you need for it to do, and looks really professional at a gig. Need to adjust your singer's sound... just a fingertip away. Need to add reverb to the guitar.... just a fingertip away. It really does everything!!! The ONLY bad I can find with the board is the User Manual is digital only, which normally isn't that big of an issue, but there were a few times after we first purchased the board that we needed to look something up..... at a gig with no computer that becomes an issue. Otherwise, there is nothing I can say negative about this board. Our band loves it.... especially our sound guy.
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black
.less than 2years old...dead. no power up. tech service across the country.
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black
.Sounds fantastic. Easy to setup. Love being able to save settings for different venues. Plug it in, turn it on, load the preset, done. Great features for shaping sound.
Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer Black

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