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Page Update 3/7/2016


Guitar Pickup Winding - How to wind coils in guitar pickups - Over time guitar pickups tend to loose their tonality and depth.  This can be due to the coil winding of the coil wires inside your guitar pickup.  Sometimes the coils or pickup wires get loose around the bobbin and the pickup wind can loosen over time.  If your pickups are not giving you that hot tone that they did in the past, maybe it's time to get your guitar pickups rewound.  This is an alternative to buying more expensive pickups.  Guitar pickup rewinding can give your guitar pickups back the tone you bought them for in the first place.

Vintage guitars are the most likely candidates for pickup winding.  For example, A friend of mine had a Vintage 65 Fender Jaguar.  The tone was real thin as you would expect from an older pickup.  He had the pickup rewound and it revitalized the tone of this classic vintage guitar.  When a vintage guitar is involved you want to keep the guitar as original as possible to retain the value of the instrument.  By rewinding the pickups you maintain the originality of the guitar and you keep the value of the guitar in tact.   Your not adding anything new to the guitar you are just enhancing what is already there in the first place.  Adding brand new pickups would in most instances devalue or under value your guitar or bass because it has lost some of its originality . 

In most cases, it is very hard to find places that actually rewind pickups.  Here at Guitar Resources we will attempt to find guitar rewinding websites and more information as it comes along.  Below you can find tips and resources about guitar pickup winding, guitar pickup rewinding, and bass pickup rewinding.  Try checking your local music stores to see if they have a guitar tech that will rewind pickups as well.

Guitar Pickup Winding Resources:

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  • Bartolini - Structures and Windings of pickups