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How To Change Guitar Strings


Changing Guitar Strings on Vintage Tremelos, Stop Tails or Floyd Rose Tremelos



How To Change Guitar Strings | Changing Guitar Strings

Page Update 3/7/2016


This process can vary with different model guitars and tremelos.  If you have a Fender Strat or similar type guitar this process can be fairly easy.  If you have a Floyd Rose Tremelo (Whammy Bar) on your guitar, changing strings gets a little more complicated.  See the different ways to string these different types of guitars below.  Please take a look at how your current guitar strings to the tuners, and keep a mental note of which tuner / nut indentation each string should guide through on your guitar.

How To String A Fender Strat Or Similar Guitar

You will need to loosen and remove the old strings by unwinding the tuners and pulling the ball end of the strings out from the bottom of your tremelo.  You may have to take off the back plate of the guitar.  Take your pack of new strings and start with you low E string.  Guide the string through the bottom of the tremelo so the ball end fits snug into its pocket.  Take the string all the way down make sure it's guided through the nut.  Wrap the string around the tuner post and when you don't think you can wrap anymore then take the string through the hole in the tuner and over the strings.  This should hold the string in place.  Usually two to four wraps around the tuning post is good enough, depending on the thickness of the string.   Sometimes pliers can be used to help get a grip on the string and help pull it through the tuner hole.  You may also want to purchase a string winder for changing strings to make it easier.

How To String A Telecaster - String Through Body Type Guitar

The process is the same as above, just no tremelo is involved and you can pull the string through the body of the guitar.  Start Stinging your string thru body guitar from the back of the body.  Pull the string though the ferrells (openings) at the back of your guitar.  See the above description for the remaining restringing process.

How to String A Guitar With Stop Tail Piece Bridge

Most Gibson and PRS guitars have a stop tail piece bridge.  If you have a similar type guitar, try this method of changing guitar strings.  Note: when you remove your old strings, the stop tail piece may loosen from its posts.  The string tension holds the tail piece on the guitar (for most models).  Start stringing your Stop Tail Piece guitar from the back of the Stop Tail Piece Bridge.  Pull the string though the proper holes (openings) at the back of your stop tail piece bridge. Right handed players, use the hole closest to you if you were holding the guitar like you would normally play it.  Start with you low E string and guide the string over the proper nut indentation for that particular string.  Then wind the end of the string counterclockwise around the tuner and string it through the hole on the tuner, over top of the string wind.  Continue this process for the remaining strings.  Cut any excess string with wire cutters if so desired. 

How To String A Guitar With A Floyd Rose

Floyd Rose Guitars Can Be A Little Tricky to String. Here's the best way to string a guitar with a Floyd Rose tremelos system,  and its almost the opposite of a our method described above.  Start at the tuners and pull the string through so the ball end of the string is up at the tuner.  Unlock the locking nut, and guide the strings through the nut and down to the bridge.  Now most Floyd Roses lock at the Trem itself so your going to have to fit the string into its particular slot.  You may have to cut the string so that there's less to work with on your guitar.  Once you fit the string into its slot on the trem you'll need to tighten the locking mechanism located towards the back of the trem.  Tighten the hex adjustment for each string to lock it in place.   Then tune up your guitar at the tuners and lock the nut.  You can make fine tuning adjustments on most Floyd Roses at the tremelo.

These ideas above should help you in your efforts to change your strings on your 6 string guitar.  Restringing Your guitar or stringing your guitar can be tricky.  Keep in mind every guitar is not the same, and that yours may have some subtle differences.  For the most part these steps should help you on our future string changes.  Please consult a guitar tech at your local guitar shop with any questions or if you need assistance.