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Pickup Manufacturers and Pickup Wiring Diagrams

Find Pickup Wiring Diagrams and Guitar Pickup Wiring Schematics for your electric guitar along with guitar Pickup Manufacturer Listings.  The guitar pickup wiring and guitar manufacturer sites listed are both valuable and informative for any guitarist looking for up to date guitar pickup information.  Visit any of the pickup wiring or pickup manufacturers below.  Click Here to Research & Shop for Pickups

Guitar and Bass Pickup Manufacturers

Fender Pickups Gibson Pickups
EMG Dimarzio
Seymour Duncan Ibanez
Kinman Lace - AGI
Paul Reed Smith - PRS Schecter
Tom Anderson Guitar Works Rio Grande Pickups
Fishman L.R. Baggs
Q-Tuner Dean Markley
B-Band Joe Barden
Schatten Design Shadow
Light Wave Systems Highlander


Guitar Pickup Wiring, Guitar Wiring, Pickup Schematics, and Pickup Diagram

  • MR. Gearhead - Free Fender Downloads for pickup wiring diagrams, parts lists, switching control functions, and guitar parts layout diagrams.






  • Guitar - Guitar wiring and bass wiring diagrams resource.  Find pickup wiring schemes for Fender, Seymour Duncan, Bartolini, and more.



  • Stewart MacDonald - Guitar Wiring 101 - Includes diagrams for wiring and customizing your guitar.  Lessons included pickup wiring, active wiring, pots, shielding, soldering, and switches .


  • Stew Mac Free Info - Find schematics and free info on pickup wiring for the following pickups: Dimarzio, Armstrong, Fralin, Gibson, Golden Age, Gotoh, Lawrence, PRS Paul Reed Smith, Seymour Duncan, Benedetto, and Schaller.


  • Seymour Duncan - Easily printable versions of wiring schemes and how to install Seymour Duncan Pickups.  You will need Quick Time installed on your computer to get this information.




  • Guitar - Wiring schematics and info to help with customization of your guitar.


  • Guitar Nucleus - Wiring Diagrams by Specific Guitar for Fender, Gibson, BC Rich, Dimarzio, EMG, Ibanez, and more.


  • Lace Wiring - Pickup Wiring info and Pickup Schematics for Lace Music Pickups.




Guitar and Bass Pickup Resources







**Media Web Source Does not endorse any of the Guitar Pickup sites listed above, we are only giving you different options to discover on your own.  Pickup wiring and guitar wiring of electronics should be done very carefully and professionals should be used. Please make sue you always unplug electronic equipment before working on your guitar products**