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Replacement Guitar Necks | Licensed Guitar Necks

Page Update 3/7/2016


Listed below are tips on finding guitar necks, Refretting or Refret (re-fret) tips, and guitar neck replacement companies.  At some point as a guitarist, you may find that your guitar neck either needs replaced, fixed, or refretted.  Please visit our Refretting and Refret Page to find out more on how to change the frets on your guitar.  Below we will list several website links and information to help in your search for guitar neck resources including replacement necks. 

There are many types of guitar necks to choose from depending on the type of guitar that you play.  For Example, A Gibson Les Paul requires a set neck or glued in neck while a Fender Stratocaster orTelecaster requires a bolt on neck.  Replacement necks can come in many sizes and shapes and the fret size can be different too.  For example, the Fender SRV Stratocaster typically comes standard with jumbo frets and a large C shaped style neck.  Generally the larger the neck and fret size the more experienced the guitarist. The thinner the neck and smaller the frets, the easier it is to play chords, generally speaking.  If you have smaller hands, a thinner neck and smaller frets may be more of what your looking for in a guitar.  So check around at your local guitar stores and try some different sized necks with varied fret sizes to see what best fits your needs as a guitar player.

When looking for a replacement guitar neck, please make sure the style of neck will fit the guitar body you plan on attaching the guitar neck too.  Do a lot of research by emailing or phoning the guitar replacement neck company to get the specs you need when replacing your neck.


Replacement Guitar Neck Companies

  • Warmoth - Warmoth offers a variety of replacement guitar necks including Fender licensed necks.  The have a finished and unfinished necks that can be customized to your specifications.
  • WD Music Products - Offers a variety of guitar necks including Fender licensed, graphite, and more.
  • Moses Graphite - Neck replacements for Fender, G&L, Music Man, and more. 
  • Mighty Mite - Offers a variety of guitar necks including Fender licensed necks made from Northern Michigan and Canadian Hard Rock Maple.
  • All Parts - Replacement Necks along with many other guitar parts

How Build Or Repair Your Guitar Neck

  • Project - Visit the tutorial section of this site to find guitar neck tutorials along with hundreds more tutorials on guitar. 
  • DIY Network - The Do It Yourself network has many resources for guitar necks and the like.  Just find the Musical Instrument section and start your research

Scalloped Guitar Necks Resources

Guitar Necks may also be customized. For example, the Fender Artist Series Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster comes standard with a scalloped guitar neck.  A scalloped guitar neck basically means that a portion of the wood between the frets is scalloped or scooped out.  Scalloped neck guitars are generally for experienced guitar players and are harder to play.  The advantage is being able to bend notes further and some say it helps in playing faster solos.