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How To Read A Guitar Chord Chart

Page Update 3/7/2016


Guitar Chord Charts show guitarists the finger placement for a particular chord that they would like to play.  Play power chords, jazz chords, bar chords and more.  A Guitar Chord Chart offers the insight to play a chord that a guitar player may need to find for a class, gig, or concert.  These charts are  fairly easy to read and figure out as long as you know the basics.  They are Listed Below.  Also, Learn how to read guitar chord charts.

The guitar chart will usually show six vertical lines which represent your guitar stings.  The horizontal lines represent the guitar frets.  Usually a circular marking will be put on the guitar string you should finger,  and make sure your finger is in between the fret.  At the top of the each chord is the Note (for ex: A, Am, Csus), and you may see small x 's or o's at the top of some of the strings.  The x means do not play that string, and the o means that you should play it or leave the string open.    You may also see a number on the left or right of your particular chord.  This number represents the fret in which this chord will start on.  So, if you see an 8 to the left, start on the 8th fret counting down from the headstock of your guitar. 

These are the basics to reading a guitar chord chart.  Below we will list links to free guitar chord charts.

Guitar Chord Chart Directory and Listings

  • 8 Notes - Interactive guitar chord chart with Midi file.  You can hear the chord and what it should sound like in the appropriate situationThis site even gives a sting by sting guitar sound.  Great tool for beginners to see if you are playing your chord correctly.  We highly recommend this site. 




  • Chord Find - Great Chord Site.  Lists the first 15 frets of the guitar and just pick your chord, whether you would like major/minor etc and it puts red dots where your fingers should be.  All on one easy page.  Very easy to use and also lists special guitar chords.