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Page Update 3/7/2016


Replacement Guitar Bodies - When looking for a guitar body you will want to make sure the body will fit the guitar neck that you are currently using for your guitar.  For example, you would want a Fender guitar neck or a Fender licensed guitar neck to fit a Fender American, Fender Mexican body, or a Fender Japan made body.  A Kramer Neck for a Kramer Guitar body etc.  We offer many website links below to companies that sell replacement guitar bodies of many styles and sizes.  Research the body and make sure by the description the it will fit the guitar neck that you are using for your project guitar.  If you have a neck that is to large for a body it would take the work of a professional to fix the problem.  Please be aware that not all guitar necks fit all guitar bodies.

It can be a fairly difficult process to replace a guitar body on a guitar, so it's best to consult a professional before attempting this task.  Some of the tasks involved may include removing the strings, pick guard (if your guitar has one), pickups, wiring, controls, and tremolo / bridge.  When transferring these items to the new replacement guitar body, some soldering may be involved and pickup adjustments.  If the replacement body is not drilled for a bridge or routed for pickups, some precise measurements may be involved to properly place the parts, route the guitar, and intonate the guitar.  Project guitars can be a great project for an experienced guitarist, but if the parts or neck are not placed correctly, many problems may occur.  Guitar Intonation could be a problem, strings may not align properly on the neck or pickups, or many other issues could occur. If you are not experienced with guitar repair, consult a professional guitar tech at your local guitar shop for assistance.

Below you will find website links to many guitar body and guitar bodies manufacturers.  Most of the sites have finished guitar bodies, unfinished guitar bodies, and custom bodies.   Keep in mind that you must read the descriptions of the guitar bodies carefully.  This will alleviate any problems with a body not fitting a neck.  So do some diligent research on these numerous replacement guitar body sites and hopefully you will find a perfect project guitar body.


Guitar Body Manufacturers and Websites

  • WD Music - Guitar and bass guitar bodies - Fender style flame and quilt tops finished and unfinished guitar bodies






  • Mighty Mite - offer guitar bodies and other guitar products


  • Best Guitar Parts - Provide you with great service, quality guitar parts, and the simplest way to outfit your electric guitar.