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Page Update 3/7/2016


Guitar amp manufacturers and bass amplifier manufacturers are listed on this page. Also, learn how to date your guitar amp or date your bass amp by serial number.  Ebay Guitar Amp auctions are listed below as well, click below the link to view all the items in the listing.  These resources provide valuable information on prominent guitar and bass amps, amplifiers, and manufacturers.  Learn how to date your vintage guitar amp as well. 

Check out our new Guitar Amp Wiring page.  These amp maker listings can help you to get important guitar and bass information including product manuals, guitar community websites for troublshooting problems, and new product updates. Locate important company contact information for those hard to find questions that you may need professional assistance.

Guitar Amp Manufacturers

Soldano Fender
ART Marshall
Hiwatt Mesa Boogie
Carvin Sovtek
Conrad Johnson Crate
Peavey Edward Amplification
Ashdown Dr Z Amps
Gallien - Krueger Genz Benz
Hartke Amps Hiwatt
Hughes-and-Kettner Hulett Amps
Johnson Amps Kendrick Amplifiers
Koch Amps Kustom
Laney Laboga
Orange Demeter Amplification
Rivera Roland
Siegmund Palette Amps
Tech 21 Yamaha
EVH Gear Ulbrick Sound

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