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About Us: Guitar Resources



About Us: Guitar Resources


Our Mission at Guitar Resources is to provide a site for guitar players and bass players including information on guitar related websites, guitar styles, guitar necks, maintenance info, and anything a guitarist would find useful.  Find out where to find guitar parts, how to date a vintage guitar with its serial number, pickup and wiring diagrams and schematics and more.  Guitar Resources will also provide products including guitar instruction books, guitar tablature books, guitars, pickups, and guitar related CD 's and DVD 's.  If you have been looking to link to guitar resources on the internet this is the place for you.

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Guitar Resources is brought to you by MediaWebSource which provides bands and songwriters valuable resources including press kit and demo tips, music books, record company submission info, recording studios listings, band site design, CD duplication firms, and more.   Media Web Source gives indie music artists a variety of resources with which to grow their music career.  Guitar Resources plans to be a leader in linking musicians, guitarists, and songwriters with valuable guitar resources.

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Find Band and Songwriter Resources, Record Company Submission Guidelines, Press Kit and Demo Tips, How To Get a Gig, and Band Website Hosting and website creation tools. Just click on any link to find music information for your particular interest.  Our site is a valued resource for local bands, garage bands, singers, songwriters, and indie music acts of all genres .  

Promote and gain music publicity for your indie music act or local band through songwriting resources on this site.  Our intention is to provide basic information that any local band, Indie band, songwriter, indie music artist, or garage band would need in their quest to progress successfully through their music career.    Hopefully one day your indie music band can land a record deal. 

Feel free to browse our current Press Release and Music Articles.  Also, click here to view our Guitar Resource Site which provides Guitar and Amp Resources, Guitar Dating, Pickup Wiring, and Guitar Setup Info.  Please Bookmark this site and return often.

This is all the songwriting and music industry info that I wanted to know when starting a garage band and indie career as a teenager.  I got a few of my friends together and recorded some quality music, but I didn't know how to get started.  Eventually, though trial and error, I had success getting gigs, songwriting, recording CD's, and submitting demos. 

I feel that with the information provided, musicians of all genres can benefit from music resources we have gathered.  While I can not guarantee success with the information that we're providing, I do believe the resources can get your local band, garage band, or songwriting career moving in the right direction.  At the very least we would like to provide valuable info and tips to help get your garage band out of the garage and into a gig.