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Guitar Resources | Guitar Maintenance

Page Update 3/7/2016


Guitar Resources provides guitarists valuable information on Guitar Setup and Maintenance, Guitar Replacement Parts, Pickup Wiring, Guitar Pickup Manufacturers, Amplifier Manufacturers, Vintage Guitar Dating, and Serial Numbers. Our guitar resources benefit guitar players of all levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Many guitarists need resources like tablature, pickup wiring diagrams, and vintage guitar serial number reference material.  Learn the basic for do it yourself guitar set up and maintenance that will save you money and help you to get the job done right. We also have guitar articles to help you find the perfect guitar whether it be used or new. 

Guitar resource also has guitar amp information including amp manufacturers and amp wiring links.  This is the site where you can locate that hard to find guitar and bass information.  Check out our Refretting Page, Coil Tap Tips, Official Rock Band Websites Listings, Guitar Replacement Bodies, and Guitar Necks pages.

Guitar Resources Includes:

Many guitarists have a need for beginner and advanced guitar resources.  So check out our website for vintage guitar dating, setup tips, guitar amplifier resources, pickup wiring, and more.  If your in the market for Music Equipment and Instruments just click here.  You can also visit our Guitar Glossary or Guitar Styles pages for basic guitar information. If your in the market for a tube amp, check out our new Amp Tube Page.  This page gives some basic information about the tubes in your tube amplifier.  We will soon be implementing our Guitar and music blog for relevant up to date articles and product releases. Please bookmark this site and return often.  Our website is a valuable resource for guitarists and musicians everywhere.


Our Mission

Our mission at Guitar Resource is to create a valuable site for guitarists and bass players including information on guitar related websites, guitar styles, guitar necks, maintenance and guitar setup information and anything a guitarist would find useful.  Find out where to find guitar parts, how to date a vintage guitar with a serial number, pickup wiring diagrams and schematics. 

Guitar Resources also provides products including guitar instruction books, guitar tablature books, guitars, single coil and humbucker pickup resouces, guitar effects pedals, and valuable guitar related articles and tips.  If you have been looking to link to guitar resources on the internet this is the place for you.  Feel free to bookmark Guitar Resources and return often.

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