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Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst

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Hardshell Case of Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
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Product Description

This 3-voice guitar features electric and acoustic guitar sounds, plus the infinite tonal possibilities created by synth access. It has a gorgeous mahogany body with a AAA-grade figured maple top. The mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard plays fast and sweet. The custom RMC system provides acoustic guitar sounds from a bridge transducer, while Seymour Duncan custom humbuckers drive the electric tone. Synth access comes courtesy of the 13-pin connector for direct control of Roland GR Series and Axon AX100 guitar synths. Acoustic and electric outputs can be used alone or in tandem to further expand the tonal array.

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Mahogany body with a AAA-grade flamed maple top Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard for improved synth tracking Custom RMC system deliver acoustic tone from a bridge transducer Custom Seymour Duncan humbuckers 13-pin connector provides synth/computer access for limitless tonal possibilities

Spark your imagination with this seriously handsome guitar! Call or click to order today.

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This is one amazing guitar. If you have a home studio like me this guitar alone will open many doors and allow you to do harmonies using many voices. I tried a Carvin SH-575 and sent it back, while it had the same features it does not sound as good as this guitar or track as well. The action is very similar to a Les Paul but this guitar is light. The controls all work as they should and with some practice you can handle your own mixes from the guitar. Mine has been slightly modified replacing the stock 5 way switch with a 3 way. I also replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncan JB and Pearly Gates.While this will not become my primary guitar in the studio it certainly will get a lot of work. Pair it with a GR-20 and you are set. I think this guitar is priced just right, I certainly cannot say enough good things about it.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
. I bought this guitar basically to use in my studio for acoustic sounds and synth sounds with my Roland GR 55..and it sounds amazing and tracks perfectly. Ive read here and there about people having trouble with using it with a gr55..tracking problems and such...but all I can say is they must not have it set up right because mine work great and sound great together..the guitar is beautiful and very well made...and the seymour duncans are hot...again ..i cant find a single flaw with this guitar at all..it has become my favorite guitar overnight ...
The guitar is beautiful with the maple top and is equipped well with the seymour duncan pickups..they sound great and so does the hexophonic bridge pickup. the the neck is smooth and the action is good..its one of the first acoustic/electrics that i've played that performs well both ways. then you add the synth and simply amazing.
The guitar is solid and top notch well and is well made....everything works smoothly and I cant find a single flaw with it yet.
I got mine slightly used for $1596 and it was worth every penny.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
.Absolutely No Disappointment!
Oh well,
What can I say? Great sounding, extremely versatile . . . satinee Taylor neck, Gibson Jazzy, Fender Twangy, Martin Accoustic ie . . . It's a KEEP eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Do it all with 1 LGX. Great Accoustic, Electric, Mix, COSM like a variax, and even Twang like a Tele. This thing is loaded.
I had to return the 1st one, guess it was built on a Monday, but Custom Guitar's Friend inspected and sent a PERFECT replacement.
They really do stand behind the gear!
My initial impression of the LGX is that I will be Ebaying the other six that this replaces.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
.I purchased the Godin LGX-SA last week here at Custom Guitars Friend and have been completely floored with the breadth of colors this instrument has to offer. Only one day after receiving it, I used it exclusively at a gig with another guitarist which was probably risky but it certainly passed my tests: great action, holds its tune, and comfortable to hold (standing or sitting). It's real strength is the ability to mix the humbucker tones with single coil to produce sounds ranging from (amplified) acoustic to warm jazz to strat/tele to crank.My initial interest is it's midi capabilities but after performing out twice now this guitar may become one of my mainstays for everything I do onstage and recording. A beautiful, well-built guitar from Godin. If you ever encounter one in person, definitely check it out.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
.Great Guitar, better than a paul. Midi jack feels cheap though it hasn't been a problem. bridge has been giving me problems with the E not working, when it came back the B didn't work... 2B continued
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
.I purchased this here on MF 4 years (hasn't changed a bit) ago and it is very difficult to find anything to top this. I have a fine Fender Strat with the same strings on each guitar but they feel amazingly different. The Godin practically invites me to play fingerstyle (which I love). No solid body guitar I've every played makes me feel that way. Plus I am pleased with the acoustic sounds (I have owned a high end Martin which of course sounded great but wasn't a dream to play, this guitar is). The acoustic sounds give me what I have always wanted, longer sustain. With my 40yrs of guitar playing I've learned many things. One is, one a poor guitar when the strings go bad, you notice right away, on a great guitar you don't. I've had this strings here at least four months. I had a Fender American Tele, I played on that what I play on my Godin, same settings on amp. The Tele sounded so pitifully I put it up on ebay that weekend. I stop in guitar stores now and then and try what they got. Frankly, I would have to pay thousands more this to top it, I'm not going to.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
iv played guitar for 25 years ive run the gambit or so i thought, i bought a roland gr-55 witch is great in and of its self,This Guitar is every guitar ive ever played and more .it came setup perfect the pickup was a little high but nothing to complain about i after 3 months of exploration this is the golden ticket .i bought a pod hd 500 and have a complete studio solution . all my other guitars just have had to sit in the corner and watch there is nothing this guitar cant do all the tones ive ever imagined plus all the synth and modeling ive ever dreamed the one thing that is the most amazing to me is playing the piano it sound so natural.
came the bridge was a little high lowered it and had to lower the bridge pickup after that however the intonation was spot on no complaints here realy.
after three months its replaced 4 other guitars and 3 other keyboards
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
.This guitar will blow you out of the water. I went into a guitar shop looking specifically for a different guitar, was introduced to this, and left with this guitar. It is extremely playable and will work for virtually every genre. The acoustic transducers have a very good range and have made me forget about my acoustics. As mentioned earlier, the Roland GR-33 is a must have. I have two complaints with this guitar: first, the 13-pin input is a little shaky and doesn't seem to be able to take much stress; second, a lot of heavy picking can scratch up the surface pretty easily.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
.Ok, I've got about 20 guitars and the Godin LGX-SA has the thickest neck of all of them. Surely very versatile instrument and well made but not necessarily the greatest. If you need a synth-ready guitar you might consider the Roland-ready Strat (much cheaper too). For acoustic sound nothing's gonna beat the real acoustic guitar - that's for sure. For electric sound the Godin is doing alright but if you're looking for a Strat or Tele sound then forget it. Also, the Les Paul isn't quite there too. It is something in between, sounding cool sometimes but I wouldn't use it as my main guitar.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst
.no complants
all i can say is wow this is a real guitar. the sounds you can dial in are endless
she came setup out of th box all i had to do was get acquainted with her .droped the bridge and pickups a hair and still no buzzz the action is as low as ive ever had on a guitar without shelling out 3 to 4 k, this girl is now my goto guitar.
fantastic you do get moor than what you pay for .this guitar will change your value scale.
Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top Electric Guitar Cognac Burst

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