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Godin VBGSE Gig Bag

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Hardshell Case of Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
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Product Description

This study and stylish gig bag fits all Performance Series Godin guitars, SD, Freeway Classic, Detour, Exit 22, LG P90, LG HB, LG Signature, LGX-SA, LGXT and Acousticaster. It has an embroidered Godin logo and many compartments for books and guitar accessories. The bag comes with a shoulder strap and back pack style straps as well.

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A 5 is if you don't have to spend much to fix it.
The bag is visually pleasing and functions how it should. However it is poorly built. At the point where the stress is the greatest, the handle, it is not reinforced and all the weight of the guitar,bag and other stuff in the bag is on a couple of single stiched seams. Mine started tearing loosed after about my 10th gig and I use the shoulder straps much more than the handle. Here's what mine looks like now that my kite repair buddy fixed it. Also the netting on the front is a nice idea but tears very easily which renders the idea useless. Good idea; poor exectution.
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.If you want a good bag that will last and be conveniant, buy it.
This is one seriously underpriced gigbag. It fits almost any guitar, it's got tons of compartments, it even hace a neck-brace on the inside so your guitar doesn't go out of tune every time you put it in or take it out.
It's made out of good, rough material so it won't tear ever, and the inside is easy on your axe. Like I said, plenty of space for all your accesories, even a pocket for any tools you may want to have on you for maintenance.
Also like I said, it's VERY underpriced. This bag is better than most of the name-brand ones I have gone through.
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.It could be a good gig bag, but it's useless as it is. Just take a look at the picture.

Lot's of pockets, a neck tie, but shoulder straps are not so good.
Terrible quality seams near a side handle + a side handle attached only to one side = it's torn at the seams immediately, first time I just started to pick the bag up with a guitar in it. Fortunately, I've lifted it just for a couple of cm.
Doesn't worth $60.
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.I own a few godins and hey all came with gigbags. Three of them failed and luckily no damage.First was with my brand new Godin Montreal. The zipper blew out. The zipper coils were shredded upon inspection. Thank god for the internal velcro strap. It gave me enough time to grab the guitar before it hit the pavement.The second was with my Godin SD two weeks latter. The clip on on the shoulder strap broke and case hit the ground. Luckily no damage. At least the case is well padded.Finally my Godin Freeway Floyd had an imitation fastex buckle would never stay. I cut the thing off to make sure no one grabbed it. In summary, the bags look nice and have good features but have failed on me three times.
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.Will Rip at the Handle , you can fix it I guess. Great guitar poor case .
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.Ditto to the earlier reviews. Poor construction. The seams around the handle ripped and tore loose after just a few uses.
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.Good value
My biggest complaint is that te shoulder straps attach to the bag too low, thus making the neck stand very tall and will hit door jambs when passing through.
The gadget pockets inside the large zippered pocket could use a little more space.
I do like the neck tie down feature
Good for the price
Worth no more than this
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.This gig bag came with my Exit 22, which is an amazing guitar, but the bag itself ripped within 2 months of owning. I was nothing but careful with the bag but it still ripped at the handle, causing a tear along the entire bag. Godin guitars deserve to be in a hardshell case anyhow.
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.Now, I know it seems weird to see high ratings on a case..... and yes I am an endorsing artist but let me tell you about these cases. I travel ALOT and I carry my A6 around everywhere I go... first of all, you can't kill this gig bag, the zippers are KILLER, they never fail! Also, there is a neck pad that velcro's down in the case so you can put it where you need the support. Aside from that, there is something i have never seen in a gig bag.... yup, there's a velcro hold down for the neck. It's a well-designed bulletproof case and I would say stop looking and buy it. There's plenty of room for everything you might need to carry, and you need a gig bag to be able to carry your axe on a plane... unless you want to trust it to those baggage handlers who love to throw guitar cases upside down on the conveyer belt.....but that's another story LOL
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag
.I've been using this gig bag for three years and it hasn't let me down. It's starting to get a bit worn and beat up after all this time, but has never failed to protect my Exit 22 that it came with. Heavy padding, reinforced stitching, plenty of pockets for whatever you might need, this bag is solid. It really does offer the protection of a hard shell case without the weight and bulkiness. I'm thinking of getting another one to protect my Charvel (which came with a terrible gig bag).
Godin VBGSE Gig Bag

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