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Get Hits On A Band Website | SEO Band Website

Page updated 3/1/2016


How to drive internet traffic to your band website. Learn how to submit your band URL to search engines and about band search engine optimization. Below are a few ideas on how to get more hits on your band website.  While there is no guaranteed way to optimize a band site, these ideas should at least point you in the right direction. 

Get Hits On A Band Website:

  • Concentrate on Keywords that describe your band.  For example, Tribute Band, Original Rock, Cover Band, Alternative Music.  Also, place your City and State where you play in your keywords and Title of your site in the Meta tag portion of your site.
  • Meta tags on your site should include a Title, Keywords, and Description meta tags in that order in your html code.
  • Don't overuse keywords in you meta tags.  Use enough information to get your point across and don't repeat the same words to often.
  • Keywords should also appear in the content of your website.  Sometimes it's a good idea to bullet, capitalize, and bold keywords toward the top of your web page.  Again, Don't overuse words.
  • Try capitalizing keywords in your meta tags and putting commas between each word or phrases.
  • Although Flash animation and pictures look nice on your band web site, they are not always easily read by search engines.  Flash can hurt your rankings in search engines.  So use flash and large pictures at a minimum or not at all.
  • Try to get your bands website listed on Free Concert Calendar pages in your area similar to .  List any show dates, your website, cover charge, and other pertinent information.  Do a search for concert calendars, concert listings, local newspaper concert directories, and similar type searches.  Include the city of interest in your search.  Find as many free sites as you can and post your band site and shows.  This should get people to find your band website.
  • Start a registration page on your site.  Have fans send you their email, address, and any other info you might feel necessary to contact them about future shows coming up in the area.  Email these fans when big shows are coming around.
  • Social media band pages can also help to get visitors to a band website.  Post links to content pages on your band website on any posts on your band Facebook page.  Once fans see your post, they may click on your website link to find further information on shows, CD's, and band merchandise.


Additional Band Website Optimization Tips

  • Include a website link to your site on any emails you send to fans.
  • Reciprocal link with similar music and band sites that may give your band more exposure.  Email other bands in the area, band listing and directory sites, music sites, and any other sites that may set up links to your bands site.  Once you discover if they will link to you, place a link to their site on your site somewhere.  Whether it be the home page, links page, or whatever page you like.  Most search engines key on reciprocal links to rank your site.  It's best to stick with music type sites for reciprocal links, but high ranking sites may help as well. 
  • Add a Google Toolbar to your search engine that you are using.  Go to do a search for the google tool bar and see how to install it.  It's pretty simple from what I remember.  This way you can check your Google rankings and check if sites your linking to have a good Google Ranking.  The Google ranking bar is the Green bar in the center of the Google Toolbar.  If you place your cursor on your bar you can see your sites rank out of ten.  Google is one of the top search engines and you want to be listed on it. 
  • Submit your band website to as many search engines as you can.  Key on the bigger search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, AOL, Alta Vista, MSN, Yahoo, and similar engines.  Most will list you for free, but some like Yahoo you must pay a fee to get listed.  But, if your site does well on the other search engines, yahoo may add your site at a later date, so keep that in mind.  To locate the proper way to submit, just go to a specific search engine and search for submit a site.  Basically, once you get to the submit page you just add your website, description, keywords and submit it.  The search engine may send you a confirmation email as well.  Be careful of the email address that you use when submitting a website.  After submitting to some search engines you tend to get spam email, so just be aware that this may happen.  Most email companies have spam folders now anyways.
  • Try signing up for and test your keywords and see if your listed on major search engines.  This is a nice resource for website optimization.  Towards the bottom of the page there are links to SEO tips and more.
  • Place your website link on any music promotion tools for your band.  For example, add your website address to band business cards, press kits, CD demos, MP3 demo's, MP3 flash drive demos, flyers, etc.  This will get more clicks to your site as well.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Learn about SEO Search Engine Optimization.  Keyword & metatag your site properly.  Visit these popular SEO Book Titles.  Our recommendation is Search Engine Optimization For Dummies
  • Website Templates for Bands - They are fairly simple to use and the website design themes are great for start up and established bands alike. Some DIY web templates are available from I3d Themes (see links below).  If you website savvy these templates are professional looking and have great video instructions.  I3D has great customer service for any questions on their templates.  We use I3D for all of our websites including this one.  You will need to have knowledge of Microsoft Expression Web or Dreamweaver to utilize these website templates.  You would also need to purchase server space. Try this link for server affordable space: Host your Web site with IPOWER!

    Web Templates for FrontPage 2003, Expression Web, and Dreamweaver

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