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Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
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Product Description

These picks will hold up for as long as you can hold onto 'em. Set of 12.

Don't be caught out using your thumb for a pick. Get a pack now and keep a few in your wallet.

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Durable and long-lasting. I have the 0.60mm because I like semi-flexible for strumming and semi-firm for picking. Play both acoustics and electrics equally. Picks are flexible but not too soft, firm but not too stiff. For instance, nylons can feel too soft and celluloids can be too brittle. Cost is about the same as other picks, maybe a buck more per dozen, but they last a lot longer than celluoids. Recommend to at least give these a try, with an excellent selection of thicknesses to choose from.
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.Love the feel of this pic but the point dulls faster than I wish it did. All in all I prefer this pick over any other.
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.I bought a set of Fender red .50 Delrins on a whim about three years ago (probably very similar to the picks shown here), not knowing what to expect. A pick can bring out different elements of an acoustic or electric guitar's tone.I like another brand's pink Delrins, as that brand react like celluloid Fender thins, but don't break. So, seeing the Fender Delrins in the store, I figured they would be worth a try, as I used to play absolutely nothing but Fender celluloid Thins. I pulled out a Fender red Delrin, and was very pleasantly surprised. They feel on the fingers like the other brand's tortex, i.e. not slippery, but sound more snappy than tortex, but have a better, snappier tone. Very useful pick. They bring out a nice snappy tone on my acoustics, and a bluesy tone out of my les paul style electric.Give them (at least the .50's) a try.
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.I bought the .73mm picks. They are the best picks I have ever gotten. I have not broken one yet. I play different stuff and they have lasted. I would recommend these to anyone who plays guitar.
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.I just bought 12 dozens of the .73 and the ones slightly thicker than 1.0. The .73's are comparable to tortex pics but they are more durable. My hands don't get sweaty and the pics are a little bit slippery. So that is the only thing I can say about them. If your going to do some heavy strumming the .73, .60 or .50's are your best bet... The thicker picks are good for getting more tone out of your guitar or picking...And for the price I haven't seen a better deal. Buy 12 dozens and save and have a pick reserve for at least a couple years.I also got some of the .88 and they were good... the thickness just wasn't to my liking... I like either mediums or heavies...
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.These picks are amazing. I have only used the .88 ones, but they are perfect. I have not broken one ever! The only reason I need more is because I lose them all the time, (I'm just that kind of person). They work well for acoustic and electric playing, but I'm not very picky about the thickness, no pun intended! The only complaint I have about these is that they have this coating of some sort to help you hold on to them better, which is good, but if you're a pick chewer it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.Just got these today,,so don't know how they will last. But I got them to try because a0 they are Fender,,and 2 good price. These are awesome,and prove to me that .88 is my size,,I just got .73 Tortex, which seemed a little thin,,so i went up,,perfect for my style. I plan on getting ,88 Tortext if onsale to compare. But these do the job!
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.A guitarist friend of mine was looking for a pick between thin and medium and this fit the bill perfectly.
He is somewhat old school and does not use the internet much.
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.Fender has done it again! Another great product! I lost a huge pack of picks a while ago and Have been struggling to find a good pack of picks. I purchased the 0.88mm pack And right from the package they're the best guitar picks I have ever used.
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen
.For 40 some-odd years, I've always used Fender 351 picks. Thin for some situations and medium for others. Thins gave me the attack I needed and mediums gave me durability and tone.
Then I tried the Tortex nylon picks, loved 'em! They gave me a somewhat happy medium of both kinds of Fender picks. Then on a whim, I tried these Delrins, WOW! I get the exact same sharp attack as Fender thins with the same durability and tone as the Fender mediums.
I'm hooked for life!
Fender 351 Delrin Guitar Pick Pack .60 mm 1 Dozen

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