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Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case

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Hardshell Case of Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
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Product Description

This electric guitar case has a stylish textured vinyl hardshell outer covering, durable black vinyl ends, protective lining, and of course, the Fender logo. Fits the Mustang, Jag-Stang, Cyclone, Musicmaster, and Bronco guitars.

Fits Mustang, Jag-Stang, Cyclone, Musicmaster, and Bronco guitars Protective poodle plush lining Durable black vinyl ends Textured black vinyl covering

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Bottom Line: Pictured case on website has a compartment with lid. Item received is a different model as it is an open bay model.

This is a case made by G&G cases and is a well known case manufacturer for Fender Guitars. The complaint is that the Pictured item on the website clearly has a Compartment with Lid to hold gear like straps, picks, cloth and other accessories. What was sent was an open bay case with NO COMPARTMENT WITH LID.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case

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You'd think that after 50 years they could figure out how to make these cases protect the instrument, but the edges of the wood neck-supports are still cut sharply square and not padded enough, and it put a nice dent in my Mustang neck after one trip. I'd rather stick with a good gig bag for a lot less $$$.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.The cross brace is made of a very hard material & has no padding under the lining.
The brace is notched very close to the bass side of the neck by frets 10-11 (on a Mustang)
Since the hold down strap allows some movement the said position of the neck will get dented.
A small pad or cushion solves the problem easily before future damage.
An accessory compartment would be a welcome addiition at this price point.
Fits Mustang guitar well,
The quality is quite good except for one design flaw.
A bit more costly than a strat case, and may weigh somewhat more.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.If you want a hardcase for a Cyclone II, it's the only game in town. Fits fine. Very ticked there is no compartment for storing picks, strings, tuner etc. even though description says there is (and I confirmed with customer service). It's a high quality case and does what it is supposed to, but still wishing for a storage compartment!
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.The plastic neck strap pulled off the first time I tried to undo it. Case does not have separate compartment, but has room for one. Extremely tight fit for a Jag-Stang. Not the quality I hoped for the price.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.Nice case - wont fall apart. Good case.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.My Jag-stang fits perfectly in this case, which is nice since it's such a funky-shaped guitar. A leather strap with a button holds the neck down, which does a surprisingly sturdy job of holding the guitar in place. If you own a Jag-stang or a Cyclone and want a sturdy case without getting one custom designed, this is your only option. And it works just fine.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.First off, this case is great quality and value. It doesn't, however , fit the Jag-Stang very well at ALL!!! I got this case on the basis that this is what Fender SAYS is a Jag-Stang case. Do NOT be fooled!!! The Jag-Stang needs to be forced in, and even after 4 years, the foam still hasn't shaped enough to make for a good fit. The original issue of the Jag-Stang had a case that was optional and I have been trying for years to convince owners of the original run to sell me the case, but to no avail. I found the original case was a specific case (p/n: 004-0153-000) that hasn't been put back into manufacture since its original discontinuation. This particular case is only good for CAREFUL transport as I fear that if it EVER was to take a good bump, it will CRACK the neck, it is that tight. The case is great quality, but definately NOT for a Jag-Stang. I have taken to using a gig-bag b/c I feel my baby is safer in there than in the tight environment of this case... P.S. The original case had an accessory compartment, this one does NOT!! It has the space, though, so if you do like I did, and glue in some foam and a bit of cardboard, you can D.I.Y. and make the accessory compartments with a bit of elbow grease and time.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.Just got my case today, and it fits my Cyclone like a glove. The strap that holds the neck down could be a little bit of higher quality but definitely seems sturdy to me. It would be nice to have a separate compartment for strings and stuff but I just wanted a nice sturdy hard-shell case for my guitar and that's what I got. If you have a Cyclone you would definitely feel confident putting it in this case.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case
.I got this case and my mustang guitar won't fit inside it. Maybe other mustangs are shaped different, but this case didn't fit mine.
Fender Mustang/Jag-stang/Cyclone Standard Guitar Case

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