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Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow

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Hardshell Case of Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
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Product Description

A Fender favorite, this 2" wide strap is adjustable from 36" to 72" long.

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Gets 4 stars from me, because I feel a strap of this quality should not be "cheapened" by using plastic parts. I'd rather pay a little more and have stainless steel or surgical steel (metal that won't rust) to connect the leather ends, and for the length adjuster buckle. True that I could see in the pictures before buying, that plastic was used...but after receiving the strap and noticing the over-all quality; I think Fender could have and should have went the extra mile and used metal (it's not a deal breaker, just a thought).
This strap is LONG! Adjusted to it's max, and laid out, it measured 72 inches (button hole to button hole). That should be long enough for ANYONE. I put it on my biggest/bulkiest guitar (Fender DG-14S 12 string), and I've got over 16 inches of unused strap when set at a comfortable playing level for my 6' 2'' 222lb. frame on a big 12 string Dreadnought guitar.
The White, Brown, and Yellow one matches BEAUTIFULLY with the "Natural" Spruce top, and Mahogany back & sides of my acoustic.
No 'quality control' issues with mine...nice and padded with durable material, and the stitching appears strong---time will tell if it all holds together with normal use.
Definitely worth the purchase.
The button holes were tight, and a bit of a fight to attach to the guitar, but I see that as a GOOD thing...gives me confidence that it won't slip off.
P.S.- This strap adjusts just like any other non-leather strap---easy and smooth. Don't understand anyone's issue that wrote "difficult to adjust" in their review.
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.I've been warned against using this strap, which came with my 2012 Fender American Select Stratocaster SSS, because the black plastic-like backing causes discoloration on nitrocellulose finishes. The associate at a well-known music store said they had numerous compaints, which they did nothing about. So they at least make it a point to warn their customers, but they still sell them separately. Is it vinyl? Plastic? What? I think it used to be faux leather before they added padding. I cannot find out anywhere, so I'm afraid to use it. Fender never says it anywhere. Jacquard weaving doesn't tell you what the materials are. I hear the same about many guitar stand materials and thei effects on nitro finishes. Good grief!
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.First off, everbody 'round here thanks I'm purdy good at git tar. I wanted to reckamend you git you one ah dees here Fender straps. The paddin' is verry comfertabel an they are long enuff to go around my gut. It's well wurf yer munny. I got one on evry uhcoostic I got cents allamine are purdy lite wait.
They look right good 2 but not neerly good as me an dats whut Wilma Jean said. You don't wanna cross her cause sheese kind of a big gurl ya know. Matter of fact she uses two of them Fender straps as suspenders to hold up her bloomers. Anyway that's enuff bout her.
Yep, I defnutly toll all my friends they needed to by at leased 1 of them an when I tollem whut W.J. (Wilma Jean) used 'em fer, I no dale want morden wun so Muzishins Frend better stock up.
Buy ya wun an brang it wid you to my next show an git ya pitcher made wid W.J. You want regret it!
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.It's rare I can find a strap long enough. This this is LONG. Feels great looks great.
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.This strap looks and performs above its price point. As stated elsewhere, getting the strap onto a guitar button requires a wrestling match. Don't give up. Once it is on, it won't easily come off. Also, this is a strap for Fender aficionados. Others need not apply.
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.I would love if the back were made with the same materials and color that the front does. Anyways, it's a nice strap for the money.
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.not as high quality as my 30 year old fender strap but it is a lot longer and it looks good!! did I mention a great price??!! bottom line buy it.
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.I wrote an earlier review where I rated this three stars. I love the fit of these straps, but was puzzled when they started coming apart.

New update: I just compared with an older fender strap that I have (20+ years old), and there is no question that the material on the back of the strap used to be of much higher quality.

So, they changed the product. Still basically the same, but apparently now with some cheaper materials. Hate to do this, because I loved the old version, but I am going to start looking for a new favorite strap for my guitars.
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.This guitar strap is gret its comfortablbe and mad to last. I've had mine for 2 years and ive yet to find somthing wrong with it. Buy this strap!
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow
.The straps pictured above look exactly like those offered in the eighties. I had two which wore out long ago, and these looked like an ideal replacement (I might add I'm also not a fan of the "spaghetti" logo). While these new straps will almost certainly be more durable, the color schemes have changed just slightly, and perspective buyers might want to know that. Specifically, the red, white and blue strap does not much resemble the strap pictured above-it's more of a dark, navy blue (the strap actually appears more red, white and black), and it would be a good idea to offer an updated photo.
Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap White, Brown, and Yellow

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