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ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black

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Hardshell Case of ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
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Product Description

The ESP LTD M-17 Electric Guitar is an exceptional value for someone looking to take on the joys and challenges of a 7-string guitar without spending too much. It has a basswood body and a strong bolt-on maple neck specifically shaped for 7-string comfort. The neck has a wide rosewood fingerboard with 22 XJ frets and a thin U back contour. Specially designed to capture a full range of frequencies and overtones, ESP LH-107 pickups are wired to a master Volume, Tone and a 5-way switch for rapid tone shaping. Chrome hardware, LTD tuners and a tune-o-matic bridge complete the rock checklist of features.

Body Body shape:Double cutaway Body type:Solid body Body material:Solid wood Top wood:Not specified Body wood:Basswood Body finish:Semi-Gloss Orientation:Right handed Neck Neck shape:Thin U Neck wood:Maple Joint:Bolt-on Scale length:24.75 in. Truss rod:Standard Neck finish:Info not available Fretboard Material:Maple Radius:12 in. Fret size:Extra-jumbo Number of frets:22 Inlays:Dot Nut width:Not specified Pickups Configuration:HH Neck: LH-107 Middle:Not applicable Bridge: LH-107 Brand:ESP Active or passive pickups:Passive Series or parallel:Series Piezo:No Active EQ:No Special electronics:None Controls Control layout:Master volume, tone Pickup switch:3-way Coil tap or split:Coil tap Kill switch:Yes Hardware Bridge type:Fixed Bridge design:Tune-o-matic Tailpiece:String thru body Tuning machines:LTD Color:Chrome Other Number of strings:7-string Special features:Extended range Case:Sold separately Accessories:

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This is a fairly good 7 string, especially for the price. The neck does seem a bit wider than i expected even for a 7 string or maybe i'm just not used to it. The pickups are okay but i would recommend swapping them out for some higher end pickups. I am an absolute EMG fan, but do not make the mistake of ordering their 7 string pickups as they will not fit this guitar. I've ordered some Seymour Duncan Blackouts(Phase I) and hopefully those will give me some really good tone. This guitar came pretty well setup on the intonation and string action. I do need to adjust the truss rod some though, but that is expected. I would recommend a heavier gauge of strings than stock but that is up to you. Overall i would recommend this guitar as a good 7 string for people on a budget.
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.i like this mostly cause i have one..i reccomend that people who are starting on 7 string get this if they are starting..LTD is great first time user and first ever electric that i bought..i plan on getting another guitar but not a 7 string..lol but at any rate i reccomend this to anyone who loves lower tones..
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.The first time I went to change the strings on this guitar, every single ferrule and the nut fell out. This is some very poor craftsmanship on the part of LTD/ESP, they should be embarrassed of themselves. I understand this is a low end guitar but for the amount I paid, it was practically stolen from me. It is hands down not on par with every other low end guitar I have played. The frets buzz very heavily, the pick ups are absolutely horrible, and the tone is very flat. Anybody looking to purchase this guitar: DON"T. Save your hard earned money and purchase yourself a higher end, better quality guitar. I can, hands down, say I will never purchase an LTD guitar again.
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.ok straight to the point i have been playin 6 string for 10 years now and wanted to try something new so i went to the local guitar shop and started looking for a 7 string budget minded i only looked at 3 models Schecter omen 7,Ibanez rg7321 and LTD m17. First off the ibanez was the highest priced and lowest quality, poorly finished neck all the way around nearly no clear on the neck and it felt very rough,sharp fret ends plus they were not even polished a little plus hardtail bridges are the worst to set up. the pickups on the ibanez was the best of the 3 but still were not passable for stage or studio use just good enough till you can afford to swap them. The schecter and ltd was on par with one another but the frets were finished a bit better on the ltd and the neck is a tad thinner so easy choice the cheapest and best build quality of the 3,to be stage or studio ready all it needs is a good setup,pickups and a little thicker gauge strings and if you can do these things yourself you could still be under the price of the other 2 and have a near pro setup. when looking at this just keep the price in mind and the build quality for the price you pay and how cheap it is to upgrade the things that are flawed about it hope this helps everyone make the right choice
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.I like this guitar a lot. I give lessons to a youngster and he was interested in 7 strings and heavier music. He purchased a Hellraiser 7 by schecter so i was interested in a cheap 7 that i could purchase to show him some stuff. I am very pleased with the LTD. While it isn't the finest instrument in the world, I have zero complaints. It plays nicely and the electronics sound great. It is slightly limited with only 1 volume pot and 1 tone pot but that is not a huge issue. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone.
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.I agree with espforlife. This is a very well made unit for it's price range. The pickups are a bit muddy in the low end but the lead tone is not all that bad. I have heard far worse from budget priced guitars (remember those wonderful budget guitar specials in the 80's). With a pup upgrade (dropping a Duncan custom in mine) I would not hesitate to gig with this guitar. This is my fourth Esp/Ltd ranging from this one to a much higher end instrument and that is what I love about this brand. The build quality is very consistent from low to high and they are very upgradable.
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.This is a really solid guitar for the money.With good strings on it it stays in tune like a rock.Not sure what the poor reviews are about.Maybe they expected a guitar in this price range to come with Duncan's or EMG's. Not gonna happen.The pickups are different.Not bad really though.I did set mine up so the action was where I liked it and stuff.The electronics are very solid.I would say this is a good guitar to drop a pickup of your choice in.Thats really not a bad thing since you won't feel bad removing the stock pickup.All in all it's worth every penny with very nice craftsmanship.
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.I was looking for a nice introduction to a 7 string. I waited 2 days for it to arrive in the mail. When i got it out of the box, I was already disapointed. The thing had massive fret buzz and I could not get rid of it, I raised the bridge moved the saddles nothing i could do would get rid of the buzz on the e and b strings. On top of that the bolts that hold the pickup selector would not screw all the way down they stuck up about an 1/8th of an inch. The bass coming out of the thing was like it sounded like floppy strings. There would have been no way to tune it down (maybe bigger gauge strings would've helped. I know that 7 strings are suppose to have low end but this thing seemed in audible especially with all the string buzz. I had the thing for 2 hours and was truly discouraged I could not even find a good sounding distortion for it through several different amps. I returned it and went back to a 6 string which is maybe where i belong (i do not need all the that low end), I got a Stratocaster with humbucker and am really happy with its action,neck and sounds.
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.I've been playing/noodling around for some time, know the difference between good hardware and total shizzle. I purchased this 2nd hand, still had plastic on the pickups. Fret buzz on the B was terrible, but I raised the saddle a little and adjusted the truss slightly to compensate. Plays fairly well now, without any buzz....pickups sound responsive enough through my Fender Mustang, but they're no Seymor Blackouts. Guitar is light and neck feels great. At least half the weight of my Schecter Damien FR6...I kind of wish this thing had a 'Rose, but it manages well without. Fret ends weren't polished, but couldn't take a chunk of skin off you. Good buy for a starter 7
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black
.I have Played 6 string guitar for a while now, so I decided I wanted to try something new so I purchased this guitar. I am pleased with it, and it is fun to play. the only thing wrong is a little fret buzz but it can be fixed. excellent guitar!
ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar Satin Black

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