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ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black

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Hardshell Case of ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
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Product Description

The ESP F-104 bass not only looks nasty, it's 35" scale and ESP-designed SB-4 pickups with active EQ lend themselves especially well to crushing, de-tuned sounds. Tune to D or C with heavy strings or string up B-E-A-D for brutal low end. Has a wildly sculpted agathis body, bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, dot fretboard inlays with the model name at 12th fret, 24 extra-jumbo frets, and chrome hardware.

Bolt-on construction 35" scale Agathis body Maple neck Rosewood fingerboard Dot inlays w/model name at 12th fret ESP SB-4 pickups Volume & balance controls ESP ABQ-2 active EQ Chrome hardware ESP DB-4 bridge

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The only thing I don't really like about this bass are the pickups. But it isn't too much work to change them, though not many pickups are manufactured with the same dimensions so that thould be a consideratin. The build quality is very solid and with a good setup this thing plays awesome. I've been playing mine for three years now and sometimes I cheat on it with a fender p-bass I have but I end up coming back to this one. I recommend a fret job after a few changes of seasons, the frets have creeped over the edges of the fingerboard on mine over time. The thing is built like a tank and sounds great and is pretty cheap as far as basses go. Hasn't let me down yet and sounds great with some thick distortion.
The F-104 is an incredibly solid bass, although based on it's appearance it is aimed more for the metalheads among us. Not to say it can't play any style, because it can, but it excels at metal. The features are 35" scale, active emg (rebranded as ESP) pickups, fixed bridge (of course) and three tone controls with one volume controls. The active pups are a matter of personal preference, it can be a pain to constantly have to worry about changing batteries but that comes with the territory. If you want the F series with passive pups then you have to jump up to the Tom Araya Signatures which are also very good. The 35" scale gets nice deep lows and makes it great for downtuned players. It can take a little getting used to for people switching from 34" but it's benefitial as you can get down to those higher notes easier. The tone controls are pretty versatile though I don't find them all too precise. They are more for like cutting out some of the mud before your signal gets EQed at the amp. I should note however that the picture is incorrect and that they haven't made this bass with black hardware for a few years, the bridge and knobs are chrome like the headstock.
The build quality is excellent, rosewood fretboard, maple neck. The description is also outdated as they make them with basswood bodies now, but honestly the neck to body weight ratio isn't too unbalanced. The neck end is heavy as it is a long scale so there is more there, but the body is actually pretty wide so even though its made of a light wood its pretty weighty. The neck is a bolt on as the price range would suggest. Overall the woods used are pretty standard for the price range and should meet your expectations. The thing has plenty of wieght to it and it's tough. Mine's been dropped quite a bit (more than I would like) and aside from minor finish damage it holds up.
It's cheaper than a lot of the low end Schecters or B.C. Richs so for metal basses this one kind of steals the show. The materials are standard for the price range, but it wins points in the fact that there are not many (if any) other basses this cheap with a 35" scale. The active pickups are either a bargain or an annoyance depending on how you look at it. All things said and done the bass is a bargain for the price.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.I bought one of these when they first came out and I still use it on a regular basis. It has a huge sound with the active tone controls. I have only had two problems. The pickup pan pot is going out and I had to put new tuners on it. Both are easy repairs. The 35" scale neck is great for lower tunings. If you put bigger strings on it, make sure to file the nut slots or the nut will pop out like mine did. Live and learn. Awesome bass for any style.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.This is an outstanding bass for the price. It's just plain gorgeous in person. The active pickups definitely give more liveliness to the sound and give you more room for tweaking the sound. This is also just a solid bass, any way it's handled it just feels rock solid. I have to take it traveling every weekend and there's yet to be any problems. I only have 2 complaints about this bass, the first being that when you play sitting down the "horn" on it can poke u in the side so you may have to sit another way. The second is, and this may just be with the strings that came on mine, there can be some fret buzzing on the D string. I took it to have it adjusted and that mostly fixed the problem: I'm having the strings replaced anyway so you may want to do the same. But overall, this bass is just addicting to play.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.I've been using this in the studio for a year and live for the past three months and zero problems have occured other than natural wear and tear. The sound rocks, the knobs can give you a lot of versatility in your sound, lots to play around with. It's cheap and it sounds good, and most of all it looks bitchin. Only complaint is that it actually comes with silver hardware not black, kinda a let down, but not a big deal.I gave it 4.0 on features because what it has is awesome, but it doesn't have anything particularly special or praiseworthy.5.0 on quality because I have had zero problems, it's been sweated on, bled on and even smashed into an acoustic guitar at a gig. So far zero problems other than some scratches and dents in the finish, the pickups deliver the exact tone I wanted (a super low crunchy tone, think In Flames bass tone) it may not be a 1.5k bass but it does what I want so how can I fault it?5.0 for Value, yeah It's cheap enough to get as a backup.Public service announcement: Leaving a cable plugged in drains the battery power! always remember to unplug your guitar when you aren't playing it. :)
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.Recently decided to pick up playing the bass in addition to my guitar, and decided on the F-104 as I wanted something that I could gig with, plus I felt it had the best features for the money w/o stepping up to a neck-through. First thing that impressed me was the finish... I got mine in red metallic, and let's just say that the pictures didn't do it justice. Finish on this bass is gorgeous. Second thing was the weight. I was expecting the bass to weigh in at least as much as my Warlock, but it turned out to be noticeably lighter. Third thing was the tone. The sound is clear, no buzz, and packs considerable authority. Also like the narrow fretboard, the action, and the way ESP used countersunk holes to mount the neck which eliminates the massive heel found on most bolt-ons. Why can't other guitar manufacturers do it this way? Neck is still thick though which makes it difficult for me to get my 4th finger on the upper frets comfortably. Also don't like the way ESP set up the battery cavity... the cover screws in and the fit is pretty tight, making battery change a pain. All in all this has really turned out to be sweet bass, although I do wish ESP offered a 5 string version.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.I bought one of these about two and a half years ago. And i have to say, it rivals the sound of my Schecter Stilleto elite-4, the only difference is the sustain of the schecter, but not bad for a bass that cost half as much.This bass can take a beating, I play hard, and I play a lot so it gets abused pretty good. The only issue I had was the ground wire breaking loose from the output jack, a simple solder and that was fixed though. all that aside, this is a great bass for any beginner, to expert who wants a good solid gigging or studio instrument. The price is right, and it rises to meet any tone occasion.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.The ESP LTD F-104 is a great bass for the price. I got this bass two years ago for Christmas and it has gone through a lot. It has survived being dropped, hit, kicked, etc. and has kept it's paint, tone, etc. It hasn't rusted or anything of that nature as well(my band practices in a humid garage). I changed the stock strings to heavy elixer nanoweb strings as soon as I got the bass. The only problem that I have really found with this bass is that the body shape, as cool as it is, can be annoying. When sitting with it, the spike on the bottom digs into your leg. All in all this bass is a great bass for the price. You get pretty good tone, light weight(weighs les than my gibson les paul), etc.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.this bass is a great buy, i started playing metal and as i grew up as a musician i moved into funk and blues and this bass has been able keep up with everything ive thrown at it. ive dropped kicked popped and slapped this bass a thousand times and it still sounds just as good as the day i bought it!
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.Amazing sound and quality for jazz and marching band. The mat black goes great with anything you ware and will last you a long time.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black
.I bought this bass because of the cool body style and active EQ. Sounds great, I have an ampeg full stack, 4 10's and a 15, this thing rocks on it, the only problem is the action on this bass, be careful not to put too heavy of strings on it or you will be adjusting your truss rod and bridge! I have to run the lightest gauge on mine I can find, other than that, good bass. I put 105 gauge on the E, picked it up a week later and the action was horrible! Replaced those strings with the 90 gauge and its been good ever since.
ESP F-104 Electric Bass Black

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