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ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
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Product Description

The ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Guitar is great for lightning fast leads. With the KH body style and Kirk's trademark skull-and-crossbones inlays, this ESP guitar steps up with an alder body, rock-solid maple neck-thru construction, a rosewood fingerboard, EMG-81/60 active humbuckers, and a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo. Extra-jumbo frets. Black hardware. 2 volume, tone, and 3-way switching controls.

Neck-thru-body construction Alder body 3-piece maple neck Extra-thin U-shaped neck contour 25.5" scale Rosewood fingerboard design 42mm nut width 24 extra-jumbo frets Dual EMG-81 bridge and EMG-60 neck active humbuckers Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo bridge Locking nut ESP tuners 2 volume, tone, and 3-way switching controls Skull and bones inlays

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I play lead guitar in Rock/Metal band and own 14 guitars and this guitar is now my favorite to use, the feel and sound is perfect and love the all black look and skulls and crossbones, the Floyd rose works great, its so easy to play fast solo's I highly recommend this guitar.
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.Ordered this used guitar shipped to Finland, with a few doubts in my mind. Except for a little bump (mentioned in the ad), the guitar was in excellent condition and delivered overseas in 8 days !

A few white spots on the edges of the fretboard, otherwise it is neatly finished, well balanced, stays in tune, and the EMG81/60 sound perfect.

My first Floyd Rose tremolo, scared me a bit quite frankly, but it was easier to tune and intonate that I tought.

The thin neck and 24 frets are a plus, but the sound of it coupled to a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone effect pedal, with forever sustain, is great for metal music. The guitar is easy to play, the extra-jumbo frets need only very light string pressure and make fast playing easyer.

Even shipped overseas to Europe, and after custom taxes (3.7% on the guitar and VAT24% on the guitar + shipping expenses), it still is much cheaper that anywhere in Europe. Custom Guitar Friends' customer service was very helpful and I would buy from them any time again !
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.I wanted a super-Strat with dual humbuckers, an original Floyd bridge, 24 frets and preferably neck-through body and I was checking out the Jackson SL2H, the Ibanez RGT42DX, and the LTD KH602. Well, I've had bad experience with Ibanez tremolos in the past even on their Japanese high end models so they were out. The Jackson is beautiful and made in the USA but pricey. So I took a chance with the KH602 and this guitar blew me away. My friend asked, 'What did you do to the neck, it's so fast! Did you glaze it?' You will not find many guitars with an original Floyd bridge for this price. The two EMG 81's on it give a sharp attack through my Marshall JCM2000 Triple Super Lead amp with sustain to spare. The black finish has a lustrous shine. You can shop around and compare or you can heed my advice: This is simply the best guitar of its kind you can buy for the money!
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.My friend has this guitar, and I love playing it when we jam. All I have to do is literally touch the string and it's on the fret with no fret buzz, making some easy, fast playing. The floyd rose keeps it in perfect tuning no matter how hard I slam the strings or abuse the tremelo. Neck-thru is very nice and provides extremely comfortable access to the higher frets.The EMG-81 pickups scream on distortion! And, dispite what I've heard from other people: the EMG-81 clean sound is warm and full.The pictures don't do this guitar ANY justice!The finish is wonderfully glossy and the inlays sparkle!This guitar is pretty much what any metal-head would dream of as a custom for a thousand to two-thousand less.Get this guitar, you wont regret it.[All sound experienced was done through an ADA MP1 Tube Preamp into a Marshall 1x12.]
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.Best guitar ever crushes ibanez dean and shecter combined. Floyd rose stays in tune really well when set up properly super fast neck with extra jumbo frets lets you completely shred like crazy. Its so awesome get one!
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.This guitar is an amazing guitar, the sound and "playability" is top notch! The divebombs sound amazing also and it doesnt come out of tune due to the floyd rose! This guitar is extremely easy to solo on, but I only had one problem: in live shows, the "playability" becomes harder when my hands would get sweaty because of the wax finish on the neck but, other than that I highly recommend this guitar to anyone because this guitar sounds great in any style.
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.Outstanding guitar. Has the lowest action i have played and the neckthrough design is flawless. The floyd rose 1000 series plays identically to the floyd rose original... it does come with a crappy pot metal sustain block, Floydupgrades.com fixed that. The A sting intonation was off by more than 1/4 inch when delivered. that was the reason for the 4.5 overall rating. The EMG's sound amazing. Great metal guitar.
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.I Don't know where to begin in telling you that this guitar has everything! people write stupid reviews sayin the floyd rose bends the note when you palm mute. I can't honestly tell you that that isn't true, but I can tell you that statement is faulty at best to leave because thats what it is intended to do in the first place. If you want more tension and less bending, put another spring on, or change your spring guage. If you want to complane about a great guitar doing what it was invented to do, then I would suggest playing a set bridge. But to those who enjoy balls out metal, clean beautiful music, or grungy blues, you will be impressed with the ESP/LTD KH 602!! Ive wanted this guitar for 11 years, and let me tell you it was worth the wait. the thin neck and the extra large frets makes your music a mudslide of thrashy notes! So if you like perfection and clarity, this is the guitar for you! Affordible and perfect, BUY THIS GUITAR!!!
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.It doesn't get any better than thisIt doesn't matter if you like Kirk Hammett or not, this guitar will not disappoint. I plugged straight in to a Line 6 112 combo amp and became hypnotized by the sound of heavy metal chunkyness. The KH-602 so balanced and quick that you will not want to put it down. I first wanted to build a custom axe but then realized that I would be building a similar guitar like the KH-602 but would have spent over a thousand more. Talk about value. The EMG's speak for themselves. It's a real solid piece that I could not have designed better myself.
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black
.The guitar was delivered in mint condition (which I expect for what I paid), no dents, scratches or foreign paint from being handled roughly. The unit has great hardware (read specifications). The skull and bones inlays are a very cool addition ; if you enjoy Kirk Hammett's work, then this guitar makes it that much sweeter when you can play it for yourself. I recommend for those of you who are riding the fence on purchasing the KH 602...go for it. If I had the cash, it would be the ESP; if only to make it that more authentic. Other than that, love it!!!
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Black

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