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Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
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Product Description

Your sound shouldn't change when you put on a capo, and it shouldn't be a 12-step process, either. With the Trigger capo, you'll come through loud, clear, and in tune, in less time. Made of aircraft-quality aluminum, with a strong, padded, spring-action grip that can be changed quickly with just a squeeze. Features a unique pressure pad that conforms to fingerboard and frets for buzz-free fretting.

Made of aircraft-quality aluminum Strong, padded, spring-action grip

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Although this is made for mandolin, I bought it to use on my ukulele. This is a big upgrade to the kyser screw down capo that I had been using, which was too big for my ukulele and would rarely seat right on the strings. This capo works perfectly and looks great. It presses all the string evenly and I get absolutely no buzz. It squeezes pretty tight though, so the tuning may go out a little bit faster than normal. Definitely worth the money!
Nothing special, but looks nice and sleek and doesn't get in the way
Seems like it's good quality and the rubber is firmly in place
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.I bought this hoping it would be another quality product from Dunlop, my pick supplier. But instead, I get a piece of crap that only works correctly on the fifth fret of my mandolin. If you are going to buy a quality capo, get a Kyser guitar capo for 5 bucks more.
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.Pad that touches fretboard is at least 1/2" too long, will almost fit my string Chaylor guitar. Excessive size gets in the way of playing.

Also note: in the package the bottom clamp arm mates against the fretboard rubber piece, and has dented this; so much so that if a string were under the dent, it would buzz greatly. Was this unusual to only mine, or are all this way? Sent mine back.

I'm waiting on a review of the Piage mando capo, as I play chords well beyond GCD and in various fret positions.
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.TWO Fatal manufacturing flaws.

Rubber piece is twice as wide as the fretboard on my two mandolins, it would probably fit my 6 string acoustic.

The arm that goes around the back of the neck of the mandolin, in its closed position has put a 1/16 dent into the rubber piece that goes on the strings/fretboard...even if it were the right size, I'm betting the string would buzz if it lined up with this dent, thus you would have to move it arount to miss the dent.

I'll send it back, save yourself the trouble. The Shubb banjo/mando capo is no better.
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.This capo is good as long as you don't have a radiused fret board . I had to put it in a vice and bend it to get it to work , and even then it doesn't perform like I want it to.
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.its a capo how do you write a review for it. it works alright but you got to adjust it alot wigggle it here jiggle it there just to fix the buzz. and its not just my mandolin its all of them, at first i figured it was mane so i tried it on 2 others it works if your a hobbyiest but i play in a band and it just aint quick enough when i change, truthfully learn your 4 finger chords and dont bother with a capo
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.I hate to do this, but I can't recommend this capo for mandolin. The bar is curved, and it just doesn't fit a flat fretboard well. Plus, the curve of the back does not fit the back of the neck of my old Gibson. When I put it up against a Kyser mando/banjo capo that a friend owns, the Kyser works much better.
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.It works well, although the spring may wear out if your mandolin has a thick neck, mine does so I try not to use it too much or leave it on for too long. Where this capo does excel is on ukulele. I have used it on sopranos, concerts, tenor and baritone ukuleles (however on baritone the have the same issue as mandolin). It's slightly curved which helps for mandolin and for getting the ukuleles bigger strings in the middle. Recommended, if you want to pay the price.
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.I like that its fast to get on and off but you have to wiggle it around to get the buzz out. But it is what it is a capo.
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black
.This capo not only does it's job but has a fast trigger and is a great buy. It's quality is great for it's price. You may find a better capo, but it definately won't be this in-expensive!(:
Dunlop Trigger Mandolin Capo Black

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