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Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
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Product Description

Offers a warmer, thicker tone accentuating the middle harmonics of your sound. Today's most popular slide. Processed from high-quality boron silicate. Heat-treated and annealed to produce a flawless tube.

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The slide works well with my electric guitars, especially my Les Paul. The pickups are pretty hot, and it produces a good sound. When I use it on my resonator guitar, an acoustic, it loses some depth and the duration of decay while holding a not so I suppose it depends on what your use is.
For acoustic I'd recommend a thicker walled glass. But for electric, this was light weight and easier to maneuver.
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.I have been playing for 35 years and can say for the money and sound you can't beat this glass slide. Just be careful not to drop it as it is glass and it will break at the cost of this slide keep a half a dozen in stock. Playing 3 gigs a week it has not let me down.
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.I've experimented with different slides and this one beats all! Awesome tone with little buzz....A must have!
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.This is my first 'real' slide, because before I was just using my dad's unsued sockets from his socket wrench. It sounds great over the prs and sings wonderfully. But alas, its really too big for me. I play it on my pinky finger, and with this odd style i'm developing it keeps slipping off my finger, because it is about 1/2 an inch over my finger. But is a good slide all around tho.
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.Great tone and good for beginners. Don't buy the smaller ones they tend to break. The big ones are okay. If your carefull about them not falling to the ground, then this is a great deal. Otherwise, get brass or steel.
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.Buying this slide, i figured Dunlop would have at least made it out of a material that could withstand a foot and a half fall from my guitar amp. But no. i was wrong. GREAT sound comes from this slide, but be careful!!
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.Well for the cheap price, it's an okay slide, but it is not at all shatter-resistant unfortunately. The shortest fall to a hard surface and it breaks faster than a wine glass. I'll be keeping to the brass slides I guess.
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.This just arrived yesterday and I already love it it has a wonderfull tone that I love and although it is not invicible I do think it will take a little wear and tear.
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single
.Other than the price, this slid has nothing going for it. It is paper thin and just begging for to brake. It feel of my amp on to the carpet and I was surprised it survived. Since it is so thin this thing has little to no sustain at all. Go ahead and spend a few more bucks and get a thicker/better quality slide. Also, I got the large and it barely fits my ring finger. Fits my pinky well.
Dunlop Wall Pyrex Glass Slide Large Single

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