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Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
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Product Description

JD Jazztone 204 Guitar Picks are the smallest in the Jazztone lineup. It has a more rounded edges. Jazztone 204 picks are designed with accuracy and tone as their two key elements. Developed specifically for the Jazz guitarist, 204 JazzTone picks deliver great tone and speed for any player who needs to play FAST! JD Jazztones, with a super gripping surface, are non-flexible, great for speed and have a precision contoured edge to insure smooth release.

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If your looking for a smooth round tone these picks are perfect. These may not be for everyone, jazz picks do come with a learning curve. If you are not familiar with using this type pick it may feel a bit awkward at first. However if you are willing to spend the time getting to know them, the tonal rewards are great. These picks are great for many styles not just for jazz, they do however lend themselves to smooth darker tones. I've been playing for over thirty years both live and in the studio. I've spent way to much money chasing tone. If your in the market to improve your tone, buy a bunch of different picks, spend some time with them. It's a much more effective and economical way to chase what you are looking for. It seems like such a small thing but picks make such a big difference in your tone. Do yourself a favor and give these a try, heck for that matter order a variety, you might just find a little magic, I know I did.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I fiddled with those giant bendy awful cellulose picks for a long time - then I tried this, Dunlop's smallest and possibly thickest pick. Now I can't go back - it's fast, totally unbendable, durable... the thickness makes the strings seem closer together! Listen: if you want to play fast and smooth, this is your pick.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I play mostly jazz, especially bebop. These little picks are great, especially if you play fast stuff with a lot of picking. Not only are they easy to play with, but the tone that they generate is phenomenal! In addition, like the product decsription states, they are really easy to hold on to. This is the ultimate jazz pick.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I like the rounded edge picks..
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I love a stiff pick that offers maximum control at the point where the pick strikes the string. It's beyond me how many prefer a thin pick with a sharp point which, in my opinion, presents too many variables at the very point where the sound originates. The tone these Dunlop JazzTone 204's produce is incomparable. But then, I'm a finger picker, not a strummer. Those who do mostly chord work may not like them. The proof is in the doing.

These picks are more rounded than most with a VERY smooth release and a much wider picking area which delivers the same tone if the picking angle angle is changed unconsciously. They also have a nice "meaty" feel to them while not being so thick that they occupy too much space between the strings and create accidental vibrations or muting.

Only down side I've found is there's no textured surface; so they can get a bit slick at times. I solved this problem by applying a small (3/16") square of friction tape to each side where I hold them. Problem solved.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.basic teardrop styled jazz picks. get very slick after a few minutes of use. i suggest knifing it up to give it some grip. i had never used a pick with such a round picking end. alternate picking is a little difficult because of this. it doesnt clip the string well enough and will sometimes just rub over the string. if youre doing any strong pentatonic styled play they are great for making your tone snap. Overall i would suggest it for acoustic play but not electric.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.Been playing these picks for several years and have no complaints. You can play extremely fast, super slow, and everywhere in between. Get a great tone even after months of punishment from super heavy strings (.14-.60).
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.These picks are awesome! BUT, I feel that they too thick for guitar, but they still work. I have started to use them for the bass, and they do wonders! They're great for if you can't strum fast, or if you have delicate fingers. You just don't get enough for the price.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 204 Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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