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Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
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Product Description

Dunlop Kerry King Icon Series electric guitar strings come in high-grade nickel-plated steel in gauges .010-.046 with an added .052 for drop tunings.

Kerry King--the undisputed godfather of thrash metal--is one of the most influential guitarists of our generation. His ferocious, full-throttle right hand picking style combined with his aggressive vibrato and bends wreak havoc on strings. When KFK needed a more durable string that could withstand the punishment, he looked no further than his friends at Dunlop Strings to deliver the goods. Now armed with the Kerry King Icon Series set, KFK's sound stays crunchy, clear, and defined -- even at Slayer's high-speed tempos.

If you need tough strings capable of drop tuning, get a few sets of these. Call or click to order.

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I'm a big fan of Slayer. These are made for the BC Rich KK Signature V, and Kahler Tremolo. I would compare them to the heavy DAddario, or heavy DR strings. Only the GHS, or SIT strings could be a better choice. But I have played heavy metal cover band shows, and blues, and jazz settings. These can handle bends, dives, hammer ons, tapping, thrashing, and they haven't broken yet in three years of play.
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
.I play these strings on my Schecter Hellraiser (diamond series).
These strings sound awful (tonally) when they are new.
After a week or so they are finally stretched out and get a decent tone to them.
The price is economical for just playing at home or doing basic recordings. I would not play live with them or do a demo for anything with them.
A good value for when you don't need the best but don't want junk either :)
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
.I brought these strings for my 7 string Dean with a floyd rose and never used any thing else. these strings can take the abuse from my floyd for dive bombs and pull backs with pitch harmonics and still stay in tune. a graet offer if you have a 7 string in your line up great tone and great speed and playablity
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
.These strings I purchased and I was pretty happy with the results. The strings are EXTREMELY BENDY and are great for bends, harmonics, hammerons, and pinch harmonics. The pack also comes with an extra drop tuning string which is thicker and sounds good with drop tuning. The only problem is that these strings are VERY buzzy, but that is not a problem when your amp is cranked up.
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
.These strings are bloody great and are totally worth 5 bucks. If you buy this you will notice a big change in tone it sounds like you will have brought new hot pickups. Its cheap and amazing quality and value and they last for ever. BUY
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
.kicks butt
i playin in drop-d in my band, and usually i would buy a 10-46 set, buy an extra 52, and use that as the low string. with this set, its much more convenient, and at a better price.
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
.I've been playing in some crazy standard, open and experimental tunings lately and have been trying (rather breaking) a lot of the competitors' "drop tuning" sets. These KFK's are so versatile, sound great and more importantly stay in tune!! On a 6 string set, I recommend skipping the 46 and go straight to that 52 - it's beefy enough to tune down to drop C but versatile enough to go back up to E and stay in tune.. Highly recommended!
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set
.First off, I am a 7 string player, so I use all of these. In general, the strings have incredible low end sustain. They're not terribly clear with heavy distortion, but I'm sure EQing could fix that. They seem to be very well balanced between highs and lows. They're very strong and are bright (think ernie ball) when you get them in. These are highly recommended for metal players! And 7 stringers certainly can't beat the price!
Dunlop Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set

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