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Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
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Product Description

The Grommet strap is an industrial-grade, hardcore rock 'n' roll accessory that will last for years to come. 2" wide. Adjusts from 38" to 65".

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It's great. that simple. I bought it for a couple reasons: first, dunlop always bring the A game. everything I own by dunlop is top-of-the-line. best picks I've ever used, best strap, etc...second: it extends to 65". all the punk rockers out there know what i mean. most straps max-out somewhere around 54", 60" if you're lucky. a 54 incher may work if you're 54 years old, but if you wanna rock you need some length. BUY THIS STRAP.
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.This is the same guitar strap Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold uses. First of all this strap has hollow metal rivets instead of buttons and thank God because it looks better that way. Its bulletproof, and looks better than my Guitar. Once you recieve it you will be blown away by its quality and know you made the right choice.
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.This strap looks good and is sturdy, but the grommets + nylon are somewhat rough on the underside. If you move your guitar around a lot while playing it will pull up little fabric burrs on the fabric of your shirts, creating a permanent fuzzy strap mark in the shirt fabric.
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.Very good budget priced strap. Heavy duty and extra long. A guitar is not a necklace. Hang it low and rock out like its supposed to be. Imagine Jimmy page with it strapped to his chest. Silly looking right? They are a little stiff but I'm sure they will soften up after some use. I have several and so should you.
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.Nice strap
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.Seems sturdy though the grommets are tough on the shoulder and clothing! Going to have to figure a way to mount some padding on the underside. Also at the probable length I would use it at the slider is just below resting on my neck.
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.Great strap. Very nice looks awesome with my PRS!!
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.I got this strap the other day and it is my new favorite. It's really comfortable and it looks great too. The only concerns are that you have to take it off the guitar to adjust the length and if you put it on the top of your shoulder the grommets can get uncomfortable. I would buy another one of these straps in a heartbeat.
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.I think this strap looks pretty good for 15 bucks, but I don't think it's quite worth that much. It's not especially comfortable but it's not at all an annoyance to be wearing. Go for it!
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black
.My last strap was one of those locking straps and not only did it scratch up my brand new guitar, but it started ripping after about three weeks. This strap is trustworthy, not to mention it looks awesome. The only bad thing is that its kind of hard to get on when its still new, but in the end thats a good thing because you KNOW that its not coming off while you're playing.
Dunlop D-38 Grommet Nylon Guitar Strap Black

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