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Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
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Product Description

The Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide is crafted of high-fired porcelain and coated in a thick glaze, resulting in tone that's articulate but not too bright. It's designed with just the right amount of mass for a thick, singing tone that's as big as Texas. The guitar slide features a moisture-absorbing interior to prevent slipping.

Slide across slick strings without slipping when you order this porcelain guitar slide today.


Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide

Manufacturer's model numbers: RWS12 and RWS13

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I like the way this slide sounds. It gives a very expressive and clear tone. Not too mellow, not too harsh. I am glad I bought it. I have large hands and bought the X-Large model. It is a bit loose on my pinky, but doesn't go past my middle knuckle on the other three fingers. I am playing it on my middle finger up to the knuckle, using my index and ring fingers on top of the slide to hold it in place. The walls of the slide are 3/16" thick making the slide fairly fat on the outside. The exact measurements are 2-3/4" long x 13/16" inside diameter x 1-3/16" outside diameter.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.Here's the deal with Ceramic slides, they do tend to fit on the smaller side. I have small hands and ordered the X-Large based on feedback I read here. The thing barely fits over my middle finger's knuckle --- out of the box.

But here's the beauty of ceramic slides, put a small drum sander on your drill and you can easily hone out the ceramic slide to custom fit to your finger. That's what I did and now I have a perfect fitting custom mod slide.
Mine has a fantastic finish on it, no bubbles at all in the finish.
Well constructed and the price is right.
I can't complain about the value, I'm happy with this slide.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.It seems like the density etc on this slide would be cool, but I can't use it.
A slide advertised a extra large should fit on a man's ring or middle finger. This one doesn't.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.This slide will warm up the tone of any guitar. I have a ton of slides - glass, chrome, brass, bottle, and copper. This one is smoother and warmer, and seems to emphasize the midrange a bit more. It sounds great on single-coil and humbucker electrics, acoustic, and resonator guitars. The only gripe I have with this slide, and it's a small one, is a couple of dimples in the glaze finish. I didn't notice them hamper my playing, but they are there. However, this is a common trait in porcelain slides.One note - I got the large size, and it only fits on my pinkie finger, and I don't have huge fingers. If you use any finger aside from your pinkie to play slide, get the XL size.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.I use my Rev. Willy's ceramic slide for a more mellow slide sound. I use it with a modified acoustic guitar. I am a YouTuber and have used it for several of my recordings and will continue to do so.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL


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Moving from a steel slide to this one, I notice that this is much more clear and warm. There is a lot less buzzing. It just seems to play naturally. I play with my slide on my pinky, and ordered the large- it's just a little loose on my pinky and fits snuggly on my ring finger, and I think I have normal sized hands. I love this slide- looks and plays with style. I heard good things about the Joe Perry slide but I don't like other people's names on my gear, so I went with this one. My only worry is dropping it; I may have to order extras!
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.This is the first time I have ever used a ceramic slide but I think I really really like it good product.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.I had been searching for months for a porcelain slide for my boyfriend and music partner. He wears a size 13 ring so finding a ceramic/porcelain slide to fit without having it custom built was a struggle. I took a gamble on this one because there was no ring size in the description! I even contacted the company to see if they could give me a relative size...no help there. (my rating would be lower if i had to include the customer support). This slide is the only extra large slide i could find...and its awesome. He is so happy with the fit (snug and controllable), great sustain, smooth. He's a slide guru so i was a little nervous, but he is thrilled, so i am thrilled. I hope this helps anyone trying to gauge the size.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.I've dabbled with slide guitar a bit over the years, but finally have some time to try to improve my skills. Being a fan of the Reverend Billy, I couldn't pass up a chance for a cheap piece of gear that might help me capture a bit of his tone. :) Compared to the Dunlop glass slides I'd been playing with, these slides sound HUGE, fat and round. Your mileage might vary, but could be worth a try. I bought a second one just to have a backup (ceramic and glass don't fare well when dropped on a hard surface).
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL
.This is the absolute Holy Grail of guitar slides. It has a very sweet sound; no scratching or screeching like metal. Perfect tone, works with acoustic and electric equally well. They fit tight. If you have above average sixed hands, then the Large one will make a good pinky slide. I have to use the XL shallow, to the first knuckle on my index finger.....but that sweet Reverend Willy tone is very worth it.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide XL

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