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Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light
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Product Description

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is known for big fat Texas tone that has been described as "hot, blue, and righteous." Dunlop developed Reverend Willy's strings in collaboration with Billy himself, aiming to make replacement guitar strings that offer a real punch and while remaining articulate and clear when guitarists perform his legendary leads and pinch harmonics.

Medium Light gauges: 9-11-16-24-32-42

Get the big Texas tone of Billy Gibbons with these Dunlop guitar strings. Grab a bunch and SAVE BIG!

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These strings are the best I've ever played. I've been using EB's for years and I decided to give these a go on my Hagstrom. Wow. First thing I noticed was how well they stay in tune. I didn't even string these very well, few winds and rather loose. I haven't had to retune these more than once. They have a crystal clear tone too. Bitey and bright and they respond well to many different types of picking and picks. The only drawback I've found is that they start to loose life pretty soon. I've had them about 3 weeks and they're starting to loose the same tone. But, that's what you expect out of lighter strings right? Get these, at least give them a try.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light
.I ordered these for my father. He has played guitar for close to thirty years. He uses these strings when he plays for the local crowds. The transaction was smooth and fast. Thank you to Custom Guitar's Friend. Now people can enjoy more of dad's great music.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light
.I do not believe reviews that say they break easily. Or that the tone dies early. I have used these in 7s, 8, and 9s, and not suffered in the least.
I have never broken one. I bend a lot.
the tone is excellent and the toughness.. well are you going to take just my word or haven't you notices the Rev. Billy Gibbons uses and endorses these
These strings rock, period.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light
.I don't understand the negative reviews here. they have nothing in common with my experiences with these strings, which I've used in 8 9 and 10's versions.

they sound great, they don't lose their tone, and they don't break.
I bend a lot. step, step and a half typical.

I do prefer the lighter 008's on a les paul rather than my strat. But
the other gsuges work great with all my guitars.

If the Rev is going as light as 007s, and not breaking them, you must have a very heavy touch to do so.

I like these very very much.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light
.If you're stuck and need a string during a set, use it, then get it off of your guitar next day as fast you can.
I really hate these strings..couldn't wait to get them off of my musicman silhouette special..They don't stay in tune, they are not very slinky at all, very stiff..just stick to Fender Bullets. That bullet end is the be all and end all for all of us with trems.
They just keep stretching..wont settle in
Why pay for crap?
Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light
.I liked the way these strings' package looked so I tried the 9's on my Gibson SG Standard and I was thoroughly impressed. They sound just like my DR Strings Hi Beams 9's. I play metal/hard rock and I used to use 10's and even went with 11's at one point but I'm back to 9's, I love 'em. I just think it's funny that I ordered these because the box looks cool and they ended up being just as good as my main strings.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light
.I purchased sets of 9's,8's, and 7's from Custom Guitar's Friend and
after trying all 3 sets on my guitars i've come to the conclusion
that these are not quality guitar strings. No what matter guitar i used
these on (Am Strat HSS,Am Deluxe Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, PRS 245) they just didn't cut it.
I'll stick to my Fender and Ernie Ball strings thank you very much.
Dunlop Reverend Willy's String Set - Medium Light

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